The Unit

Naruto is dispatched and now he must do what he can to survive in a corrupt middle east. A NaruHina. R&R

I will make chapters really long and clear from this point on 10,000 words a piece but it'll be a while before the chapters come out. Thank you to who ever added my story to the C2 Ninjas with AK's and Ferrari's.

Chapter 2: Death takes no Holiday

September 20 2009 1528 hours American camp Iran (in their time zone)

"O.k Mr. Uzumaki you'll be assigned team Eagle...actually. Your commander is Major Neil Spencer." the man picked Narutos bag from the truck and threw it at him. Naruto caught it falling back a bit in the process. He regained his feet and looked at him. "It's the farthest tent going straight." said the man as he jotted down something on a piece of paper. "Tell him I sent you and give him this slip. You don't have to say my name or anything." the man then took a gun out of a box. He then handed it to him. He grasped it and surveyed it. It was a light sub machine gun, a P90, with a desert type camo printed on his gun.

"Thank you." said Naruto in what seamed like an icy tone. Naruto took the gun and shouldered it on the back part of his shoulder blade. Naruto started to walk away but a hand stopped him from behind. Naruto looked over his shoulder to see the man with his hand grasping his other shoulder blade.

"Don't piss him off...he has a loose temper nice guy but he looses it if you're a jackass or do anything he does not approve of." the man smiled and let go of Naruto. Naruto walked through the hot blaze of the flaming sun. Hey he may have lived in Florida but god why was it so fucking hot. As he walked past a tent he noticed their was a couple of men looking at him. Naruto just ignored their stares and kept on walking until he found a tent that had a sign and on it was an eagle and over the eagle were two guns crossing each other. Naruto opened the door and entered a dark room. Naruto looked around but saw no one.

" ones here." said Naruto as he threw his bag on what seamed to be an empty bed. Little to his surprise their was someone in the room.

"Hey can't someone get a second of peace and quiet for a sec." hollered a man. Naruto looked to see that their was a man in the bed he threw his bag on.

"I'm sorry." said Naruto as he picked up his bag quickly. The man looked up and decided to get up.

"Who the hell are you suppose to be?" asked the man when he was sitting up straight. He rubbed his eyes looked at Naruto and blinked.

"Are you Neil?" asked Naruto after the man blinked. The man looked up at him and shook his head.

"No." said the man. after a second of sitting their he stood up. "Lieutenant Ben Robinson is my name." said the man as he saw his bars.

"Captain Naruto Uzumaki...where is your commanding officer then?" asked Naruto as he took a seat on an empty bed.

"He's in the supply shed." said Ben as he fell down onto the bed. Naruto looked around the room to see that it was bigger than the outside suggested. in total their were six beds, a T.V, a desk with a laptop on it, and a boom-box seated on another desk. He looked over to see a billboard to see pictures of men, the men either had an X sign on it or was just hanging up their pinned down. He counted 43 pictures in all. 12 were crossed out and the rest were just plain pictures. He looked at one picture in particular. It showed a man with a deep gash through the left side of his face, but that's not what caught his attention. It was his eyes, they were pure black except for a little ring of fire in the middle.

"Might as well just wait here and start unloading your crap." said Ben who knocked Naruto out of his staring. Naruto went over to his bag and took out a picture of Jiraiya. He looked at it for a couple of seconds and then put it back in his bag. He then took out a laptop from one of the side pockets and set it down on the bed.

"So you're the new man we've been longing for?" asked a man that had just walked in the door. He was a tall man with brown hair to his eyes and blue eyes. He looked as though he were at least 22 years old. "Finally we get results. Major Neil Spencer." said the man as he saluted Naruto. "And who might you be?" asked Neil as he sat down.

"Captain Naruto Uzumaki." said Naruto as he saluted. Neil gave Naruto a sympathetic look and chuckled.

"No need to salute Captain. Just be yourself here." Neil stood and went over to the billboard and took out a picture of a brown haired with brown eyes. Neil took a pin out of a pouch hanging on the wall and stuck it just so it would be able to hold the excessive weight. Neil looked at the picture in his hand for a little while and then took the nail out of the wall. He took the picture and placed it where the pin hole was. He placed the pin right back in. He sighed to himself and took out a sharpie. Naruto watched with a bit of awe as Neil made an X on the picture.

Ben looked up at Neil and sighed to himself. "You sure were good to her Neil," said Ben as he layed on his back with his eyes closed and his arms crossed above his head. "quite a shame though" said Ben as he sighed. Naruto watched this scene with a little pity even though he didn't know what was happening. Naruto may not have known these two but he could make out anyones emotions.

"Yeah." said Neil as he brought his head up. "Ben if you don't mind could you..." Neil stopped in his own words. Ben looked up and nodded.

"How about I give you a tour Captain." said Ben getting a jacket on. Naruto looked over and nodded. The two men got up and started to walk out of the tent.

"The basic things you need to do to make it through the day here are various at best sir." said Ben as the two men walked away from the tent. "Trust me sir if you think things are bad at one point ohhhh just wait for the next moment. It will most likely get shittier." said Ben as he stretched his arms.

"Sounds homely." said Naruto sarcastically. He looked at Ben and scanned him. He was about 6 foot, 4 inches, had brown hair, and his eyes are what caught his attention they were brown but the iris looked as though it had a red fiery circle around it. He looked about the same age as Neil just a little younger.

