Title: Thorns

Fandom: NANA

Disclaimer: Ai Yazawa

Prompt: Rose

Summary: He leaves her roses; even when he knows she will never be his anymore.


He leaves her roses; even when he knows she will never be his anymore. He would see her often and he'd talk with her; he pretended he was her friend.

But he didn't want to be. He didn't want to be just a friend; he wanted to be more than that.

Terashima Nobuo took his chance, and that was the only chance he got. She was married now, he was no more than a past lover who was still there as a friend. But she would smile at him, and when she did, he smiled back.

She will never know it was him that left her roses every week

He still left her roses, because she reminded him of roses. Just like a rose, she was beautiful, but just like a rose, she had thorns. Thorns that will never let him get to her; thorns that stabbed him and left a wound that will never heal when she left him.

But like a beautiful rose, she too bloomed, and smiled at him.

Like a rose, their relationship was once at its bloom, but it soon faded as its petals fell down. And died.

So Nobu smiled back; knowing his precious Hachi will never know it was him, and she'll stay friends with him.

She did.


Komatsu Nana has a great life. She has a family of her own, a great husband, a beautiful baby, and a great circle of friends to support her.

She's been through her roller coaster ride; filled with ups and downs; and lovers.

Nobu was one of them; but for once she wasn't left heartbroken. For once, it was the other way around. She had left Takumi for him; trying to mend all the broken pieces she threw away, but she failed.

The day she found out she was pregnant with Takumi's baby changed everything; they were back to being just friends. They've had their moments, but those were the only moments they'll ever have.

She has a great life. Someone leaves roses on her table every week; beautiful, fresh red roses that still had morning dew seeping through its petals.

Hachi thinks that it's Takumi; her husband. But every time she interrogated him and he said yes, there seemed to be something else in his eyes. She had begun to wonder if he was lying. But all the same, she loved the roses she got no matter if it was really from him.

The sender never left a name; but she'd still take those roses in her arms and bring them home. She'd put them in a vase next to her baby's bed.

She thought roses reminded her of her baby's cheeks. Yet she also thought there was more to that rose, perhaps blooming love. The roses would die, and she'd get another bouquet of roses.

She'll take them home, and feel loved.


He had stolen her from someone else. He had reasons for this, but yet even without the love for her, he cared for her.

It grew and bloomed to love; love that he wished will never die. She was happy, and that was all that mattered now. Those hurtful tears were no longer coming out of her eyes.

So when she asked is it was him who gave those roses, he'd say yes; just so she wouldn't be reminded of the past. She's got a new life now, and he didn't want anything to ruin it. Not even her.

Every week, he would be interrogated by her about those roses, and he'd give her the same answer. For the sake of the promise he made to Nobu when he caught him; he had to pretend.

She wants you to love her, not me. He understood his words. She was the rose, and he was her sepal. He'd support her and will never let her fall; he was hers and she was his. He conquered the thorns, and had put them back.

So sometimes, Ichinose Takumi would catch Nobu putting those roses on her desk, but he never said anything. