Chapter 1: Kaname

by lightpathetic

ZERO opened his eyes and blinked to clear the sleep from them. His eyes were immediately drawn, as always, to see if sunlight still peeped under the drapes. He always woke before Kaname, which was no surprise since he always fell asleep before him. He still couldn't get the going to sleep in the morning and waking at dusk thing done completely, even on his days off. But he was used to it; often rising and taking advantage of the time the apartment was quietest or when, truth be told, Kaname wasn't privy to his every move, to shop or take walks or simply read or watch television. Zero loved Kaname passionately but he was still a very private person. He would never get used to knowing that Kaname knew where he was always and could show up beside him at any moment. And of course trying to tell Kaname to, basically, leave him alone was like asking a dog not to bark but to take up whistling instead. It was best to give up and find ways around it.

Zero saw that the sunlight was still quite bright and thought about getting dressed and going to the local shopping area to pick out Kaname's wedding gift. Zero studiously ignored the slight plummet his heart took as it did each time he thought about the impending nuptials. It was not like he hadn't known it would happen. He and Sara actually knew each other quite well, given the circumstances. It was always understood that Zero was just this "youthful indiscretion" that would suddenly disappear before the wedding or as the case now was - as Zero seemed to be thriving a little longer than they had both expected - after the wedding, under his own steam. Zero felt that she had a right to expect that given the fact that Sara would be his wife, the one he would have to put first, above all others…

Enough! Zero twisted in the circle of Kaname's arms. He had also taken these times when Kaname was asleep to look for a house elsewhere. He didn't want to stay near Kaname and his new family, but he couldn't bring himself to leave Japan altogether. So as he quietly looked for house spots on the other side of Japan – Kaname already having told him that Sara and he would live on his family's estate in … - he listened as Sara and Kaname planned what appeared to be the wedding that would still be talked about 500 years from now. Well Sara planned, Kaname just agreed to everything and continued to carry on as if it wasn't happening. Everything that is but the pink tuxedos, but Zero thought she was probably just testing to see if Kaname was listening.

Kaname wouldn't even talk about what Zero would do after Sara and he were married. He never did, not since their argument many years previously when Zero had insisted he would leave, that he couldn't believe Kaname was actually suggesting he stay with him and be what? A concubine? Zero watched as a veil seemed to fall behind Kaname's eyes, and since then Zero could do nothing to make Kaname discuss the end to the relationship.

So Zero planned it himself. He started to save what he could from the bounties he collected. He had become quite famous in the field of Vampire Hunting, often the first person the Headquarters would call if the vampire in question was too dangerous or difficult to catch. Even as it had become common knowledge that Zero was… associated with Kaname Kuran. That was unavoidable given Kaname's notoriety in vampire circles. However with the shaky truce in effect the hunters were more geared towards helping to maintain the truce and the safety of the public. So they did have vampire allies and only hunted those that were a danger to society. Still Zero would never be a member of the inner sanctum, would never rise to a higher position than mentor, but he had long accepted it, only living for the challenge each bounty brought. Plus it was always funny – though Zero always showed irritation at his nerve - when Kaname answered his cell phone and after identifying himself would "demand" to know which of his kind they would be murdering today, completely throwing off the poor employee that had been forced to call him in on business. If Kaname was in the mood he would even make sure they heard as he extorted a kiss in return for the cell phone then Zero would have to wait as the secretary collected their thoughts – especially if they were new – before he got his assignment.

Zero had also begun to sell some of the gifts Kaname had given him over the years. Of course he kept the ones with real significance – the black rock from the volcano they had visited the one steamy, anniversary weekend in Jamaica or the Rolex that was presented to him when he had graduated from the college. (Kaname had insisted on coming to the graduation, and in the end, as Zero saw him as he took his scroll, clapping wildly, he was glad he did.) However the other stuff could go. Like platinum cuff-links he would never wear and sports cars he would never drive. Zero loved being independent and always tried to support himself so Kaname would get around this by lavishing him with expensive gifts that he could "do whatever you want" with. And after the initial days when Zero would give them away only to find twice as many waiting for him when he got home, merely accepted them and figured they would just go back to Kaname anyway on his death. But now, as he approached a hundred and sixty and was still in fairly good health he realized he would be living quite a bit longer. And without Kaname.

Well, the result of his activities led him to a fairly decent nest-egg, which meant that he would be able to live out his life anywhere in Japan comfortably. He had five houses on his shortlist. Life was good. Except… Kaname. Kaname who seemed so unwilling to deal with the fact that their life together was ending in two days.

Zero turned over gently inside the circle of Kaname's arms, stopping only when he was face to face with him. Kaname hardly stirred when Zero moved around, so used he was to sleeping with the other vampire. Zero watched as he settled again into his deep slumber his hold slackening subtly as he relaxed. Kaname. Zero leaned in to brush his lips against Kaname's, savouring the feel of their softness. Zero had thought of getting up and doing the myriad of things he loved to do when Kaname was indisposed but now something gripped him. Something desperate and melancholy that threatened to overwhelm and overflow into tears. Two days. Just two more days.

Zero tried not to disturb Kaname during workdays but he found he couldn't stop himself as his hand lifted and traced Kaname's face. In the defused light from the drapes, his face free from the looks of irritation or fatigue that sometimes marred his features Kaname looked even more beautiful and youthful; like a model barely out of his teens. Zero sometimes wondered if Kaname would look eighteen forever. Such a contrast to how capable and mature he was when he was awake. Zero always lost breath when he watched Kaname sleep, marveling that he was all his…

Zero pushed Kaname onto his back, and then moved to lay his head in the crook of his arm. He placed the palm of his left hand onto Kaname's chest and ran his hand up and down the smooth skin, simply enjoying the feel. Zero then stopped fighting the urge that had come over him as soon as he saw Kaname and lowered his head to nuzzle Kaname just below his armpit, placing soft kisses on the skin there. Zero felt himself respond to the salty taste moving higher to get more…

Kaname stirred, coming to consciousness to the curious sensation of someone licking his underarm. As soon as his foggy mind registered it was Zero, Kaname suck in a breath through his teeth and ran a hand up to Zero's hair trying to pull him away. He groaned when Zero smacked his hand away and drilled his tongue deliberately, sending bursts of pleasure shooting through them both.


"Shhh. I want to just touch you. You are so beautiful, Kaname. So breathtaking…"

Under other circumstances Kaname would have just raised an "Are you kidding me?" eyebrow at being described as "beautiful" but now, it was really the pleasure he heard in Zero's voice that stilled him. He was giving Zero pleasure. Zero had said he was beautiful. This one fact stilled his hand and made it fall limp to the bed. That one fact raised the other hand over his head to Zero could have better access, even if it was his armpit…

Zero smiled as Kaname allowed him to continue and raising his head began to lick and kiss across his chest, moving slowly towards Kaname's neck. Once there he raked his teeth ruthlessly against the skin, then alternately drilled his tongue and sucked. Kaname started to shake, his hand diving urgently into Zero's hair, caught between wanting him to stop and wanting him to continue. He moaned, he eyes lidding and glazing over as he was taken to a far off place of abject pleasure in his mind. His skin greedily drank in every contact from Zero's body. He wanted to kiss but he stilled this urge not wanting to displease Zero. He would get what he wanted soon enough. Their many years together had thought each so much about the other and Kaname knew that Zero knew what was going through his mind now. What need was building in him that he could barely control. He knew that Zero would fulfill it in due course, when he was done. When he had had his own pleasure. Touching him.

Kaname tossed again and whined as Zero fingered his ears and ran his palms along Kaname's slender long, neck, tracing the vein he so loved to destroy. Sensing Kaname's barely existing patience excited him, but he continued to run his hands over his lover's body, enjoying and memorizing the feel, the texture, the warmth, the scent; enjoying the little tremors that erupted as he caressed Kaname's skin lightly. Kaname arched impatiently as Zero found and scraped his inner thigh and nuzzled his stomach, rocked rapturously as Zero nipped his calf while running the sole of his left foot down the entire length of his side…

"Zero. Please. I need…"

"Soon. I want this Kaname." Zero knew those four simple words were enough to make Kaname endure anything when it came to him. He saw as Kaname gathered himself and tried to stay calm, his breath coming in quick, stiff pants as Zero continued his slow exploration of every part, every plane of his love's body, all the while watching Kaname's face as it reported his ecstasy to him. Watching as his long lashes fanned his cheeks as he closed his eyes when he could no longer stand the sensations, watching as his brow furrowed and his breath sucked through his teeth when Zero played with his toes with his tongue. Zero watched as Kaname arched back and screamed when Zero finally closed his mouth around him and drew gently, still teasing, still driving Kaname crazy… Zero wondered at himself in surprise. What was he doing? He himself was aching for Kaname but he pushed them both pass their limits, until the sweat slicked both their hair, making Kaname roll over so he could start anew on his back. Kaname quaked at the order, his eyes opening to plead with Zero but finding no mercy there. Was he torturing Kaname for leaving him? Was he trying to give him something to remember him by? Was he… saying goodbye?

