Animosity: A 4-letter word

By Junemama

Inuyasha / Yu Yu Hakusho / Naruto Fan fiction

Summary: When the jewel is, complete Kagome makes her wish turning Inuyasha into a full blood demon. Without warning Inuyasha betrays her turning killing everybody: Sango, Miroku, Shippo, even Kagome's own family. Kagome gets her revenge and falls into a coma, only to wake up staring into the eyes of her doctor: Sesshoumaru.

Will sparks fly? Or will they be interrupted by the new handsome red-haired visitor Kurama and why is ninjas visiting Kagome's room every night.


It was perfect. None of us ever saw it coming.

Kagome, breathing hard steps forward into the area that used to be her home, but now it is a dead place filled with charred tress and bodies of victims-her family Souta, Grandpa and her mom dead. She swore revenge.

Her heart was racing, and every part of her body ached, but she ignores all this. Her rage boils in her like the raging fires of a volcano, suppressing all feelings of love, guilt, and fear in her heart. The smell of her burning shrine house, dead bodies, and her own blood filled her nose. She scanned the scene ahead of her, the long bow in her hands, an arrow set in its string. She walks cautiously into the house watching the shadows, her senses alert for any movement.

A rustle in the kitchen, Kagome turns without hesitation and fires the arrow, the rustling stops abruptly. Glaring at the room, she scanned the area; she does not scent any demonic aura. She readies another one into her bow and continues. She heads upstairs where Souta's and her bedrooms are.

Her mind drifts back to a time before all this, everybody thought it was all over. Naraku was dead, the jewel was complete and their mission was finally over.

I love you Kagome.

Please be my mate.

Such sweet words - the words naive Kagome always wanted to hear.

I love you too Inuyasha. What a fool she had been.

"Kagome.", says a whisper echoing through her home, interrupting her current thoughts. The priestess stops where she was and tightens her grip on her bow. That is all in the past now.

"Give me the jewel." It demands.

The priestess searches around her, she cannot find his aura. He is getting stronger just as she feared.

"No. The jewel is mine," replies Kagome firmly; she could feel its warm presence under her shirt, still on its chain around her neck.

There was a flash of red, it hits the priestess's barrier and flies back into a wall and bust a huge hole in it. It stood growling and in pain, burnt marks covered its bare chest and clawed hands.

Kagome smirked at the spiteful demon.

"You can't get passed my barrier, no demon can."

The demon spat at the floor near her feet growling.

"I'll kill you!" it screams before charging at her, claws cracking. It cannot wait to taste blood.

The miko stood perfect still, aiming her arrow; she waits until he is close and lets it go. The great burst of light soars right towards the demon, but by a second it jumps out of the way, only the be hit squarely by a second one.

The demon flies back hitting the floor hard, and then gets up again furious. It hisses in pain, the arrow purified half of his left arm the rest of it gushing out pools of blood.

It looks at its severed arm, and then glares at the female priestess; another cursed arrow in her bow it knew was aimed at his heart.

The demon eyes were unique; its pupils were blue while the outside that should have been white was pure blood red. Those eyes now stared at the young powerful priestess with hatred and hidden fear.

When did she become so strong? , whispers a part of him the demon thought died long ago.

The beast in him roared with rage demanding for vengeance demanding for her blood.

She used to be so weak, how long has it been?

Kill her. Kill the damn priestess, roars the beast within him

The demon stood still, looking at Kagome as if it was in a trance. The priestess didn't waste this chance she pulled her arrow and string as far as it could go, she smell the smoke from the fire it was spreading throughout her home, she could hear far away sirens blaring and then she look into the eyes of the man she once loved.

The demon whispered "Kagome." She released the arrow into his heart; he died instantly with a shocked look upon his face. Kagome wept for him, her friends and her family as she left her burning home only to be met by fire fighters and paramedics.

Her vision went blurry and she felt herself falling, the sirens and shouting were distant sounds as Kagome fell into eternal darkness.