Jayne had never had a problem admitting that the feng le girl had gone and grown up pretty nice in the time she'd been on board. Hell, she wasn't even that crazy anymore! However seeing her like this, no matter how growned up she was, he would be going straight to that Special Hell that Book had been so fond of.

He hadn't meant to be looking at her like this. He'd left the ship, like the rest of the crew, after a long time in the Black and some credits to spend. Whilst the doc' and Kaylee had gone to some fancy hotel for the night and Mal and Zoe were doing whatever it was they did, Jayne decided that he needed a stiff drink and some trim. That had led to his current predicament.

He had noticed that the little crazy woman suddenly had more coin although he had chalked that up to her helping on jobs and getting her own payment. He hadn't imagined that this was how she was getting the nice dresses and soft shoes. Then again, if he had paid any attention to her he would have noticed how she never left the boat when all the others left for shore leave and so never saw her as she 'dressed up'. Now he had, he wasn't saw he'd ever get it out of his head. Those tiny shorts and that very tight top were gonna be ingrained in his brain forever.

The bar that he had decided to frequent tonight was called The Granby, an innocuous sounding name. Inside though was less innocent, far less innocent. And if the way River was dancing around that stage, so was she! From the back of the bar all Jayne could see was a waif like creature teasing all the men in the room. Usually Jayne didn't like them so thin and gangly, he preferred curves he could hold but that girl was hot. It was only as he started moving his way forwards that he realised the dancer he had so admired was in fact his partner in crime. A nineteen year old girl who he should be looking upon as a sister or niece, definitely not the thoughts he was having now!

He turned to leave as he remembered, too late, that the girl was a gorram reader and would be able to listen in on everything going on in his head. She had explained to him how 'loud' thoughts made it through the shield she had built back up and he was fairly certain that these counted as loud. Especially as the other participant in them paused and looked him straight in the eyes. Oh yes, too late.