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Derek couldn't understand for the life of him why, when Casey left for two months to visit her father during the summer, he wouldn't let anyone go into her room; like it was shrine because he hadn't realized he would miss her so much.


She always told him not to be such a pig; so the first night she didn't say anything he surprised them both by taking only two spoonfuls of mashed potatoes.


When they ere forced to kiss under the mistletoe (at Marti's instance because it was tradition) he didn't expect the warmth that washed over him, and judging by her shocked face, neither did she.


Derek spent the majority of what should have been the coolest Spring Break trip ever in his hotel room, puking and blowing his nose for all he was worth; it was both surprising and not to find Casey staying with him.


Derek didn't do heart racing and sweaty palms until he met Casey McDonald; and all it took from her was one smile.


They were at Santa's Village with Marti when some little kid bumped into Casey and sent her flying into him; he'd caught her they'd locked eyes and that had been the beginning.


Tears were not Derek's forte, not at all; but he couldn't stop his thumb from wiping away her first tear when she told him she and Noel were over.


Derek liked to be in charge, but he found that, when they were rolling around on his bed, sweaty and out of breath, it was okay to let Casey take charge once in a while.


She dreamed of raising children in a beautiful home in the suburbs; but he was willing to build her a castle.


He can still remember the day it happened; they were laughing and he lost control of his body and kissed her.


The word stepsibling was the only catch.


He'd always had a hard time imagining the girl coming to save the day –that was the guy's job- until the Battle of the Bands.


He sang like a toad, but she sang like an angel.


Her break-up with Max was a blessing; her going out with Noel was something else entirely.


It never failed to surprise him, how just her voice could make his day that much better.


Sally refused to date Derek because she knew their relationship wouldn't be very real; she refused to take second place in any boyfriend's heart.


Nora noticed that, despite their arguments, Casey looked pretty cozy sitting on the couch closest to Derek's chair.


Casey sometimes, in her logical way, thought that she and Derek were like molecules; two completely different entities that, together, made up something more.


It always secretly thrilled them that the other never felt the need to knock before walking into their room.


No one else was quite as oblivious as Casey and Derek; they needed each other and that was basic fact.


He'd never planned on giving his heart to anyone; but she'd come along and taken it.


George was the first to notice that Derek had slowly stopped dating blondes and was now focusing on brunettes.


It had been Edwin's lame idea of a prank, but Derek started to appreciate his brother's genius when Casey shrieked his name –for help this time- and he found her in nearly a foot of water and a wet tank top.


He enjoyed meals with his family significantly more since the McDonald's had moved in; the view had improved greatly.


He trouble doing homework, he was easily distracted, but it was even harder when she sat on his lap and kissed the spot just below his ear.


She'd received a cell phone for her efforts, and the assurance that he really did care...even just a little.


The first time Kendra saw Casey and Derek together she knew that she had walked into something that was going to be forever.


He knew people were going to talk, they always did, but he gave her his jacket anyway.


He hated that, while Pirate Pete had been looking for gold, he could only see Maiden Maria.


Sam, Scott, Max, and Noel had all left their mark on her heart, but it was always Derek who fixed it.


As she lay quivering and moaning beneath him, she finally understood why all the girls threw themselves at him.


Paul wondered if Casey thought she was fooling anyone; every time she walked into his office all she talked about was Derek.


Sam had tried, on more than one occasion, to inform his best friend that he could have stamped 'I'm in love with my step-sister' on his forehead and not been any more obvious.


Derek knew that Edwin and Lizzie liked to spy on them; it was how he got all his favorite pictures of Casey.


Derek knew his peers would still accept him if they went public; he just had to convince Casey of the same thing.


Even though he was walking away from his job, he still felt like he was right on track.


He had always been greedy, especially when it came to her, he just didn't want to share.


It had to be one of the oldest shows he'd ever seen but she loved it; and when she mentioned how she couldn't decided between Sam's good looks and Al's rough around the edges personality he'd smirked and leaned over to remind her that he had the whole package.


Nora knows her daughter and eldest stepson well; and she knows when they're really mad at each other...they're silent.


It never failed to amuse those around them that the most consistent thing about Casey and Derek's relationship was its inconsistency.


He'd hugged Casey tighter when she came back from her father's then he'd hugged his teammates when they'd made it to the playoffs.


Sam assured Derek he wasn't crazy when he started having dreams of him and Casey with a house and children, just in love.


It had taken them both some time to adjust to their new family, but neither one would have it any other way.


Derek often felt aimless, except for when he was perusing her.


Emily often wondered when Casey was going turn to watch Derek and realize he was watching her.


Spring was Derek's favorite time of year because nothing looked as good as Casey in shorts.


He had called her a hostile take over, but she was more like a blessing in disguise.


Lizzie watched them dance around their feelings and wondered when they would realize that not everything is black and white.


Casey was terrible with tools, but it was adorable to see her in a tool belt as they tried to build a tree house for Marti.


No matter how many times they kissed, they always felt fireworks.


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