By: Kary G.

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Gage's Home: 1 week before the trial

Sydney entered the room with Matthew asleep as well as Sienna after both Gage and Sydney took them to bed they went to the living room, Sydney stared at the Christmas tree and at the gifts below this.

"You want to open your present" Gage's voice make her jump.

"Sure why not" she took a little box and open it up, she gasped in surprise as she took the necklace out of the box it was a silver chain with 3 little kids in the chain one of the kids had an initial a "M" and a "S" but there was another kid that didn't had a letter, she didn't understood and started to ask questions but Gage didn't let her.

"Where's my gift?" he said impatient. Sydney laughed kissing him and giving him, his present. He open the box and took another silver necklace with a locket on the front said Sydney and Gage and on the back his children names, he smile kissing her in return she did the same things, Gage looked at his wife staring at her necklace.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

Sydney looked at him "I am just scared and tired of this trial that is coming in 2 weeks I just want to get this over with but the only thing that I know right now is that I am tired and I need to sleep" Gage giggle lifting her up and taking her to their bedroom.


Sydney was nervous as she along with Walker, Trivette and Gage entered the courtroom. Gage put his hands on hers and assured her everything would be okay. Everyone took their seats as they waited for the judge to enter. Moments later to Dallas police officers escorted Michael Turner in the room his hands and ankles both cuffed. "All rise please." The bailiff addressed the courtroom, everyone rose as Judge Alexander Schwab entered the courtroom after she took her seat other took theirs as well.

"Good morning. Lets get started, today we are reviewing the case of Michael Turner vs. The State of Texas. Mr. Turner, how do you plead?" Alexander looked at Michael who then rose.

"Mr. Turner, How do you plead?"

"Not guilty your honor." Michael simply said with a sight smile on his face.

"Very well." Answered the judge. "Alex Cahill, please call your first witness."

"I call Michael Turner to the stand your honor." Michael rose and was sworn in and then took his seat as Cahill approached the bench. "Mr. Turner, in your own words please tell the jury and court what happened on the day in question."

"I was at home enjoying my dinner of chicken and spaghetti with carrots on the side. I got a phone call and it's Ranger Cooke calling me saying quote

"Michael, I need you to do me a favor kill my kids. I can't stand them anymore. They are so damn annoying screaming for their bottle, to be changed, on and on. I can't take it anymore I hate them both. Kill them for me because if you don't I will personally kill you." on quote your honor. I told her I can't do that, I love children why would I want to do something so cruel so heartless as to kill two innocent kids I begged her to rethink what she wanted me to do." Michael began to start "tearing" up. "I told her over and over I couldn't do something like that. I told her NO I wouldn't kill them." Michael began sobbing uncontrollably by now. Alex was now frustrated by Michael's act of "crying".

"Your honor that's the fakest crying I've ever seen. He's lying and he knows that. He's trying to get his way by trying to cry. Wipe your face Mr. Turner and you can stop the fake crying too Your not fooling me or the jury. ." Alex yelled throwing Turner a pack of tissues.

"Ms. Cahill, please control yourself." The judge warned the District Attorney. Alex scuffed and walked away upset. "No further questions, your witness."

She sat down and breathed a few times deep to get a hold of herself.

Michael's attorney walked over and proceed questioning. "You say that Ranger Cooke wanted you to kill her own kids is that true?" Michael said it was true. "Now why would she want you to do something like that?"

"I don't know she's crazy I'll tell you that." Turner answered. "I see, no more questions of this witness."

"You may step down Mr. Turner." After Michael took his seat his attorney called Sydney Cooke to the stand.

"Ranger Cooke, my client testifies you threaded him and forced him to try and kill your kids. Would you explain that to this court please and remember you are under oath."

Sydney fought to control herself but was almost impossible. "That is not true. I love my children so much, why would I ever want to get rid of them. They are my babies and I love them to death. How could I do something like that?"

"I don't know, why don't you tell us?" Turner's attorney asked the dark haired ranger. "Ranger Cooke, maybe in the back of your mind you don't love your children like you say you do. Maybe, you secretly wanted to get rid of them and that's when you choose Mr. Turner an innocent victim to do your dirty work for you. Now, isn't that true Ranger Cooke?"

