Sahara1256: Yeah I know a lot of people are going to be like "You should have just stuck to 'Shadow's Essence' " but I'm a Raven fan girl I couldn't help myself. Anyway Raven will be Out of Character plenty of times in here. After all a love changes people and makes them act out of their own character anyway. So if something is way beyond Raven like blame it on Reika and myself . I'm gonna try my very best to make sure he stays in character through out the most of this so constructive critizim is welcome.

Chapter one

The Lilac legend

A sandstorm blew on through the desert. Jeeps and Zoids blew up dust and dirt behind them. Rev Raptors and Hell Gunners traveled behind jeeps. Prozen sat in the front of the lead one. His snowy white hair flew behind him as the jeeps were managing to stay ahead of the Raptors and gunners.

"How much further until we reach that Oasis?" Prozen grumbled.

"A couple kilometers more sir." The grunt driving said. Prozen sighed and leaned back in his seat more. He looked out over the dunes and saw the outline of the Red Zaber Fang. He smirked, knowing exactly who it was and what it meant. "Looks like Raven cleared the way again sir." The grunt stated.

Prozen chuckled. "I know."

Finally reaching the dunes, Shadow and Raven emerged from the Red Zaber fang. The Rev Raptors remained outside of the ruins on guard for any Republican Zoids coming to claim the ruins as well.

Prozen approached Raven and Shadow. "You two and a few others will accompany me into the ruins." He stated. Raven already had his arms crossed and he carried a bored expression immediately.

"Whatever Prozen…I hope you know that I'm truly not interested in these ruins like you. I am however interested in destroying more Zoids." He stated coldly smirking.

"Well going through here may lead us to getting closer to ultimate power and more destruction like you crave." Prozen stated. Raven flicked his wrist at him with his normal attitude. They began heading into the ruins. Raven ignored the grunts and scientists behind him. He heard a few of them murmur admirations of the hieroglyphics on the wall and some others complain about the dark. Raven smirked again, for he was used to darkness like this because this also filled most of his heart. He was after all the second coldest person on the planet Zi. A scientist in front of Prozen stopped dead in his tracks when he saw light pouring in from one end of the corridor. Raven sighed and kept on walking instead of awing with the rest of the bunch. He and Shadow were the first ones in over centuries to enter the Oasis of the ruins. He shielded his eyes from the brightness of the sunlight reflecting off the crystal clear pool of water directly in the center of the ruins.

Prozen walked in after him. "How does it feel to be the first person in centuries to walk into this place?" he asked.

"Like nothing I've ever felt before." Raven rolled his eyes as sarcasm dripped from every letter in his sentence. Shadow wandered a little ways off from them and was admiring the lilacs, lavenders and violets that were abundant around the Oasis. "Think this place has enough purple in it?" Raven whined. Prozen chuckled loudly behind him. Raven walked further in and around the Oasis. "What are we looking for in the first place?" he asked in an annoyed tone.

"Anything that may help us supply more power to crush the Republic."

"That was really helpful…" Raven mumbled. He walked back into the ruins. He and Shadow wandered the corridors. He ran his hand over the wall so he knew when to turn. His fingers caught onto a stretch of vines. "Eh?...Get off." He said to himself as he had difficulty getting the vines off his fingers. In the process of prying the vines off his fingers and hand he had hit a button. It glowed in a purple shade and then the light spread through like water spilling into a river, into the crevices dug into the wall. They made circuit like shapes and then a door opened up. "What the-," Raven stopped short. He watched in confusion as the door rose above his head and a new room was in front of him. Smoke of some sort filled the air. Dust, pollen, and dirt filled Raven's lungs for a minute. He wandered into the room without calling out to Prozen before hand. He saw two pods that were glowing green colors and attached mechanically to the ceiling.

Raven beckoned Shadow into the room with him. He inspected the smaller pod. He peered in and saw something through the mess of bubbles and collected dust. He looked around the pod for anything like a button or pad. He found something carved into stone next to it. Ancient text that meant nothing to him. As far as he knew… He called for Prozen. He had moved his hand slightly and hit a key button. The Pod started glowing brighter and the bubbles started moving faster. Raven backed up in shock and then the pod opened up at the top and steam escaped rapidly from it. Then Raven felt a wave of warmth come over him. He opened his eyes and waved away the smog with his hand. He saw through the steam and saw a girl, who looked just a bit younger than him.