Zero stopped his rough kisses of Kaname's spine as tears prickled his eye-lids. Oh no. Don't. He hadn't wanted to... He had wanted to do this gracefully, knowing the effect his tears would have on Kaname. He had wanted to be strong. But Kaname... Kaname was... Before he knew it he had dropped his face, burying it into Kaname's strong back as if he could melt into him. Zero shook from the sobs he was trying to suppress. Suddenly he was overwhelmed by a misery he couldn't fathom an end of. Oh Kaname, I love you. My entire being cries out for you. How could I leave? How could I walk away?

"Zero? Zero!"

Kaname, who had been trying to concentrate on the accounts of the Tokyo division of one of his computer software companies, just so he could quell the urge to attack Zero, noticed too late the smell of tears and Zero shaking uncontrollably on his back. The was a moment of comedy as Kaname rolled to try to get at him but Zero refused to let go, not wanting him to see. Kaname however won in the end and "pulling" Zero's arms away from him, turned and grabbed Zero before he could run from the room. Kaname's heart was in his mouth. Nothing scared him like thinking something was wrong with Zero. Nothing. He could handle anything but that. So to see him suddenly cry… Did he use his power inadvertently? He quickly scanned the struggling Zero for signs of injury and saw none. This scared Kaname even more.

"What is it, Zero? Tell me!" Kaname demanded, his fear making him rough as he shook Zero. Zero still struggled, deliberately fighting back, hitting Kaname as hard as he could and some more, suddenly wanting to lash out. Suddenly hating Kaname to the very core.

Kaname's eyes widened in surprise at the sudden change. The look of hatred cutting him deeply as if it was a sword. But it was definitely better than the crying. Kaname tried not to feel relief as he finally wrestled Zero onto the bed and held him to his chest, waiting until Zero would stop fighting and talk. Zero didn't give up easily though.

"Let go of me or I will make you!" Zero shouted, still shoving ineffectually against Kaname's chest. Zero gave in thankfully to his rage, desperate as he was for an outlet to the turmoil inside him.

At this Kaname let go of Zero. He didn't think Zero really would try one of his spells on him, but just in case he had lost his mind it would be better to have some distance where he could have some measure of control, rather than call the bluff and wake up next Tuesday with only a headache and a note for company. He was proud of Zero's might and prowess as a hunter, but his using his craft on him, without his consent, was no joke. Just to be safe…

Zero, finding himself free, scooted to the edge of the bed and… found he couldn't stand. He whipped back towards Kaname who sat on the other side of the bed watching Zero carefully but otherwise not moved by the happening.

"Now if you are done threatening me. Perhaps you could speak to me like an adult."

"I don't feel like talking Kaname, so let me go."

"No. Never."


Zero was so frustrated. He could have freed himself if Kaname was any other pure-blood fugitive. But Kaname knew his spells almost as well as he did. The harmless immobilizing ones required Zero to be able to move his limbs, touch his victim or chant a spell. Kaname's hold, distance and superior hearing meant these were useless. The others he could effect with his force of will but they were lethal and out of the question. He took a deep breath and fought for calm. His state was feeding Kaname's concern. All he had to do was get a grip and Kaname would relax and release him. Think. Think of something to tell him…

"I can tell when you are lying or are preparing to lie, Zero. Don't make me angrier than I am now. I want the truth."

Zero and Kaname sat on the bed, eyes locked in a battle of wills that Zero felt himself losing. It was as he was marveling at earlier. Kaname only had to be awake to remind you of how old he really was, his experience showing in the calm steady way his held Zero's eyes and refused to back down. Zero looked away towards the window as he thought about why he had started crying and the pain again formed in his chest.

"I was… I was thinking about… the wedding."

