Seven Minutes in Heaven

"A toast!" Sirius laughed. The seventeen year old boy was rather tipsy. "To Gryffindor! And our wonderful Captain!"

James laughed at his mate, along with the rest of his house. He took another swig of butterbeer and gazed across the room to where his long time crush was sitting with her mates, giggling at Sirius' antics. James looked across to his other mates, Remus and Peter. Remus shook his head in amusement at Sirius. While Peter gave a loud cheer.

"PRONGS!" Sirius exclaimed. "Our Captain!"

James waved softly to his friend, who had by now decided to jump off the table he had been previously standing on. The boy blew a few kisses to some of the Gryffindor girls and yelled, "SPEECH!"

James blushed at his friend, as the rest of the house started yelling, "Speech, Potter, speech!"

James laughed and stood. "All I can say is we won this match and we're gonna win the cup!" he cheered, and raised a fist into the air. The rest of the house cheered and some girls began to giggle.

"Yeah! Go Prongs, Man!" Sirius applauded. The other Gryffindors sat happily drinking butterbeers and firewhiskeys. Someone put on some music and a few students got up and began to dance. "I propose a game… to help celebrate…" Sirius suggested.

James raised an eyebrow at his friend. "What are you suggesting, Padfoot?"

"I suggest we play a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven…" Sirius grinned, winking at a nearby sixth year girl.

"Okay," James said. "I'm game if you are, Paddy."

"I suggest we put everyone's names in a hat, one for girls and one for boys," Sirius smiled. "Only fifth years and up." A few of the younger students groaned.

"Come on, you heard the man. Everyone who wants to play, write your name on a piece of parchment." James called out across the common room.

Sirius transformed two quills into two hats; one was pink for the girls and the other blue for the boys. He began to pass them around the room. He walked over to where Lily and her friends were sitting.

"Not gonna play, Evans?" Sirius asked.

"No…" she had a piece of work in her lap.

"You can study anytime, Evans," he retorted. "Come on, aren't you gonna celebrate with us?"

"I don't care about Quidditch," she responded.

"Don't let Prongs here you say that," Sirius laughed. "Please play!?"

"Oh, fine, but only because I don't wanna be a sad prude, right now," she ripped a small piece of parchment and wrote her name on it. She placed it in the hat and watched the boy move back to the centre of the room.

"I'll pick the girl first one time and then the boy first the second time. The first person has to wear a blindfold and go up to the seventh year boys' dorm. Then I'll pick the second person, they go up and can do whatever they like to the first person, who is blindfolded. Then after seven minutes, I'll send someone to get them and the first person can choose either to know who the other person was or not. Okay?" everyone cheered at Sirius' idea and they began to play.

The first couple were a sixth year Gryffindor boy and a fifth year girl. They went up to the Seventh year boys' dorm and came back down seven minutes later, without a hair out of place. The girl didn't opt to know who the boy was and they both sat quietly down again.

Sirius groaned to James, "It's boring if they don't do anything."

"Don't worry, Pad, I'm sure someone will do something soon," James reassured his friend.

Next a sixth year boy was chosen with a fifth year girl. She shared a giggle with her friends as her name was called. She obviously had a crush on him. After seven minutes she came down, looking very disgruntled. She sat on the sofa with her friends, watching as her partner came down the stairs. He opted to know who the girl was and several minutes later they were to be found in one corner, kissing furiously.

The next pair Sirius picked out was two sixth years. After seven minutes the boy came down, struggling to do up the zip on his trousers. Next the girl came downstairs, the buttons on her shirt done up out of order.

James and Sirius laughed, "no way! No way… can you do that in seven minutes." James roared with laughter.

The next were a seventh year girl and a fifth year boy. He grinned as he moved up the stairs.

Sirius picked out another girl, once the previous pair had both reappeared. "Lily Evans…"

Lily sighed and slowly stood. She walked over to Sirius, who placed a blindfold over her eyes. He gave her arm to Peter Pettigrew, who slowly led her upstairs to the boys' dormitory. He opened the door and led her in. he moved her over to one of the boys' beds.

