River was just starting her final dance as he entered the bar. She could feel him there, his brain being one she knew a lot better than any of the others in the room. She could hear his thoughts as he got closer, as he realised it was her dancing and not a random whore. She heard as he turned to leave and to stop his thoughts. She had to stop that or else her new plan would be ruined.

As she stared into his eyes she felt something inside him click. Fear started to overtake the lust he had felt only moments previously. The climax of her song was building and she decided to give her routine a little more kick, all the while still keeping her gaze locked on to his. The crowd went wild as she finished her routine; none of the drunken patrons seemed to notice that she was now only dancing for one man amongst them. Except that is, that one man although he daren't to believe it. Despite her dancing in that way, she was still too young for him, too pure.

River heard all this as she walked off stage. She changed quickly into a dress she kept for when she was working in these clubs. It was a deep sapphire blue and showed off rather a lot of cleavage and her lean thighs. She walked out to get a drink knowing that Jayne would not leave without her being with him. He just didn't realise in what manner they'd be together tonight.

River had grown up in the last year since Miranda. With Mal and Zoe out of commission for the first few months and Simon being occupied by Kaylee, River was more or less left to her own devices which suited her fine. Over this time she had strengthened her mental barriers and could now keep most emotions out. She also took the opportunity to get back into shape. The Alliance might have made her into a weapon before she was ready for it but now that she could use it to her advantage, it made sense to keep in top shape.

Three months after the events of Miranda it was River's nineteenth birthday. Simon had remembered and the crew had thrown a small party. It was nowhere near as grand as her coming out party would have been had she still been on Osiris but she found that it suited her far better. She received some credit for more books on the cortex from Simon and assorted items from the rest of the crew. Nothing that signalled that they realised she was now legally a woman and legally responsible for anything she wanted to do. It was then that she decided that if the others would not treat her like an adult then she would work for some extra credit and find people who would.

Still, she wondered if Jayne would understand when he asked her later. It was inevitable that he would ask, she just wasn't sure as to when. Jayne had always been difficult to place. Whilst others, her brother being the best example, might take Jayne as a simple minded fool, he was incredibly complex. He was ruled by both his baser instincts and a strict morality that she couldn't quite figure out. Didn't matter to her though, she'd have gotten over that issue before the morning came around.