"Yes? What about it?" Kaname asked, sounding completely nonplussed, wondering if Zero had inhaled some of his powders.

Zero turned back to look at Kaname incredulously. He couldn't be serious. Did ice run in his veins? Zero started to struggle again but gave up quickly, looking in desolation at the floor. He could move on so calmly? Was Zero's heart the only one breaking?

Kaname saw this and knew that Zero had expected something from him. Kaname's irritated expression returned. They were always getting their wires crossed. The divide between human and vampire was just that. A divide. The way they both were conditioned sometimes brought so much grief to the other, often unintentionally. They had promised each other to explain if something done had offended the other person just so they could avoid such misunderstandings. But Zero wasn't in the mood to explain. Kaname pushed his hand through his hair and got to his knees on the bed. He needed to change tactics.

Zero tried to avoid the hand that came up to caress his face.

"No! Stop that..."

"I love you. I would do anything for you. You know this. Just explain how I have hurt you and I will fix it," Kaname dipped his head and kissed Zero on the lips, nibbling Zero's sensitive lower lip until his breathing changed. Until his lips parted for more. Kaname delved his tongue into Zero's mouth as he had been dying to do since he woke up, moaning as the heat, and taste of Zero mouth finally hit his senses. They were connected again. That's all Kaname needed to feel. The knot of unease in his chest soothed as he plundered Zero's mouth, but changed to something else as Zero caught, then sucked on his tongue. Kaname pulled away reluctantly.

"Nice… try…"

"Kaname, kiss me."

Everything in Kaname wanted to comply with that simple, soft command from Zero's lips. His hand trembled as he ran it over his face.

"Zero. Tell me. What is wrong. Please."

"You don't care."


"You don't care that I will be leaving in two days. In two days I won't be able to touch you anymore. Or taste you. Or… It is the end. I thought I could cope like you but… I am… too weak."

"Zero I don't understand. Are you going somewhere?"

"Kaname…" Zero growled, flushed with anger again. Kaname was laughing at him. He had to be. Zero figured he would kill him…

"Zero you…" The wedding… That old conversation ages ago popped into his head. The one where Zero had said he would not stay around afterwards like an unwanted appendage. Kaname had ignored him. He didn't think he would feel the same way later not after Kaname set his mind to practically blowing his with happiness. But Zero still felt this way? Even after all his efforts to make him feel wanted and essential? He could still think of leaving?

Kaname felt a rage tear through him, tinged by a terror that ran like a river of ice down his spine. He stood and marched out of the room headed for Zero's desk in his study. Zero had been working on something quite studiously, but Kaname had tried to let him have his privacy thinking that it was a surprise for the wedding. He had noticed the gifts disappearing but they were Zero's to do with as he wanted. He never could have thought that Zero was planning to run away. To stab him in the back like this.

Zero heard the "crash" as a door gave way. He was stunned by the sudden change in Kaname. So much so that he only realized he was free when he ran to see what the hell was the matter. He took in the ruined door only briefly more concerned with Kaname's determined ransacking of his desk.

"Stop that! You have no right…!"

Zero felt himself stop. This wasn't the "hold" from earlier. This was more sinister. Zero felt as if his chest would be crushed as he was held away from Kaname, his body starting to rise from the floor as the force intensified. But it wasn't just the force that bothered him. It was the palpable evil aura that surrounded Kaname, which laced the air and threatened to choke each breath into his body.

Kaname seemed oblivious to what was happening behind him as he slammed papers around and ripped books and pulled apart the ornate Victorian writing desk that had also been a gift of love. That irony also bit into him as he searched for it. The evidence of Zero's betrayal. Certain it was there.

"What… are you looking for?" Zero tried to keep calm, even though he spoke through gritted teeth as he tried to keep them from chattering as the innate fear in all vampires of pure-bloods threatened to cloud his mind. He needed to very careful. It was of no use them both losing their tempers. Zero could end up dead.

"Don't say anything Zero. Just be still. I will find it on my own. I know it is here somewhere."

"What? Tell me and I will help you," Zero wasn't going to cower. If they sensed fear you were also as good as dead.

Kaname growled in frustrated anger as the desk yielded nothing. He stood and it exploded behind him.

"You were working on something. I know. I would hear the papers when I got up but they would disappear when I came in to greet you. I just thought it was a surprise for me…" Kaname began to hyperventilate. Zero winced as the force strengthened and the aura darkened even more. Soon Kaname would lose it.

