The final chapter, I guess

The final chapter, I guess. My second year in high school is about to end, therefore I have quite a plenty time to write.

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Private Eyes

Chapter VII: Case Closed

"What's happening?!"

Conan tried his best to ignore the buzzing in his ears. He narrowed his eyes to search for a certain Shinigami.

"Ryuzaki, what's this about?"

"All," L said with an unnerving calmness. "I once told Watari to delete all investigation data should anything unexpected happen."

"Anything unexpected…" Aizawa trailed off. "Could Watari be…?"

Think, Shinichi, where could that Shinigami be? If you don't act soon enough, L can be…

Conan ran from the main investigation room. No, I don't have time to sweep all the building. The place near the main room, but usually no one will think of entering…

A realization struck him. The confinement room!

He turned around, only to find himself face-to-face with no other than Yagami Light.

"I see you're in such hurry, ne, Edogawa-kun?"

"Light-san," Conan nodded hastily, eager to leave as soon as possible. Light blocked his way.

"Perhaps I can be any help?" The honey-haired teen's offer sounded innocent enough. However, being practiced to see through other people's countenance, the shrunk detective could see weird glimmer in the depth of those hazel eyes and involuntarily shuddered. Not even the meanest criminal could possess such eyes.

They belong to a demon.

"I can afford it myself, Light-san. Thanks for the offer, though," Conan tried weakly to summon his supposedly childish expression.

"What do you want to do alone in such critical moment like this, Edogawa-kun? Aren't you supposed to let the other investigators work instead?"

Conan felt his patience wearing off. Doesn't this guy know how much I need to work things out before it's too late?! Oh, sure he knows. Too well, even.

"I don't want to do this," Conan muttered silently. He stepped back and produced a huge soccer ball from his belt. Before Light realized what he was doing, he already kicked the ball.

It sent Light flying several feet away. It was then or never. Conan ran with all his might into the main room and reached for the confinement room.

"Ryuzaki-san, open the confinement room!"

L obliged without wasting a second. The other investigators were curious as hell as to what the little kid would do.

"Found ya!"

The bony reaper looked up from her Death Note. Half of her body had transformed into sparkling dust. She looked back at the unfinished 'L La' on the killer notebook.

"What do you want to do with me, you kid?" Rem asked, deciding that she still had enough time to speak instead of just finishing the abandoned name. Exactly what Conan wanted.

The said boy rushed towards Rem. The Misa-complex Shinigami carved a 'w' with her writing utensil.

"I have to tell you that it's futile to try stopping me, kid. Even if you have touched the Death Note, you can't touch me."

"Say, Rem-san," Conan's hand deliberately reached his belt while he kept speaking to distract the Shinigami. "What did you do to make a loud girl like Amane-san remain quiet when she saw you in Yotsuba office?"

Rem seemed confused, but answered anyway, "I covered her mouth."

"You could make physical contact with her."

"Yet I can't with you," Rem replied pointedly.

"Aah," Conan looked comprehending. "The gender issue?"

"Quite sharp, you are."

"Thanks," a soccer ball was ready on Conan's right foot. He juggled it a little.

"Things cannot make contact with me either, kid."

"I know," Conan inhaled, feeling a mass of energy on his foot. His power-up shoes better cooperated and worked out. This is the time. Kicking out any trace of doubts, Conan aimed a certain spot.


Rem stared dazedly at her Death Note, which was knocked several feet away from her.

"I can't make contact with you," Conan rushed to pick the fallen black book up. "But it's clear that I can touch the Death Note."

By the time he straightened and turned around, Rem had vanished into a mound of white dust.

Yagami Light was there to face him instead.

Slowly, the honey-eyed teen stepped forward and suddenly clapped his hands.

"A really nice job you've done here."

Conan subconsciously backed away a step. This won't do any good, he thought. Where's L?

"They're checking on Watari," Light answered the unspoken question with ease. "Since those 'All Data Deletion's are gracing all monitors, we have to be grateful that our privacy won't be interrupted. So, I'm free to say," Light stepped a few meters forward and let out an angry low hiss, "You worthless brat, you ruin my plan!"

Conan cringed again. "Now you can't do anything to kill L, Kira-san."

"True." However, the evil glint was still there. "Though I've vanquished Watari and Rem, I still have my biggest obstacles. L and…" Light narrowed his eyes. "…you. You can't pretend to be a mere smart kid anymore, Edogawa-kun."

"So, what else do you think I am, Light-san?"

"I'm not quite sure," Light shrugged. "It's not too important for me now, Edogawa-kun. Even as a kid, you've bothered me too much. A god mustn't let himself be troubled by a little boy like you, must he? Moreover, to see you armed with many useful gadgets."

"Then you better prepare, Kira-san!" With that, Conan aimed at Light with his soccer ball. Light moved aside just in time to avoid the round thing.

