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Beauty Sleep

Carmaine Fallsmyer walked down through the small town, he was exhausted from the time he woke up, the group had traveled from Burnstein to Comspring (With the occasional stops when it got dark), they were heading towards to Magic Academy for a project Wein was paying for but had to stop for supplies and possible rest.

The light savior ran his hand through his short black hair, he was so damn tired, this is what happens when soldiers rethink what they had already debated about only hours ago.

He had told himself that he was tired and then he did the soldiers everyday mistake.. rethinking it all through. Hmph, I guess I'm not that tired it begins, the start of every soldiers mistake begins with just that and goes from that to I think I might stand guard tonight ---- Right there!

That was it, he had made himself believe he wasn't tired and now look! He stood in the middle of a village scoping out the area and for what?! His mind not only disobeyed orders but it also made him think differently.

Carmaine, the light svaior, was tricked by his own mind. Could that even be possible? Could he out do himself? Was that his worthy opponent?

He sighed, "I think I might lay down.." he mumbled turning himself around.

"Hello angelic vision!"

The young warrior jumped and looked at a merchant who had spoken, "E-Excuse me?" he asked. Was he now hearing things? That couldn't be. Did he hear that merchant call him an angelic vision?

"Come see what I have in my stocks."

Did he just hallucinate? Why would the merchant say angelic vision? Carmaine shook his head and smiled slightly, "I'm afraid I must be going."

"No. No. I'm not flattering, you're a goddess with the pursuit of Atlas himself!" the merchant grinned.

This caused the light savior to trip forward on to the hard ground face first shouting, "What?!" as he fell.

Silence. Nothing but silence filled the streets.

Carmaine slowly got up from the ground, he dusted himself off and glanced over to the merchant, was the merchant playing tricks with the light savior?

"Well how bout one pretty lady!"

Carmaine's face grew red, "I-I-I am NOT a lady!" he snapped. "And I am going to bed!" he stomped off heading towards the Inn.


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