"In… the cupboard. False bottom… in the fourth shelf. Kaname I can't breathe."

Kaname ignored him as he walked over to the cupboard and began to pick it apart. Eventually he found it. The fairly innocuous looking blue binder. He shook as he opened it and looked …

Zero fell to the ground, gasping for breath. He moaned as he rolled over onto his back trying to pull all the air in the room into his lungs, shaking with relief. It was a good thing. A good thing he had started it.

Kaname had sunk onto a nearby chair turning the pages in the album. He had never even seen some of these pictures. He smiled as he remembered the convention he spoke at when he came across the newspaper clipping and laughed at the picture of the two of them in grass skirts on a Waikiki beach. Then he came across a picture of Zero holding little Sakura with Kaname bending to kiss her head. Yuuki must have taken it... His fingers traced along Zero's face that was bent in wonder over the tiny infant and tears escaped his eyes.

"Zero. I'm… I'm…" Kaname couldn't make it any further. He put his face into his hands and sobbed. He was evil. He was just pure evil.

Zero stood and walked over to Kaname, his heart rending at the despair he saw. He sat next to Kaname and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him onto his shoulder, stroking his hair.

"I'm sorry too. I lost my temper instead of talking about what was bothering me. Believe me, there was a time earlier that I would have gleefully choked you if I had had the power to do it. So I guess we are even.

"But we need to talk about our relationship. We can't keep ignoring the fact that it will change…"

"No it won't! I won't have you leaving me! There is no question of that! Sara knows how I feel about you. I have never hidden it...!"

"Kaname you can't seriously expect to bring me into your marriage. It is not fair to Sara! She will be your other half. She will be the one you should lean on. I would just be in the way…"

Kaname pushed away from Zero and stood.

"So you are planning on going."

"Kaname, would you stop treating me like I am the enemy? What other choice is there? If you were Sara how would you feel? Sometimes I feel sorry for her. She is besotted with you do you know that? She tries so hard to get you to love her and all you do is cold shoulder her and run to me…"

"Feel sorry…? Have you forgotten what she and her father did to you? I haven't. My only obligation to her is to marry and give her two children. That I will fulfill. She is entitled to nothing else from me. Certainly not to demand that I give up the one thing that gives me joy in this world. She will be my wife and will be entitled to the status that brings. You will soon feel less sorry for her when you realize how happy that alone makes them."

"How could you be so cynical…"

"How could you be so gullible? What? Did she shed a few tears and talk of her devotion to my happiness? Please. If she really cared she wouldn't be filling your head with such nonsense."

"Fine. I will put it simply then. I won't stand for it. I have prepared myself for this event and am ready to call it a night. I admit I had a moment of weakness earlier but it will pass. Time is all I need and I will be fine. My pride has had to tolerate being called your slave or toy for many years now but I will not stand for being some hanger on to a marriage. It is embarrassing and if you would just get your head out of the clouds you would grow up and accept what you responsibilities are from now on. You can't have everything or everyone. So face it. Maybe we could stay friends or… or not. I don't know, but I won't cut you off. You would still be able to feel me if it makes it any better for you…"

Zero trailed off as he felt the emotion threaten to break in on him again. He had gone over this conversation in his mind over and over and yet he still couldn't complete it. He stopped and struggled to stay calm as he didn't want to give Kaname the satisfaction of seeing him break over this. He looked up at Kaname who had gone curiously quiet as he spoke. He saw an inscrutable mask peering back at him. Watching him closely. Looking for weaknesses. But at last he spoke.

"So this was your 'going away' present to me. 'Thanks, Kaname, for all the memories. I will be pushing off now' sort of thing." Kaname intoned sarcastically, looking down at the binder that he still held in his hand.

