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Chapter 10: Fly Out

Kakashi sighed as he walked crouched down so he wouldn't hit his head against the small doorframe of the room he just entered. He was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to just sleep right now, but that was out of the question.

He could hear what he only imagined were explosions outside, and he knew his safety was not guaranteed. There had been nothing but constant turmoil for the past twenty four hours as all hell broke loose around them.

Currently Kakashi was standing in a run down abandoned personal clinic in Iwa that he had found. Over the past couple of weeks he had made great progress with Naruto, but there was always a catch.

After the fight with Sasuke, Naruto's arm had been in pretty bad shape. It was still in functioning order, but the level of damage had been great. Overall Naruto was still recovering which was a problem considering their current situation.

Kakashi stopped to look out of the window as he noticed the noise was getting louder. The sky was an eerie tangerine color as the setting sun along with rampant flames lit the city.

They were on the outskirts of the village so they were less likely to be hit with the full force of the attack, but even now their luck was fading fast. Just over twenty four hours ago the peaceful village erupted in chaos as random terrorist attacks abruptly occurred all throughout the village.

Within less than an hour a full shinobi force had mobilized and made a devastating attack on the Kage of the village. There was some resistance, and the group seemed on the verge of losing when suddenly another legion of shinobi appeared and the Kage was killed in battle.

Now the whole city was in a widespread state of panic as the once quiet and rather peaceful village turned into a warzone. Kakashi and Naruto had helped all they could, but everyone had been caught completely off guard, and there was only so much they could do while trying to remain undercover.

They had managed to save a lot of people, but in the end they were forced to retreat, and pray the black ops would come and rescue the rest. Through this period of time they had been moving back and forth from location to location, trying to buy some more time and think up a strategy.

Whoever had organized the attack must be related to the incidents they were investigating, because the Shinobi they had encountered all had the same marking on their foreheads.

Although they were getting closer to discovering the truth Kakashi felt like their goal had just moved farther away as well. They were only two men, the chances that they could continue to win these proximity battles all across the city and push their way to the center was low.

Kakashi was hoping word of the chaos would spread fast enough to give them some support. All they really needed was someone to draw the attention while they attempted to sneak further into the city.

At this point they had only been retreating so they were as far away from the center as possible. There wasn't much choice though, Naruto had not been in great shape to begin with, and there was only so much Kakashi could do before his sharingan wore him out.

It had been looking grim, but Kakashi knew they would come up with something. They had made it too far to be defeated at this point. Surely they only had to push a little harder to make it out of this mission alive.

Kakashi walked away from the window as the sound of screams and more explosions grew louder. He walked up to a bed and roughly nudged the person sleeping in it.

"What is it?" Naruto groaned sleepily as he remained still.

"They're getting closer, we have to move quickly otherwise this area will be surrounded and we'll have to fight just to get out" Kakashi warned him as he walked back over to the window.

"We've been here less than 4 hours, at this rate they will control the entire city by tomorrow" Naruto complained as he sat up and scratched his head.

"We can always try to sneak through their lines, but I doubt we'll make it very far and when they catch us we'll be heavily outnumbered and surrounded. Still, it might be our best option" Kakashi said.

" Someone is going to intervene, it's impossible for this to continue without any interference from another village" Naruto suggested as he stood up and stretched.

" That's not the problem, the problem is who would try to help Iwa in a crisis like this? They have no real allies and are barely on peaceful terms with Kumo and Kiri." Kakashi stated.

"Some will come, trust me" Naruto said as he walked past Kakashi and started to gather their things.

"Do you think Itachi is here?" Kakashi asked after a second of silence.

"I don't know, but he's our only suspect right now" Naruto said as he suited up.

Kakashi remained silent as he went through everything that had happened to them. No matter how many times he thought about it, nothing made sense. One key thing was missing from the equation and until they figured it out they would never catch him.

As Kakashi stood there in thought the building rumbled violently and he grabbed the wall to avoid falling. Once the tremor stopped he looked over at Naruto who was ready to go.

"C'mon, we've waste enough time here" Kakashi said as he took off.

Naruto nodded and walked past Kakashi as he jumped through the open window and into the chaos. Kakashi sighed one more time as he reluctantly prepared himself for the worse before leaping after him.

He knew what was awaiting for him. Hours of running and getting into random battle just to end up hiding again. It had been a tiring process and neither of them had slept much since it started, but it was essential to make it out of there alive.

Kakashi hit the ground hard, but remained unaffected as he dashed after Naruto. Speed had become their best friend in this little mission and now they were relying upon it more than ever.

They could easily take down most enemies they ran into, but that would be an unwise move. Instead they had been trying to flee as much as possible so they could conserve energy and not draw too much attention to themselves.

Overall this strategy had been working fairly well and even to this point they only fought when it was unavoidable. With Naruto's speed and Kakashi's agility there really wasn't anyone who could keep up with them.

Right now they were going to start heading north from their current location and then try to make a dash into the heart of the city. Their only choice was to find the least guarded spot and hope they could penetrate the security, but even with their skills it wasn't guaranteed.

Really they were relying sorely on luck but even so, Kakashi didn't see any other options.

'This way!" Naruto called back as he turned sharply down an abandoned street.

Kakashi followed him and unmasked his sharingan to scan the area. There were several chakra signals approaching them from different directions, but if they were fast enough they could evade them all.

They ran down the desolate street passing buildings ravished from the battles. Small fires and craters littered the landscape and it was obvious who lost the fight. It was a sad sight to see and they could only hope to find the root of all of this soon.

Suddenly Naruto stopped and crouched down on one knee. Kakashi stopped as he made it to him, "What's wrong?" he asked as he looked around.

"I thought I heard something" Naruto said as he peered around desperately checking their surroundings.

Kakashi looked around once with his sharingan, fairly certain that there was nothing around them. Then suddenly the building they were standing near exploded and they dived back as the rubble flew wildly destroying everything around it and causing a few more structures to cave-in.

Kakashi barely managed to jump out of the way as the mayhem reached it's peak and finally settled down.

"What the hell was that?" He asked as he looked around confused.

"I don't know but whatever it was it most likely belonged to the aggressors of this little war" Naruto said in irritation as he looked at the damaged.

"Could it be some kind of long distance jutsu?" Kakashi asked still intrigued with the damage.

"I'm not sure I really want to know" Naruto told him as he turned around and started moving again.

Kakashi gave it one last look before he turned around, " I hope we don't have to face a technique like that, I don't think we'd make it".

He turned around to see Naruto dashing through the smoke ahead into a small warzone.

The native shinobi were fighting against the intruders and it looked like they were on the verge of losing. Although they tried to avoid all the battles they could, Naruto would sometimes insist on fighting and this looked like one of those times.

Since they were so close it would be best to fight them and charge ahead rather than trying to sneak around them which would be time consuming. They had wasted enough time as it is, they really need to get deeper in the city before it was too late.

Kakashi sighed, "Here we go again"

Anko was pounding on the door to the Hokage office once again and as usual Tsunade was purposely ignoring her. It had almost become a daily routine, but it still pissed Anko off every time.

"Open UP! I know you can hear me you old hag, let me in!" She yelled as she hit the door harder and harder.

She finally gave up knocking as she found herself out of breath and it didn't seem to be working. It was only ten O clock in the morning and Tsunade was probably busy with other matters but Anko didn't care.

As of now Konoha had still not reacted to the incident in Iwa and it was driving Anko crazy. Tsunade had promised to do all she could, and was looking into some solutions now. but that wasn't good enough for Anko.

She wanted a full task force sent to aid Naruto and Kakashi, but Tsunade was against that idea. Right now she had come to check up on the Hokage's progress with the matter, but as usual her presence wasn't wanted.

"I'll burn down this door if you don't let me in!" Anko warned as she took a step back and raised her hands to prepare the handseals.

"You know I'll really do it!" Anko reminded her.

Just then the door creaked open, just an inch so Tsunade could peer outside.

"What do you want?" She said dryly from the other side of the door.

"Just let me in!" Anko said irately.

Tsunade sighed and opened the door reluctantly as Anko stormed inside.

"Geez, I've been waiting out there for almost an hour! Why do you keep ignoring me?" Anko demanded.

"Because you're a nuisance" Tsunade said with an exasperated sigh.

"So do you have any good news for me or not?" Anko said not really caring what Tsunade thought.