Sydney found herself screaming in the courtroom.

"No it's not true! It's not! He's lying and he lied even though he knew he was under oath. He made up that story if you could call it a story. I love my children I would never do anything like that. NEVER!" Sydney sat back down tears filled her eyes and she began weeping.

"Do I have to remind you your under oath Ranger Cooke? Didn't you call Mr. Turner and threaded my client with death unless he did your dirty work for him. Now isn't that true?"

Alex couldn't stand anymore and she stood up. "Your honor, Mr. Morton's line of questioning is uncalled for. He knows he's client is lying. This is outrageous, your honor."

"Ms. Cahill sit down right now or I will adjourn this courtroom." Called out the judge, Alex sat down as Sydney wiped her eyes to answer the D.A. question. "How many times do I have to say it? It's not true, I love my children you have to believe that. I love them with all my heart, I would do anything for them. I could never harm them in anyway. I swear I would do anything for them, but that would never included having anyone kill my children it would never happen. I love my kids, I love them so much." Michael in frustration got up and stood in front of the ranger screaming at her.

"You miserable liar. How can you sit there sobbing that you love your kids? You put a gun to my head and said if I didn't kill your kids you would have killed me. Your not only a liar you're a slut too." Walker, Trivette and Gage hurried over to Sydney who was know shaking and crying. Judge Schwab banged his gravel. "Order in this courtroom. Mr. Morton, I think you better control your client this instance is that understood." "Yes, your honor." Called out Morton. "This court is adjourned until 1:00 o'clock." The judge banged her gravel as the court stood up. Mr. Morton worked on controlling his out of control client. Gage helped Sydney up from the witness stand as everyone began to exit the room.

Sydney wiped her eyes as Gage held her close in his strong arms. "Alex are you sure that Michael will go to jail and not walk out of here a free man and able to come back after me?"

"Don't worry Sydney." Alex held her friends hand. "He will be in jail for a very long time I promise you that."

1:00 P.M: Inside the courtroom

The court returned and sat down as did the judge. "Mr. Turner, has your client calmed down and will behave?"

"Your honor during the recess my client and I had a serious discussion and have made a decision we request with the court's permission that the state will be given the custody of Ranger Cooke's children." Sydney hearing this almost stood up in court to yell and scream but instead she took deep breathes knowing if she blew up in court Michael had the chance to be freed and back on the streets. Something she didn't want at all.

"Your honor, that is not what this case is all about as the state knows that. We have presented in court evidence that we had gathered Michael Turner sent letters to Ranger Cooke forcing her to choose between her eight year old daughter and he 1 and a half year old son." Alex faced the jury. "Members of the jury you have heard Ranger Cooke's testify that she is a loving mother, like myself who would never harm her children let alone put them in any kind of danger. And now you must decide who is lying and who is the victim." Alex returned to her seat smiling at Sydney. . The jury was then dismissed and returned less then twenty minutes later.

"Have you reach a verdict?" The judge said.

"Yes your honor we have on the count of kidnapping and assaulting a police officer we found the defendant guilty"

"This court is adjourned" The judge pound the gavel one more time. Sydney stood up from her chair and embrace Alex "Thank you so much Alex" she turned around and embrace Gage he move closer to her and whispered into her ear "Is over" she in return looked at him "I hope so". Alex and the rangers walked out of the courthouse, a shot was fired in the distance making the rangers to take positions, they all turned around trying to locate the shooter and they did, Michael had a cop as a hostage pointing a gun at the cop's head, Sydney with gun in hand walked slowly to where Michael was and with a tough and cold voice she said. "Let him go!"

"Sydney I think you are the last person that should be telling me what to do" The cop look at Sydney. "Ranger Cooke don´t do it, he'll let me go" the cop didn´t have time to finish what he was saying, Michael drag the cop to the roof with him, everybody behind him. "Everybody stop, I want a chopper now or he'll die!"