Suddenly the binder exploded near Zero's head, having hit the wall with an unholy force and disintegrated into a sea of paper that seemed to flow everywhere. Zero didn't even have time to blink. Kaname hadn't even seemed to move. Then there was the smell of blood. Zero reach up to his face and realized that he was somehow nicked by a page. He drew back his fingers and stared at the blood on them for a while not seeming able to get his mind to connect with reality, vaguely thinking something about how much work he had put into that thing…

Kaname was beside him. He looked into Zero's eyes and smiled sadly at some emotion he saw there. He picked up Zero's fingers and licked then sucked the blood away cleaning them and then stretched to the wound on Zero's cheek licking away the blood and pain. Zero withstood Kaname's ministrations as he had done so many times in the past, only thinking to himself that this was one of the last times. His hand lifted seemingly of its own accord and sank into the hair at the nape of Kaname's head as he turned towards the inviting expanse of neck Kaname presented and began to lick it, enjoying the shudder and the reflexive flinch as Kaname reacted to the unexpected caress. He turned into Zero's warmth, wrapping his arms around him as Zero nuzzled and teased, undoing him in a way only he knew how to do. Soon Kaname couldn't even kneel, sliding "bonelessly" to the floor but pulling Zero along with him, bringing his hand up to cup the back of Zero's head: urging him to bite; begging him to bite.

"OOhhhh Zero…" Kaname moaned, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he shook from the relief Zero's bite brought. He held him tightly, unwilling to ease up less he should stop. Of all the things they did when they made love Kaname adored this best; the feel of his blood leaving his body to feed Zero. Besides the pleasure there was something elemental and emotional that held him bound. That completed him. There was no way. No way he would let Zero just leave. There was no good reason to deny themselves each other. He still couldn't see why Zero didn't want to stay by his side. He kept going on about his marriage. But Kaname was past caring about the naivety of ideals. He had long grown out of the callowness of youth and knew that the world contained some of the dirtiest shades of gray and still kept revolving. Royals and politicians alike had mistresses and affairs. People could be bribed to sell their children. People were killed so their land could be stolen. Kaname has had to wade in these tainted waters everyday to become as successful as he is now, to stay at the pinnacle of all that he conquered. He could swim with the best sharks out there. And make no mistake. The best of them were even more unscrupulous than he was.

But his Zero never changed and he loved that about him. After a day of Machiavellian plotting and double dealing he could come home to Zero and his earnestness and grace. His honest expression of love the one thing that kept Kaname from being truly disgusted and cynical about everything in the world. He was his one light and without him he felt like he would drown. He knew Sara had manipulated Zero into sympathizing with her, but he couldn't fault her for trying. In his world you fought for what was yours. Which was why he would fight back, using everything at his disposal. Using any trick he could think of. Because Zero was definitely worth it.

Kaname came out of his thrall as he felt Zero stop and begin to lick his neck clean of spilled blood, knowing he was at last satiated. When Zero lifted his head Kaname rolled him under him and looked deeply into his gray gaze, bringing his hands under Zero to cradle his head comfortably and effectively immobilizing him.

"What would make you feel better about staying with me? If Sara agreed? If you had your own place? What? Tell me."

"Kaname. Haven't you been listening to a word…"

"I have. I listened. I listened to you, not your words. You don't want to leave me either. Your own body revolts at the idea. So it is just a matter of making your conscience feel better about itself," Kaname kissed the tip of Zero's nose, and brushed his lips across Zero's, but not breaking eye contact. He knew this position made Zero feel more connected, as if only the two of them existed in the world. It would be hard to deny him what he asked. Especially since…

Zero moaned and tried to deepen the kiss. His body was alive from the fresh blood and all he wanted to do was make love. But Kaname pulled away his lips and held Zero hair so he couldn't move. Sometimes he hated this position. He was at his weakest in it.

"There is no way to make me feel better about violating a marriage. If I were Sara I would be devastated if you did that to me."

"You are not Sara, otherwise your thinking would be different. Do you know she has lovers and she will keep them even after we are married? Do you know it is in a vampire's nature to do what is most advantageous to them? Whether it is for money or power or…" Kaname dipped his head and licked and then sucked Zero lower lip, rubbing against the response he felt against his leg. He knew Zero was always horny after a "meal". He used this to punctuate his point. "Pleasure."

Zero sucked in his breath and his eyes closed. He began to think of what he could say that would get Kaname to… um … well to put it crassly: screw his brains out. He was intensely aware of the heat coming from Kaname's body, of the his hot breath on his face, those sweet, luscious lips hovering just inches from his face. So near and yet so far. Zero moaned. The way he was being held also meant he couldn't even touch Kaname either. The bastard he knew what he was doing.

"Kaname. Please…"

"You wanted to talk. What can I do to make you stay? Tell me."

