My last Undercover style story got great reviews so I decided to do another, this time it's Elliot who's the lead undercover and Olivia following his footsteps. I just hope this one gets as many positive reviews.

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Summary: Elliot's undercover as Dean Judd. He's been part of a drugs ring for 2 months. They suspect the ring is somehow connected to a child prostitute gig.

An unexpected lead on Olivia's case brings her into Elliot's undercover world, but she's not undercover and Elliot has to do his job and keep his cover from being blown so he can stop the child prostitute ring but also has to try to keep Olivia safe in his dangerous world of gangs, drugs, murderers and every other bad guy imaginable. Can he do both?

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Already Acquainted

Olivia stopped running and grabbed her radio. "Fin take the south side, let's cut this bastard off." She was out of breath, and the air was cold on the back of her throat making it painful to inhale.

She took off running again and continued to chase the perp that they had been for going on ten minutes. While Elliot was working away and Munch was taking some holiday time she and Fin had been teamed together, and with no replacements for the other two they were getting each and every case piled onto them.

Her heels hit the hard floor hard as she ran. The perp had turned into some sort of industrial estate and the thing was like a bloody labyrinth she just couldn't seem to work out.

She stopped as the perp jumped out from behind a dumpster. He stood with his hand behind his head. He only looked about twenty three; he had a black beanie hat on, huge baggy jeans and a leather jacket that was at least three sizes to big.

"Freeze!" She yelled. She took her gun out and pointed it at him. She grabbed her radio with her other hand. "Fin I got the son-of-a-bitch."

Her radio crackled then his voice came through. "Okay I'll be there in a minute." He informed her.

Olivia stood holding her gun pointed at the perp, truth was she was trying to get her breath back. There was a loud screech behind her, she turned to see a big black van drive up to her and pull up.

She didn't even have a second to think, the doors flew open and three guys jumped out all wearing big black leather jackets and black ski masks. She punched one of them and he fell to the floor, she tried to punch another but the perp she had been chasing ran up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her off the ground.

"Hey… Put me down… Help!" She yelled hoping it may shock them into putting her down and rushing off, but it didn't.

She threw her leg out and kicked one of the guys in a mask right in the face. "Bitch…" He cursed. He bounded over to her and punched her hard in the face. Another one of the guys wrapped his arms around her legs.

Fin ran out from between two buildings, as he turned he could see the struggle up ahead. "Hey…" He took out his gun and shot it up in the air as he began running over to it all.

The guys all ducked as they heard a shot. They were still fighting with a struggling Olivia to get her into the van. Another of the guys picked up Olivia's gun that she had dropped when she had been grabbed. He began shooting at Fin. Fin ducked behind a dumpster and kept ducking out from behind it to take a shot.

The guys managed to finally throw Olivia into the back of the van. The shooter jumped in and the doors were slammed shut, and the van started to move.

Fin jumped out from behind the dumpster and chased the van as quick as he could, he was shooting, aiming for the tyres but he wasn't hitting them. The van smashed through a huge set of metal gates and swerved into the road almost causing a crash as it sped off. "Damn-it" Fin cursed.

- - - - - -

Elliot followed the guy he was talking to through the swanky hotel room. They were in the pent house suite of a real posh hotel. The guy he was talking to was called Drake Berman.

He loved undercover gigs because he loved the end result when he got to tell the bad guy who he really was and then read him rights. He was going to enjoy doing that more than ever when this case was over because Drake Berman was a nasty piece of work who had to be stopped.

Elliot knew of at least two events where children had been bought over seas and smuggled into the country and had been sold to any old sick pervert who wanted them and was willing to pay big.

Some he knew where still in Drake's custody and he was using them to bring in people with money who just wanted them for a 'moments' pleasure. He just hated that he still didn't have legitimate proof that Casey had told him 'would stand up in court' that he needed to nail this bastard to the wall.

Drake stopped on the spot and answered his ringing phone. "Yea…Bring her up." He had a look on his face that Elliot knew he got when he got good news.

"What is it?" Elliot asked. Technically Dean asked. That was his undercover Alias. Whoever had come up with his Alias had made a real meal out of it, the rap sheet he had made up for him was as long as his arm.

"We got ourselves a cop." Drake said looking excited.

"What you're guys get another parking ticket and decide to kidnap the guy.?" Elliot asked trying to sound as excited.

"Nope. Some female detective who was chasing Chuck." He said. There were three knocks on the door. Drake made everyone who had the right to come in knock three times so he knew it was indeed someone he wanted in and not some nosey cleaner or other hotel worker.

Drake walked into the main living room so he could see who it was they had brought in. He heard a crash and had to laugh as he saw the woman get pushed over a table, smashing a lamp as she hit the floor.

Drake continued his laughing as he saw her push herself up from the floor, her hands were cuffed behind her back but she did it with ease.

She blew her hair out of her face. Elliot's heart skipped a beat as he saw Olivia stood there, a bloody nose and a bright red cheek. "Who do we have here?" Drake asked, moving a strand of Olivia's hair out of her face.

"Go to hell." She said angrily.

All the guys in the room laughed, Elliot joined in as Dean. "Meow…" Drake said laughing. "We got us a wild cat boys." He said, addressing them all.

Drake's phone rang again. "What?" He said, annoyed at the interruption. "Fine we'll be right down the."

He flipped his phone shut and returned it to his pocket. "Guy's we got a shipment come in so…to the cars. Dean I want you to keep and eye on the wild cat. Marco's gonna be up in a minute so he can keep you company while we're out." Dean said before turning back to Olivia. "When I get back, you're gonna tell me why you were chasing one of my guys." Dean said stroking her face.

"No I'm not." She said bluntly.

He laughed then swung his arm up and hit her with the back of his hand so hard she fell back onto her couch.

"Yea ya will." He said simply as he walked to the door. "Don't take any shit off her Dean." He yelled back before he stepped out. The door clicked as it shut, the room was silent for a second. Elliot heard a ding as the lift doors opened. He waited a minute for them to get into the lift and for it to start moving down.

"Christ Olivia…" He ran over to her after a minute and helped her back to her feet. Her bottom lip was now bleeding.

"I'm fine." She said trying not to move her bottom lip

"What the hell are you doing here?" He asked her, knowing this wasn't the type of place for a woman.

"I was chasing some perp and some van pulled up and dragged me into it. Why is a lowlife scumbag drug dealer, kiddie fiddler in a nice hotel like this?" She said pissed off.

"It's got good security." Elliot exclaimed. "Let me get you some ice for that." He said after assessing the damage to her face.

"No. If he comes back and it looks like you've cleaned me up it could blow your cover. Don't worry I'm a big girl I'll be fine." She said attempting a smile

"Not why you're here you won't. I'm gonna try and…" He was cut off as he heard the door open. Marco walked in. He was a tall, beefy guy and Elliot had vowed never to get on the wrong side of his temper.

"Hey Dean, who you got there, I thought we weren't allowed to bring girls to work." Marco asked walking over to him.

"Sit down." Elliot said forcefully as he pushed her back down onto the couch. "She isn't my girls, she's just some cop the guys picked up. Drake wants to question her when he gets back, they just got a shipment in, don't know where, do' you." Elliot asked trying to gather some evidence.

"Why would you need to know?" Marco said giving him a dirty look. "What's Drake told you to do with her?" He said.

"Keep an eye on her." Elliot replied.

"I'll take that job off your hands." Marco said.

"No it's okay I got it covered." Elliot said not wanting to let her out of his sight.

"Fine, then I get the remote control." Marco said as he picked up the remote and sat down on a chair in front of the huge widescreen TV.

Elliot looked at her and mouthed 'sorry'. She just nodded her head. She wasn't going to hold it against him he was just trying to keep his cover. She was secretly praying that Fin had got the number plate off the van and the SVU was already trying to find her, cause she really didn't want to stick around here, after hearing the stories Elliot had told them during briefing session back at the station house.


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