Scary Mary

A/N: This is just a short little thing I wrote. It's based upon the "Scary Mary Trailer" on YouTube. Go check it out.

It was a cold dark night in London. Bert was walking down a dark street felt a cold wind that sent shivers down his spine. He looked to the east, and sure enough, a fog was rolling in, making London murky, and almost spooky. Bert shook almost uncontrollably.

He knew that the change in the wind meant one thing; she was back.

Bert was afraid.

Afraid for the children of London.

He wondered who would be victim to her this time. It had been the Yorks last time. Oh, if only he had kept a better eye out on them! He might have been able to help them. Poor tykes. He knew that he was the only one in London who knew who was responsible for the tragic and rather graphic death of the two York daughters. Her name was Mary Poppins.

Now, there were reasons that Bert couldn't tell the authorities about Mary Poppins, and those reasons were between Mary Poppins and himself, and they were going to stay that way. But Bert did his best to try and keep an eye on the children of London. And even if he was able to tell the authorities, they would have a hard time finding her.

Mary Poppins was a tricky woman. For one thing, she had her own bit of magic. And she was a mistress of disguise. She had many identities and looks that allowed her to come back to London without anyone ever knowing that it was the same person. And she was unpredictable, in all ways. The method of murder, time of murder, the alibi, everything, that made it hard for Bert to try and help the victims. But there was always one thing in common with all the murders; they were all children.