Sydney turned around to see her boss "Walker you need to talk to Capt. Briscoe and ask for a chopper"

"I don't know if he'll say yes"

"Walker for god sakes, think of his family, he's a father just like you, you can´t let Michael get away with this".

After 20 minutes

Michael climbed to the chopper and started to go away in the air, letting the cop in the roof, he looked once again to the rangers that were on the roof and his eyes stopped on Sydney. "You´re lucky Sydney that your friends are here but mark my words I WILL BE BACK AND YOU WILL BE NEXT!" Sydney stared at him chills running through her entire body.

"Shorty is time to go" Gage's voice brought her back to reality.

"Gage call to the H.O.P.E. center and tell Erika to shut the windows and doors, we'll be there as soon as possible to pick up Matthew, we need to go to the hospital, I don´t want to take any chances" Gage nodded in agreement and quickly both husband and wife hurried to St. Matthew's.

St. Matthews

Sydney's thoughts were on that roof, she tried with all her might to take Michael out of her head but she couldn´t he said he was coming back, the elevator stopped and Sydney hurried to asked the nurse for her daughter.

"Yes Mrs. Gage she just finished her therapy, follow me" the nurse opened he door to a room not to far away for the nurse station Sydney looked at her daughter, Sienna turned around and smile to her parents. "Hi mom, I miss you" she said welcoming her mother in her arms. "I miss you too, ready to go?" Sienna shook her head.

"How are you legs doing?" her father asked.

"Just a little bit tired that's all, can we go now? Please, please" Sienna pleaded to her parents.

"Wait a minute" Dr. Swanson stopped the Gage's "Here take this pills 1 every 6 hours you will feel better"

"Thank you doctor" Gage said.

"Can we go now, can we go? No offense doctor but I hate hospitals" Sienna said

making her parents and the doctor to laugh.

3 moths later

"Freeze, Texas Ranger" Sydney yelled approaching to James Brown a dangerous drug dealer in all Dallas, James smile to her sending a kick but Sydney block it and send a power kick, James was on the floor and he send a punch directly to Sydney but she took his arm and twist it until he was on the floor once again putting the handcuffs on his wrists.

"James Brown you are under arrest for the murder of Kathleen White and for possession of Marijuana ready to distribute, you have the right to speak with an attorney and have an attorney present during questioning if you so desire and cannot afford one an attorney will be present without charge before questioning do you understand each of these rights as I have explained?" Brown nodded his head and was taken into custody.

"Nice kick shorty" Gage congratulate his wife.

"Thanks" she said as she climb out of the car and took Thomas along with Gage to Company B. Sydney order to another officer to take James to a cell, as they entered to Company B, Walker called Sydney to his desk, Gage followed her and Trivette was already with Walker's desk.

"You called me" Sydney said to his boss, he pointed at a rectangular white box with a red bow. "What´s this?, Gage?" Sydney looked at her husband.

"Don´t look at me I didn´t send this"

"Well in that case let´s see what´s inside" her curiosity took over her, she untie the red bow and open the box slowly what she saw on the box send a wave of nausea to her stomach. The box was filled with red roses in top of those lots of worms and a human finger pointing up.

Walker seeing the package called Duncan another ranger in the room to remove the package. Quickly Duncan removed the package from the room but didn't notice a envelope that dropped on the floor. Sydney picked it up and read the note aloud.

"You can run, but you can't hide, start to pray because…"

"Because why?" Trivette asked waiting for an answer everyone's eyes was on Sydney she turned to her husband and friends her face was pale and she could barely breathe. Quickly Gage helped her to a chair she stared straight ahead both arms on the chair and in a whispered voice she looked at her husband. "Because Michael's back." Not knowing she was so weak she stood up fast and the room began to spin fast she felt like she was going to faint. "Gage…" She started to say in a whisper before fainting into his loving, strong arms.

"Sydney! Sydney! Walker called 911" he said, as his eyes were still looking at his wife so hopeless on his arms.

"Oh my God. Sydney. Honey." Gage held Sydney tight as Walker dialed 911.

To be continued.