"You can't use same trick to me twice, Edogawa-kun," Light smirked.

I never thought I have to confront Kira on my own, Conan frowned a bit. Where's Ryuzaki-san, anyway?

Light could sense the bespectacled little detective's fright and widened his smirk. "If you think anyone will come to your rescue, I have to inform that maybe they are too busy fussing over Watari's dead body."

No, Ryuzaki-san has predicted condition and he must have noticed Light-san's absence.

"I'm impressed by your belt though, Edogawa-kun, it knocked me down once," Light reached for his own belt. "I want you to know that my belt isn't a usual belt, too," he opened the hidden compartment and retrieved the small piece of Death Note. "How if I write your name here, hm?"

Conan tried to hide his grin. L's right, my fake name will come to my advantage.

Light sensed Conan's strange calmness too. He frowned, "You're rather cool-headed for someone who is at Kira's mercy, huh? Well, then I suppose it won't work to write your name down," the evil smirk returned. "How if I write down someone else's? Like… Mouri Ran-san's, perhaps?"

Conan's head shot up. Light laughed at this obvious reaction. "You're too easy to read, Edogawa-kun."

Conan realized his fault immediately. "I see you don't have that much space to waste, Kira-san."

"Indeed," Light nodded. "But if it works to seal you, why not?"

"Sou desu ka?" Conan tried to distract Light. "After you kill her, then what?"

"No one will believe such kid like you even if you tell them. I will destroy the evidence, of course."

"Yeah, no one will believe me," Conan sported his confident smirk. "No one but L."

Light seemed infuriated. "You are challenging me, I see?"

"You can't hide forever, Kira-san. You're worst than any criminal you've killed."

"You'll regret your words, brat!" With that, Light set his pen upon the Death Note piece.

'Mouri Ra'…


"You can dodge a soccer ball when you are fully aware of the situation, Kira-san. But how are you supposed to avoid a needle when you're busy writing?" Conan exhaled in relief. "I bet the evidence is enough, hm, Ryuzaki-san?"

"Yes," a distorted voice echoed. "Good job, Edogawa-kun."

"Quite mean of you to leave all matters on my hand," Conan grinned.

Not long after; L, Kogoro, and Souichiro appeared. "Because I know only you can do it. Thank you for your effort, Edogawa-kun."

Souichiro put a handcuff around his son's wrists. "If I don't watch by myself, I won't ever believe that Light is indeed Kira."

"Whatever remains after we eliminate the impossibles, however improbable, must be the truth," Conan commented.

Souichiro looked grieve. "I'm very ashamed. I've failed to raise him."

"I believe you are the best father a person can have, Yagami-san. Light-san's deed is based on his strong will to protect the law. He just slips in his action because he isn't used to the divine might he possesses all of a sudden," Conan said.

"All humans carry the same possibility to do the same thing have they been in Light-kun's shoes. The chance they do even worst things is high, too. What makes Light-kun go that far is his exceptional intelligence. You do nothing wrong, Yagami-san," L added.

"I can sense that you, as a father, love your son more than anything else. That's all you have to do to be a good parent," Kogoro joined.

"Minna-san, I thank you," Souichiro smiled weakly. "At least now that Kira has been captured, our effort is not wasted."

"Yes," L replied. "Mogi-san will take care of Amane-san, too."

"Where are the others, Ryuzaki-san?" Conan asked.

"With Watari," L answered shortly.

"Ryuzaki-san, I'm sorry for what happened to Watari-san."

"No need to, Edogawa-kun. Every fight always involves sacrifices, otherwise justice will not prevail."

"True enough," Conan offered a small smile. "No matter how much it hurts, there is always only one truth."


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For those who are wondering, L and the other investigators monitored the confinement room from Watari's place. L grimaced to find Watari dead, but he was still responsible to capture Kira no matter what, right? So while Matsuda and Aizawa took care of Watari, L and the others kept watching Light and Conan. As to why Kogoro and the investigation team didn't question Conan's extraordinary action, L told them that it was his plan.

L and Conan had predicted that day to come soon. The only flaw in their plan was that they didn't predict Rem to kill Watari. Oh, and Conan didn't think he will face Kira alone and not with L. To tell the truth, they hadn't planned what exactly they would do, for they couldn't predict how exactly Light would react. In the end, it was a mind battle between Conan and Light. The mind battle wouldn't commence if L didn't arrange the settings though, so they all had their own parties ;)

To be honest, L and Conan gambled to bring out their plan into action, considering they didn't know exactly whether the Death Note was touchable or not when the Shinigami held it. I remembered that Rem touched Misa with a piece of Death Note paper in Yotsuba restroom, so the Death Note is touchable, right? Actually, not like what Rem said, things could make contact with Shinigami. Otherwise, how could Ryuk hold apples? But L and Conan didn't know this much, though. They gambled, and win.

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