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'Hey sweetie are you lost?' said Martha to a little girl who oddly felt familiar to her.

Then a woman with reddish blonde hair Said "what are you doing with my daughter

"Nothing" said Martha who thought she recognized this woman.

"I was only trying to help her because I thought she was lost." said Martha to the little girl's mother.

"Well she not, so if you don't mind. We well just be on our way" said the girl's mother

Just the out of nowhere Jack Harkness was coming across the street yelling "Hey Martha, come on we got to go."

"Hold on a minute Jack" said Martha

Then Martha notice that the women was looking odd! Then the woman spoke " Look I'm sorry, I am sure that you are only trying to help but I need to be going with my daughter now. See we have a friend waiting."

"Okay" said Martha

Then Martha Said "Again, Sorry!"

"That fine! Really it's fine!" said the woman in a hurrying kind of way.

By the time Jack got across the street. The mysterious woman was gone along with the little girl. Martha look around and couldn't spot them anywhere. As Jack got to Martha he notice something is wrong by the look on her face.

"What wrong Martha!" said Jack

"Did you notice that woman I was talking to ?" Said Martha

"Yeah Reddish blonde head girl!" Said Jack

"Yeah ! Did you recognize Her ?" Said Martha

"No why ?" Said Jack

" She must know you because she got real paranoid when she heard you" said Martha

"I wonder why I did not recognize her" Said Jack

"That's funny because she was in a real hurry to get away from you and this place. Did you even see where she want" Said Martha

Just then Donna come along with Jack's Torchwood team across the street.

"Hey guys where suppose to meet the Doctor. He got some big surprise for us." Said Donna

" But what about the girl?" said Martha

" What girl?" said Donna

"Oh some weird girl! Don't worry about her Martha. Let's Just go see the Doctor." Said Jack

Then they all started walking. Martha did exactly what jack told her to and bush the whole thing off.

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