The Unit

Naruto is dispatched and now he must do what he can to survive in a corrupt middle east. A NaruHina. R&R

All of this first chapter take part in Florida and all of it is in Cocoa Beach and Orlando. All are exact locations. PAFB stands for Patrick Air Force Base it's a real base just south of Cocoa Beach.

Prologue: September 17, 2009, time 1827 hours Location...south of Orlando

"Do you have a visual on the target?" asked a man on his laptop in a one room office space. The man was tall from where he was sitting and had white, silver hair. He had a bluetooth strapped to his ear under his long spikyhair.

"Affirmative we have a visual of the target, right now it is moving southbound on I-95. Target is heavily armed. I'll get you some photos. Should we pursue?" asked a man in a military helicopter.

"Negative blackhawk we'll get some ground forces to follow the target. Come back to the base and refuel." the long haired man turned his ear set of and closed his laptop. He slid it under his armpit and got up out of his chair. Once he got out of the office room he immediately put his bluetooth back into his ear.

"So glad you could call." said the man with long hair as he walked out to the employee parking.

"Hey you're the one who e-mailed me to call you at exactly this time. Now what do you want Jiraiya?" asked the man with a little bit of anger showed in his voice.

"Hey, you don't need to be angry Naruto. I just need to call in that favor from long ago." said Jiraiya as he opened the door to a nice green and grey Hummer H3.

"Why did you call me then?" Naruto said with the annoyance still in his voice.

"Naruto we have a code tango alert close to your area. I know you have family visiting but I need you and your wife to get to south bound I-95. " said Jiraiya as he started his car.

"Alright...I'll go but this is it for the favors that I owe you." said Naruto.

"Good, I'm leaving for the airport right now. I'll meet you up their and we'll go from their." said Jiraiya as he pulled out of the parking lot.

"See ya their." said Naruto who then hung up his phone.

" seems we got our selves a new threat...we need to get to Patrick now." said Naruto as he got up of his couch. "We need to get their before it gets any more darker outside." said Naruto who was now slipping on an army jacket which had to bars on it that implied he was a Captain.

"What's wrong Naruto?" asked Hinata as she moved toward her dresser to get her jacket as well. Hinata put hers on revealing two bars also on her sleeves.

Naruto passed her the jacket and zipped his up. "Their's a code tango." he said as he walked toward a safe. He slipped in a key and opened it revealing about a dozen guns. Naruto grabbed two guns and two hand guns. He tossed one hand gun to Hinata and strapped his to his belt.

"Are you sure Naruto?" asked Hinata who was now strapping on her gun. Naruto handed her a G3 and shouldered his own M4.

Naruto looked at her with eyes that said yes "I'm...not sure but we must go." Naruto pulled on a pair of gloves with their finger tips cut off.

"What about your parents Naruto?" asked Hinata as she grabbed their car keys.

"I'll make up an excuse." said Naruto as he headed out the door and into their front lawn. It was starting to grow dark outside but their was enough light to see clearly. Hinata opened up the car door and got into the drivers seat. Naruto got in and closed his door. "God I hope Jiraiya is wrong." Hinata put the car in reverse and they headed out.

Time 1857 hours September 17

"ID?" asked a man at the gate at PAFB.

"Captain Hinata Uzumaki." said Hinata as she showed him her ID.

"Alright you're cleared. Get moving." said the man as he flipped a switch making the bar go up. Hinata stepped on the gas peddle and headed down an all to familiar street until she came to a stop at a center.

"Seems as though Jiraiya got here before us." said Naruto as he opened the door to see Jiraiya with a gun raised in his right hand. He stopped breathing for a second when he saw who else was with him.

"Naruto!" a man exclaimed as he saw Naruto get out of the car. Narutos eyes started to light up.

"Sasuke!" Naruto went to him and punched him playfully on the arm. "What're you doing here Sasuke?" asked Naruto.

I'm actually stationed here now and I just so happened to run into Jiraiya...seem like you'll need some help." Sasuke smirked.