"I… I don't…"

"What?" Kaname slid up Zero's body and back again. Zero crushed his eyelids together and quaked. His breath coming in pants. Kaname was also having a hard time of it watching Zero like this, each reaction of pleasure shot pure sensation through his own body. His own breathing was becoming erratic. God, Zero, give in before I break...!

"Ask… her. You could… ask her and do what she says would make her more comfortable with this. With us. Come to an agreement with her and I will consider staying… Nearby. But if she refuses…"

Kaname cut off Zero's words with a kiss that would liquefy the polar caps. Zero arched and moaned from the onslaught, his legs coming up to wrap around Kaname's waist. All thought was gone as Kaname ran his hands restlessly over Zero's body and sucked his neck, then his nipples, then navel then… Zero arched and roared at the ceiling. His newly freed hands sinking into Kaname's hair as his conflicted senses ached for Kaname to continue what he was doing with his tongue, but he also ached to have relief from the storm that gripped him as a result. He yelped in surprise as his head hit the wall, groaning as Kaname opened his eyes, dark as sin, and looked up at him acknowledging that, yes, he did make him crawl backwards on his head and that before he was finished Zero would crawl around the room and out the door on his back the same way…

SARA stood to greet Kaname accepting the kiss to the cheek and the quick touch of his lips to her hand. It was a most unexpected visit. He had been studiously avoiding her and the preparations for the wedding, only writing cheques when she asked for them. Now he was here. Was he finally showing an interest? About time too with the wedding being the day after tomorrow. She wasn't very hurt by his disinterest. She was going to be Mrs. Kaname Kuran. That and the endless shopping had been enough salve for her nerves.

"Kaname, darling. Have you come to look at the preparations? You can see everything but the dress. I want to knock you flat from the sight of me in it."

"No. I am sure everything is running smoothly. One hundred million yen ought to ensure I should have a decent enough time."

Sara laughed but tried to feign some offense at Kaname's counting money like he didn't have enough of it. "Please darling. You only get married once you know…"

"Sara, I came to… ask you something."

"Anything. What is it? Do you want a different colour cummerbund? That choice has been keeping me awake now. I think I should go with scarlet instead of bone…"

"No. It is not about the preparations. I want…" This is silly Kaname thought. He didn't need her permission did he? Damn this stupid ex-human and his conscience…

Sara looked up at Kaname and what she saw wiped the smile from her face. He wasn't calling off the wedding was he? He looked like death was on his doorstep.


"I want to know what it would take for you to accept Zero in our lives. No schemes. No tricks. He is a part of this family. You will stop filling his head with nonsense about how slighted you feel and you will smile and greet him as if he were at least a cousin. I want to know what you would like in exchange for this. And once you make this deal there is no going back on it. Tell me."

Sara blinked. She was stunned by the… uh … request. She stared at Kaname all the while pondering her position. She had been looking forward to seeing the back of Zero Kiriyuu. She had even befriended him and shed tears. Tears! And now this. All that had been for naught. If there had been a way to kill Zero and still escape with her life she would have. Now Kaname wanted to bring Zero into their family? She had fought to live down the shame of her fiancé living with this ex-human toy, now he expected her to tolerate him moving in? Sara stood and walked to the window, clutching the expensive draperies for purchase to stay on her feet. They would all laugh behind her back. And her father… Sara's eyes closed. Her father would never acknowledge her again.

"Kaname. What you ask of me is… impossible."

"No it is not. You will get all that I am. All my might and power. I will play the devoted husband. We will have all the children you want and the attention you require. In exchange Zero comes with me. You make me happy and I will keep you in bliss. What do you say?"

Sara listened to Kaname's voice. He sounded his usual cool self but something told her he was vested in this more than he was letting on. She turned and looked at him again. Perhaps she could give up her father and her old friends in exchange for it. In exchange for one thing that would put her all the way to the top. They both knew she couldn't stop Kaname from seeing Zero if he wanted to. So there was a reason he was here. Begging. Yes, Sara thought smiling slyly as she realized. He was begging.

"There is one thing I want and I will do as you ask; debase myself as you propose. But you won't like it."

"Well what is it?"

"You have to form a bond with me. Before you leave today, I must drink from your neck."

to be continued

lightpathetic wrote this but these are not my characters. I am grateful to "Vampire Knight" for my inspiration.