"You have no fuckin idea man." said Ben as he glimpsed at Naruto. "So? Why did you come to this shit house of a war? Not like many people come on their own free will." said Ben as he turned a corner. Naruto followed him.

"I've been meaning to come for some time but I...I just finally came." said Naruto who looked down.

"You look familiar though." said Ben as he opened a door to a large dining area. Naruto stepped in and glanced back at Ben. It took his eyes a couple of seconds to adjust to the dark light inside of the room. He looked around to see that it was a mess hall. Naruto went over and got a thing of rations and handed it to Naruto. He looked at a stack and saw his own. He snatched it and started to walk over to a table.

"Naruto I'ld like you to meet the rest of the squad." said Ben as they sat next to a group of men. The men looked at Naruto and nodded. "Guys this is our new guy. Captain Naruto Uzumaki." said Ben as he dug his spoon in some pudding.

"Corporal Grady Stevenson." said a a skinny man with a beanie on. He looked to be 25 with blue eyes and a soul patch beard. His hair was in a buzz cut.

"Staff Sergent Zach Gibson." said a man with curly brown hair. He had sunglasses on so Naruto couldn't make out his eyes.

"And I'm Lieutenant Miguel De La Cruz." said a very fit Hispanic man. He was well toned and had eyes of a sorta greenish blue color.

Naruto nodded to them all. He began to cut something that looked like meat. He brought it up and began eating it.

"Where's Neil?" asked Zach as he ate a piece of what looked like stale bread.

"He's sleeping now...I'ld suggest you not go in there for a little while." said Ben. He looked at the men and smiled. "He'll be alright though...I hope." he whispered the last part.

Naruto was about to get another Peirce from his rations but a hand stopped him. It was Miguel who had his hand placed over it.

"I would suggest you eat one thing per day...that's all you get for the week." said Miguel as he pointed at his food.

"Ugh." winced Naruto as he set the rations down and zipped it back up and put it where he got it from. Suddenly an alarm went off.

Naruto started to look around the room to see everyone jump out of the seats. "What's happening!?" asked Naruto over the screech of what sounded like a fighter jet. Ben tackled Neil and made sure his head stayed down by slamming it on the ground. The roof then collapsed on the other side of the mess tent. A few pieces of ceiling started to sink in on their side.

"Get outa there!" screamed Grady as he ran toward the door. Ben pulled himself up and took a jump for the door while grabbing a gun of the ground. Naruto stumbled up and forced his legs to trudge forward. He saw a man on the ground with the bottom half of his body under the ruble that fell. Naruto headed for the door but stopped in his tracks. He turned around and ran to the man maneuvering through the ceiling that was falling all around him.

Naruto pulled the man out of the rubble and put his shoulder over his. He ran as fast as he could while avoiding the debry. Naruto kicked the door down and ran out of the building with the man hanging to him.

"Get out of there!" yelled a man with a gun in his hand. "Hurry! Go! Get to safety!" yelled the man but it was to late for the man as a bomb dropped right where he was standing. Naruto was pushed back by the explosion and landed on his ass. The man fell to the ground and twisted his back 270 degrees.

Naruto got up and looked at the man to see he was dead and winced as he heard an earie screech from across the desert. He covered his ears as the noise started to get closer.

September 19 2009 PAFB, Florida

"Naruto you really don't need to go...Jiraiya would protest." said Sasuke as Naruto loaded his case into a carrier plane. Naruto looked at him and sighed.

"Sasuke when I got home my dad asked what had happened...I had to tell him that his mentor had died...and that I had let those other two escape." Naruto looked around the air base. "Then I told him that I was going yo leave." Naruto sighed.

"Naruto it's just not right." Sasuke said. Naruto looked at him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Take care of Hinata...I don't know how long I'll be gone from here but I know as sure as hell that I'm coming back." Naruto began to walk up the stairs to the plane.

"I thought she was going with you?" Sasuke asked to himself and Naruto. Naruto looked down at him and saluted. He stepped back and started to climb in.

"You'll find out some things while I'm gone...some things much bigger than others." Naruto said whispering the last part to himself.

Present Time

Naruto was still covering his ears when he heard a voice. "Naruto get out of their!" screamed a voice. He looked over to see Neil running with a gun pointed up. Naruto scrambled around and started to run toward where Neil was running. He slid behind a tank where Neil and the rest of the group were taking cover.

"What the hell's going on!?" screamed Grady as a helicopter hovered over them. He looked up and then back at Neil who was signaling to the helicopter.

"I don't know!" said Neil as he quickly looked down at the ground. He looked at the copter to see it was close to making landfall.

"We have to get in the's our only way out of here." said Ben as a bomb fell behind the group. The force pushed everyone up.

Naruto looked around the camp to see the place had gone into total disaster. Soldiers were running for cover while bombs were dropped behind them. He looked up at the copter to see it was about down.

The helicopter made landfall and the team got in. Naruto climbed in and sat next to Ben."What the hell's happening!" screamed Neil at the pilot as the helicopter started the ascend up.

"I don't know Major." said the pilot as the helicopter started to move forward. Naruto looked down to see the camp in ruins. Buildings were torn apart, men layed on the ground screaming for help. Yet through all of this he saw one building still up and running. That was until a jet dropped a bomb right on top of it. The shock-wave of the explosion was so fierce that the helicopter started to spin out of control.

"Shit were going down!" screamed Grady as the it began to twirl around. Naruto closed his eyes tight as he felt his inside knot up into tight bows.

Then they crashed.

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