"Enough guys we need to get going or we won't be able to keep up with the terrorist." said Jiraiya as he opened the door to his hummer. "Get in." he then closed the door. Naruto climbed into the gunner seat and pulled himself up to the turret. He flipped it onto the safety. Hinata and Sasuke followed getting into the back seats.

"Naruto we're looking for a's holding about five's a picture of the driver and the passengers." he handed Sasuke a couple pictures and drove the car out.

"Lets just hope we don't last time." said Naruto who whispered the last part.

November 29 2008 White House Washington D.C.

"Mr. President?" asked Naruto who was in a black suite.

"What is it Captain?" asked the president as he got up out of his chair.

"Air force one is ready sir, and we are ready to get going." said Naruto.

"O.k then lets get going then." said the president as he started walking toward a limousine with presidential flags on the front.

Everyone got in and they drove off. "Mr. President I have a bad feeling about's just...a...a" Naruto was cut off by his cell phone which he felt vibrating in his pocket. "Hello?" asked Naruto.

"Let me make myself clear. I will kill he who has tarnished the middle east all these years. 9/11 was just a taste of what our power can accomplish. We have rose from the ashes and now you will know what our power can do. You have one minute." the man then hanged up right after he said the last word. Naruto dropped the phone with wide eyes.

"Stop!" Naruto screamed to the driver. Immediately the car stopped with a sudden jerk causing the cars behind them to stop suddenly also. "Hurry! We need to get out of here!" Naruto opened the door and looked at his watch. "Go now!" yelled Naruto as he put the president over his shoulder.

"What're you doing?" asked the president as Naruto rushed with all his might until he finally set him down the sidewalk. Naruto looked at his watch with wide eyes. "BAM!" the explosion sent Naruto flying back wards onto the sidewalk hitting his head on a tree. He was knocked out right when he hit the tree. "Damn!" exclaimed the president as he saw the flying car parts go every which way.

"It would seem as though the president is still alive." said a tall man with a hood on to cover his face. He brought a gun out and went to the car remains to see whether anyone made it out.

"Move out the way buddy!" said a portly man who came running to the scene. The hooded man backed up and pointed his gun at the man who was digging through the rubble. Many of the people who were in their cars had fled up to this point.

"Hey "buddy" said the man. The fat man turned around to see a gun pointed directly at him. "Sleep tight." he fired two shots in his left chest causing the mans blood to splatter everywhere. The man cocked his gun and found a man among the rubble that was still alive. The man brought his head up slowly to feel the gun on his head. He fired killing him instantly.

"No!" yelled the president. the man with the hood cocked his gun again and slowly turned to him. Naruto was getting up slowly positioning himself so he has on his but. He looked up to see the president with a gun pointed directly at him. Naruto tried getting up but he just fell flat on his face.

Naruto looked on in horror to see the man he had just saved moments ago shot in the head. "Nooooooo!" Naruto screamed in horror. The man slowly walked over to Naruto. Before Naruto could do anything he drifted into a sleep.

"Over here. We got a live one." a voice said. Yet nothing could be seen.

'Am I...dead' Naruto thought as he slowly began to regain consciousness. A man was pulling Naruto by his tattered suite.

"At least someone made it." said a man who was looking through the destroyed cars. The man came over to Naruto. "You know what Naruto you're lucky your ass is still in touch." said the man. He took out a cigarette and a litter.

"Ugh." said Naruto as he began to slowly get up. "Shikamar" Naruto then fell back wards and fell back to sleep.

"Rest're going to need it." said Shikamaru as he puffed out some smoke.

Present time 2048 hours

"So I go up to the guy say you wanna piece of me and then show him my guns." Sasuke then flexed his arms. "The guy ran away like a wimp." Sasuke chuckled at his own story.

"It's been at least two hours and still nothing on the radar." Hinata said frustrated. "I mean you guys put a beacon on the car right?"asked Hinata to Jiraiya.