Keep in mind this wasn't just any girl. Her hair was a lilac purple. It reached the middle of her back and was sticking to her as if it were wet. There were wires and other mechanical looking devices fallen around her, conveniently covering most of her naked body. For the first time that whole day Raven was staring at something with awe. He was taken away by the sudden event and the confusion overwhelmed him. Prozen came rushing in.

"Good job Raven. I think you found something important." Prozen walked over to the girl's motionless body. Prozen saw the expression of awe on Raven's face, which was a very new and rare event. Raven saw Prozen moving towards the girl and for some reason was very compelled to run towards them both and beat him to her. Scientists and grunts followed in after Prozen. Shadow was sniffing the other pod curiously. A scientist found the stone plate Raven discovered earlier. He pulled out a small machine and ran it over the plate. It was a decoder.

"Lord Prozen…Listen to this." He started. "Here lies a girl with lilac hair, who escaped death guarded by a friend who cares." He recited. Prozen shrugged it off and placed a hand on the girls shoulder. Suddenly the Pod that Shadow was checking out began glowing and bubbling violently. It burst open in a more explosive style than the girl's. A deep royal purple Organoid with deep emerald eyes had came flying out towards Prozen. Shadow tackled it before it reached him. Grunts then surrounded Prozen and two of them went towards the fighting Organoids. Shadow had leapt off of it and then they had netted the purple Organoid.

The grunts obscured Raven's view of the girl, and he was overly curious at what was going on. He began walking towards them and then a scientist put his arm in front of him. Raven pushed his arm aside and managed to squeeze his way in. He saw Prozen turning the girl over and checking her pulse on her neck.

"Well she is alive." Prozen stated. Raven didn't take to notice he was still in awe, and Prozen was still utterly befuddled by his awe. "Can someone fetch clothing of some sort for her; we have a hormonal adolescent with us you know." Prozen was referring to Raven. Raven didn't take to notice what he said.

"What the hell just happened?" Raven asked confused and almost dazed. A grunt pushed past him with a large blanket and an extra uniform. They donned the girl with just the shirt of the uniform, seeing it was large enough to cover her petite figure completely and wrapped her in the blanket and carried her and dragged the Organoid out back to the Zoids and jeeps.

Raven was about to climb into the Zaber fang when Prozen had called him. Raven turned around to face him. He seemed back to normal.

"Good job in finding us an ancient Zoidian. This helps us big time in the grand scheme of things." Prozen praised. He didn't realize praise to Raven meant nothing, especially from him. Raven nodded and began to climb into the cockpit. "Oh and one more thing." Prozen stated. He was experimenting with Raven's confusion and complicated feelings. "Could you take her in the back seat of the Zaber Fang? We don't want to expose her to the sand in the desert and I don't trust the piloting of the other men very well." Prozen asked. Raven stood there a moment in a daze again.

"Sure…why not." The words escaped without any control.

"Good, Bring her over here!" He shouted across the way. A grunt carried her bridal style to the Zaber Fang and was about to place her in. Raven stepped in.

"It's ok, I got this. My Zoid, my job." He stated. The grunt looked at him confused. He hand her over to him and Raven held her up bridal style with ease. He lifted her into the Zaber fang and strapped her in. Prozen smiled in triumph as he walked away.

"Found it…" He murmured evilly to himself.

As they started off after Prozen left, Raven took a glance back at her. She was sleeping in a deep sleep. She could have fooled anyone into thinking she was dead. Raven reached his hand behind him and placed two fingers on her neck to check her pulse. He felt his finger tips almost sink into her fair skin. He felt her beating pulse and he also felt something weird transpiring in himself. As if there was something waiting to be let out or have a reason at least. He let his fingers linger on her a little longer before he slid his fingers off and paid attention to where he was going. Raven couldn't put his finger on the strange sensations that had just run through him. His head began to hurt. That was one feeling he could identify.