"Sit," he said quietly, "Padfoot'll send your partner up now."

Lily nodded, hearing him leave the room and softly close the door behind him. She didn't have to wait long, soon she heard the door open again and the floorboards creak as a boy walked in.

"Seven minutes start now," she heard Peter say.

She felt him sit on the bed next to her. Her breath caught in her throat as she sensed him moving closer to her. He placed a hand to her cheek and slowly brushed a thumb across her face. He moved his hands down her curves, so that his arms were around her waist. He reached out and kissed her sweetly on the lips. She gasped; his lips were soft and juicy. The feeling was delightful. He was amazing.

She kissed him back, her arms reaching to slip around his neck. He groaned slightly and ran his tongue over her lips, begging for entrance to her mouth. She allowed him as his arms tightened around her waist. Their tongues met as her partner moved his head to allow himself deeper access to her. His hands slipped down her curves and she whimpered into his mouth. She felt a smile tugging at his lips. He moaned slightly at her in reply.

He smelt familiar, in-fact everything about him seemed familiar. But Lily just could not place who this person was. The tenderness, his scent, the way he had moaned, his casually calculated confidence; who was this boy? Lily was sure she knew him well.

She felt the seconds ticking by in her head. She never wanted the feeling to end. This amazing person, so sweet, confident, loving. She wanted them to stay like this, kissing forever. She moved her hand into his hair, running her fingers through it. He sighed breathily as her nails scraped his scalp. He pushed her back on the four poster bed, moving his body on top of hers. His kisses became deeper and at first, Lily could do little to keep up with him. Wow, she thought, this boy must have really strong feelings for her.

He began a trail of kisses down her neck and Lily cried out in delight, tightening her legs around his waist. He thumbed over her pulse point before tenderly kissing it and running his tongue over it. His hair tickled her cheek and she placed a kiss to his forehead.

There was a cough from the door of the room and her partner lifted his head. "Sorry, mate, seven minutes is up," she heard Peter's voice. The boy bent to kiss her firmly on the lips once again. She felt his weight shift off her and his steps retreating from the room.

Lily sat up, trying to clear her thoughts. The boy had been amazing. She ran her hands through her red hair. "Come on," said Peter, "better go down. Then you can find out who your partner was." He removed her blindfold, carefully.

Lily followed him silently, her head full of reflections. She walked into the noisy common room, fully intent of finding out who the boy had been. She walked quietly over to Sirius Black, who was sitting in quiet conversation with James Potter. The latter did not look up at her, but Sirius looked up at her with a cocky grin. "Alright, Evans?" he asked. Lily looked at James; he did not even acknowledge her. Was he angry at her? Because of Sirius' little game?

"So…" Sirius drawled, "Want to know who your partner was, Evans?"

Suddenly Lily felt frightened, this boy could be anyone. How could she stand knowing that that particular Gryffindor could do such things to her? Elicit such feelings from her? She tried to form the word 'yes', but all that came out was a "no."

Sirius and the other Marauders looked disappointed. James was still sat silently ignoring her. "Are you sure, Evans?" Sirius asked.

"Yes," she replied, "goodnight, I'm going to bed."

"Night, Evans." The four boys shouted as she turned to wave goodbye to her friends.

"Damn," Sirius said, carefully watching James' face for a reaction. "Perhaps its better this way, Mate."

"Yeah, whatever, Mate," James sighed. "Well, nearly curfew, I'm going to the Head's Common Room. Hopefully I can miss Evans, if I see her alone now, I may just start snogging her."

"Well… have fun, Prongs." Sirius wiggled his eyebrows.

"Night, guys."

"Goodnight, Prongs," they said.

James sighed as he got into bed. It was going to be a long night, after they had been kissing so passionately mere moments ago. It was a damn shame she didn't know who had been kissing her.

"Goodnight, Evans," he shouted to her.

"Night, Potter," she replied and he could imagine her rolling her eyes at him.

He snuggled deeper under his duvet, trying to push thoughts of her ardour from his mind.

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