"Yeah...that is odd." Jiraiya looked at his laptop briefly and saw a red dot. "Wait do you see that?"

"Yeah. They're about half a click away going at 72 miles per hour. Meaning we need to go quicker" Hinata gave Sasuke the laptop.

"No...they stopped." Sasuke scrolled up the GPS. "They're at a McDonald's."

"And the party's about to begin." said Naruto from up top the turret.

"Allrighty then. We need to get their's the next left luckily." Jiraiya turned the wheel.

"Their I can see them getting out of the jeep. The picture matches. Seems as though one is staying behind." Jiraiya parked in a neighboring parking lot.

"I'll take care of him, you guys go and get the others." Naruto said as he got down from the turret.

"O.k Naruto be a distraction for now and then kill him later." Jiraiya said as he brought out his gun.

"Will do." said Naruto as he climbed out.

"Be careful Naruto." said Hinata as he climbed past her.

"Hey it's me what could go wrong." Naruto opened the door and climbed out.

"Lets go then." they got out and started to walk inside.

Naruto walked over to the jeep and tapped on the window. The man looked up to see a gun directly at him. "Come out with your hands above your head." said Naruto in a Stern voice. The man got out and slowly pulled himself out os the jeep. He put his hands over his head and got on the ground.

"I'm surprised you are showing your face after what happened last time." said the man on the ground. His eyes layed fixed on the ground.

"What the hell did you say!" something in Naruto snapped. "Huh!"

"You don't remember me? Remember I killed your president said the man as he slowly fixed his eyes at his jeep. Naruto kicked him down onto the ground.

"Stop playing games you asshole!" Naruto pointed his gun at him. By now their were patrons watching. "Get back people! Military business." Naruto looked at the people and made a gesture to move back. The man saw this as an opportunity and sweep kicked Naruto onto the ground. Naruto fell head first into a patch of grass. The man ran into the McDonald's they were at and brought out a gun. Naruto pursued right on his tail.

"I'll get the one that went into the restroom." said Sasuke as he slightly lifted his hand gun.

"Kill him if you must." whispered Jiraiya. Jiraiya walked over to a cashier that was taking an order from one of the men from the jeep. He brought out his gun and pointed it at him. "Alright punk on the ground!" screamed Jiraiya. All of the people their started to scream. However the man didn't do as told. The man took the front part of his gun and pushed it back on Jiraiya and then grabbed the other side. Both men were struggling to push each other down.

I the restroom Sasuke had his gun out and positioned it the door. Then man opened the door and then was immediately shot. "Good bye scum." Sasuke went to the body and shot it two more times just to be safe.

As Jiraiya was doing his thing Hinata looked for the two remaining men and was having a difficult time finding them. She looked over her shoulder to see the man that was still in the jeep running behind Jiraiya with a gun. Her eyes widened.

Naruto ran in just in time to see the next disappointment his life had made. As the man ran up behind him he had his gun pointed at him. "Jiraiya!" Naruto screamed, but it was to late. The man had shot Jiraiya and the man. Jiraiya grew limp and fell to the ground with a hard thud. Naruto sot the man with hate and fear. Naruto then fell onto his knees with a sad look.

"Jiraiya!" screamed Hinata as his body fell. It was to late to do anything. She then heard a car start. She looked over and saw that the other two men were leaving in the jeep.

7 Days later 1738 hours Location unknown

"Captain Naruto Uzumaki. Free lancer." said Naruto in a completely white room.

"Captain Hinata Uzumaki. Free lancer." said Hinata in her quiet voice.

"Are you two sure you wanna do this? We usually don't get many people from around here who are willing to volunteer." asked a man with a full marine getup.

"Yes we are sure." this has been calling to us for some time." said Naruto in a lifeless voice.

"Well then...your plane will leave in two days. Enough time to pack up and get ready." said the man as he put some notes in his clipboard.

That's it for now. I will not regard the name of the prez. You make the call. And yes Jiraiya is dead.