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Finding My Way Back

Chapter 20 -

He could remember it very clearly, though sometimes he'd like to forget it all.

He could remember the exact words the doctor had said to him; The exact emotions he had felt surge through his body while the doctor was talking.

He knew his life would never be the same after that.

In a nutshell, Brooke couldn't remember anything that had happened before the accident. She couldn't remember Lucas, or her pregnancy with Emma, or her friends...or even herself for that matter. And that thought truly scared Lucas.

Brooke, his wife, the love of his life, was just going to be a complete lost soul in the universe and that sounded terrifying.

Brooke used to be a woman full of life, she was always happy -or at least tried to always be even when things seemed at their worst-, and she always was the one he counted on for her to add the cheeriness to his broodiness.

The doctor had then gone on saying that she may or may not regain her memory. It all depended on who the person was. Whether they were mentally strong enough or not.

And the memories could either come sporadically or all at once.

It seemed Brooke's were coming sporadically. And he could always tell that whenever she got one, she'd get frustrated.

She wanted to know more...not just a small piece of her life.

She wanted the whole thing.

Lucas had believed that one day it would happen. His wife was an internally strong person, one of the strongest he'd known. She'd been through everything, and he hated to admit that he'd put her through some of that stuff. But he truly believed she'd be able to pull through eventually.

Time would heal all of her wounds.

In the meantime, the two had to work on fixing something else.

Their family...especially since they had a new addition.

They started off on the wrong foot, and from there on in, it had even gotten rockier, but they managed to survive. And that only further more proved to Lucas that their love could survive anything.

And it wasn't that Brooke had fully recovered and had her memory back, however slowly she somehow was able to manage to return to her old self. The happy Brooke that Lucas had so dearly missed.

That's when it happened. She had fallen in love again. All the heartbreak he'd inevitably caused for her during the first few rough months, it just didn't matter...none of it mattered anymore. Because in that moment she had to face her feelings and not keep them hidden. She loved him.

The kiss they shared then was much different than the one they had shared in the doctors office after finding out Emma was healthy...that one didn't really count.

This one, though, did count.

It meant everything.


"Lucas, what is going on?" Haley immediately asked upon the opening of the door. "It's seven-thirty in the morning and I had to leave Jamie alone with Avery and Ryan...this better be important."

"Yeah, Luke. What is it?" Nathan, who stood beside Haley, asked as he draped an arm around her shoulders.

He could tell his wife was nervous ever since they had received the sudden phone call at seven o'clock in the morning.

"Trust me. It is important. Why don't you come inside?"

"Lucas, you're starting to get me really worried." Haley mumbled, though followed her best friend's order and entered the house.

"Is it Brooke or Emma?" Nathan curiously asked.

"It's Brooke." Lucas stated simply and watched the look of confusion and worry spread across Nathan and Haley's faces. Deciding to save them from the heart attacks they looked like they were about to have, Lucas spoke once more. "She's back."

"What?...What do you mean she's back?" Haley shook her head. She was not understanding any of this at all. She looked at her husband for any clarification, however he looked just as lost. "Lucas—." Haley started, but was cut off by a voice.

It was unfamiliar...not the voice itself, though. It was still that same raspy voice. But the name that rolled off her tongue and fell off her lips...that was what was so foreign.

"Hey, tutor girl."

Haley took awhile to respond. That name hadn't been used since highschool.

And then it clicked. The name and what Lucas said pieced together.

Brooke was back.

She was still confused as hell. When did this all happen? How?

But she figured the questions could come later.

She looked up from the floor and saw the real Brooke. Her face looked lively and happy and she was carrying Emma in her arms.

She'd never looked better.


Lucas smiled as he looked on at his wife who at the moment was talking to Peyton. They had a lot to catch up on.

"I...just..." Haley couldn't get her words together. All of this was so sudden. "How, Luke?"

"I don't even know. She woke me up in the morning and she told me she remembered. I asked her what she remembered, what she talking about. I mean, it was like six in the morning, I thought that maybe I was dreaming. And she just looked at me and smiled and said 'everything'."

"Is this even possible?" Haley was shocked. She had gotten used to the new Brooke and didn't see the old Brooke returning any time soon. To say the least, she was thrilled to have her best friend back.

"You know, months ago the doctor had told me that she could wake up one day and this could happen. But after all this time, I hate to say, I was on the verge of giving up. She was remembering tiny things, not major, and I just thought that would be as good as it would get...But this...I wasn't expecting it and it's just..." He paused, trying to think of a word to describe it all.


"Yeah..." He nodded, looking back over to Brooke. "Exactly."


(A few months later)

"All right, we'll see you guys tomorrow. Bye." Haley waved as she walked out the front door, closing it behind she, Nathan, and their three kids.

Brooke let out an exhausted sigh as she plopped down on the couch.

"Tired?" Lucas, who was sitting next to her, asked as he held Emma's tiny hands tightly in his while she stood up on his thighs. She had recently learned to walk, and now any opportunity she got, she took it.

Brooke nodded and gave a small smile. "Exhausted."

"Well then we better get this one off to bed considering we've got a big day tomorrow."

"Yes we do. Isn't that right, Em?" She leaned over to her husband and daughter and tickled Emma, causing the young girl to erupt in giggles. "Someone's got their first birthday tomorrow." She stopped tickling her and then proceeded to take her out of Lucas's arms.

It amazed her and Lucas that it had been a whole year since everything had happened.

The accident. The memory loss.

That had all happened exactly one year ago from tomorrow.

"I love you, baby." Brooke kissed Emma's forehead before standing up to retreat up the staircase. Before doing so, she looked over to Lucas who was still sitting down on the couch. "Come with us?" She asked.

"Of course."


"God, I can't believe she's going to be one." Brooke shook her head, mesmerized by the thought. They had put Emma to bed and were now back downstairs in the living room just enjoying each other's company. "It's just...this year was so...I don't even know how to describe it."

"I know what you mean...it was a long year."

"A very long one...so much happened."

"Yeah." Lucas nodded. "You know, I remember that night at the hospital. I was sitting there for hours...nobody was telling me a thing. And then when the doctor finally came out to talk to me, I sorta wished he hadn't because I had never been more confused in my whole life."

"What do you mean?" He never told her any of this. He didn't really like to talk about that night, and neither did she.

"I thought it was the worst and best day of my life." She eyed him suspiciously so he went on. "Emma was born...I was a dad. But on the other hand, I could've lost you forever. Talk about mixed emotions, huh?"

"I know what you mean. I remember when I found out about Emma. I was angry that you hadn't told me before...but more than anything I guess I was scared. There I was not knowing anything and then you just drop that on me. I mean, the first couple of days, I thought she hated me...she would always cry and I just couldn't deal with it. But, god, after that...she was one of the reasons I was able to pull through."

"And what was another reason?"

"You." She smiled at him and took his hand in hers. "We went through a lot, but if anything, it made me stronger."

"You were always strong, Brooke." He wrapped in arm around her and pulled her closer, dropping a kiss onto her hair. "And that's why I always believed in you. And look, I was right...you really found your way back this year."

"Well, I couldn't have done it without you, Luke." She said and then let the silence embrace the two.

It had been a long and hard year with many ups and many downs. And whenever they looked back to that night one year ago, it always amazed them how far they had gotten; how they were able to make it through it all. It couldn't be explained.

They had been broken and dysfunctional and now were nowhere near that.

Now they were happy and were raising an amazing one-year-old daughter.

"I love you." She whispered and she leaned her head against his chest.

"I love you, too, pretty girl. I love you, too."

It wasn't only Brooke who had found her way back to her normal self over the year.

They had found their way back to each other.

The End


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