"You know you've gotten really full of yourself the second you got pregnant. I'm the Hokage damn it! At least show some respect and politeness when you barge into my office" Tsunade said still slightly irritated.

"Are you going to ensure me that I won't end up a single mother or not?" Anko demanded completely ignoring what Tsunade had just said.

Tsunade just remained silent as she pinched the bridge of her nose and exhaled deeply, "I'm doing all I can right now. Konoha can not get involved because we are barely on peaceful terms with that village, our interference would cause later problems".

"Well what about everybody else?" Anko asked anxiously.

"The other villages don't want to get involved either, that's the problem! I've spoken to Gaara and he promised me he'd take immediate action, but I don't know what he's planning" Tsunade admitted.

"Have you heard from Naruto yet?" Anko asked nervously.

"No, I think we have permanently lost communications with them. In all honesty, if they were within the city when the fighting broke out it would be wise for them to avoid trying to contact us. It would bring unnecessary attention to them" Tsunade told her.

Anko seemed unsatisfied with that answer, " Is Jiraiya still here?"

"No, he went to Suna to speak with Gaara a few days ago and has not returned yet" Tsunade informed her as she walked back behind her desk.

"So now what?" Anko asked in irritation.

"We continue to work with Suna and hope that we can find a fast solution to this. I'm sure Jiraiya has some ideas of his own as well" She said hoping Anko would just leave it alone.

Anko just paced around the room still not sure what she wanted to hear from Tsunade, but she didn't want to leave just yet.

"I want him back before the babies are born!" Anko said with a pained expression on her face.

Tsunade just looked at her sympathetically, "I'm sorry, it might take longer than that for him to return. You're getting closer and closer to your due date and right now we don't even know where he is"

"He's not dead!" Anko said defensively.

"I know he's not" Tsunade said uncomfortably, "I wasn't implying that he was. I just know that things don't look good right now, but I still have faith in those two"

Anko seemed irritated by this but didn't say anything, "I can feel him, I can't explain it but I can feel his chakra source so I know he's fine".

Tsunade looked at her confused for a second but just nodded in agreement, "If you know he's fine then try not to worry so much. You don't need all the stress when you're this far into your pregnancy. You should be trying to create a calm and peaceful environment for the babies to be born in".

Anko just mumbled something under her breath as she turned around to leave, "well I'll be back at three so make sure you have something good to tell me!" She warned as she left slamming the door behind her.

She walked out of the tower in a slightly worse mood than the one she woke up with. She had spent every waking moment worrying about the situation with Naruto and no one seemed to care about it but her.

She knew that Tsunade cared for Naruto, but she felt like the blonde was being nonchalant about the problem and just saying that Naruto would handle it. She didn't have too much faith in Jiraiya either, but she was willing to turn to him as a last resort, however he had already left.

Now it was all left to Gaara. Anko did not know him very well, but she knew he was a close friend of Naruto so hopefully he would take the first steps in aiding him. Anko wanted to do something about this herself, but she was helpless right now.

She never knew being pregnant could be such hell. Right now her stomach was enormous and it felt awkward when she walked so it drove her crazy. She had still remained fairly active so she had not put on much weight at all, but her stomach always gave her away.

At first she felt paranoid because it seemed like people had been staring at her, but now she knew for a fact that they were staring. She didn't think her stomach would get her that much attention, but she was wrong.

No one was wiling to believe that she got knocked up and then no one was wiling to believe that she actually had a fiancé. It only made matters worse that Naruto wasn't around because when she mentioned his name they would only laugh and accuse her of lying.

And because of her hormones she was twice as irritable as before so she got into a decent amount of fights which were always one sided since no one would hit a pregnant woman. But besides that she had been pretty lonely.

At first she called Yamato and Jiraiya for just about every little thing she could, but now Yamato was avoiding her and Jiraiya couldn't be found, but now Anko knew he left the village again.

She had decided to spend more time with Kurenai whenever she had the chance, but Kurenai was usually busy with her students. Anko sighed as she finally made it home and opened the front door.

In her spare time she had taken the liberty of decorating the entire house with furniture and just random junk but there was nothing left to do. She walked through the house and went back into the master bedroom.

She jumped on the king size bed and rolled over on her back staring at the ceiling absentmindedly.

"Naruto….come home"

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