The Icarus II crew had just completed their round of press interviews and photos when the group settled down to dinner at their favorite restaurant. The restaurant's owner, thrilled to have the most famous group of scientists in the world at his place, closed the bistro down for the evening just for them. Capa, Kaneda, Corazon, Cassie, Trey, Mace, Searle and Harvey were still running on adrenaline from the worldwide attention and sitting down at the table reminded them of what each day would bring—sitting down to a meal with just each other for company. The scientists looked at each other and sat through an uncomfortable silence until Corazan broke the silence.

"Well, I guess I know what dinner is going to be like every night for three years." Said Corazon jokingly hoping to break the silence.

Everyone smiled wanly, but no one responded. Finally, Searle begin to talk about the effects of zero gravity on their psyche and the entire group began to open up. As the drinks and food were served, each crew member laughed, kidded and joked with each other. Corazon looked at each face and smiled. Getting through the next three years of dinner in space would be easy as long as they talked shop. Any other topic would be a recipe for disaster, especially the fact that none of them may make it home.

So the crew members decided to toast merry and enjoy their last night on earth. As dusk turned into darkness, each rose to go their own way—for the last time.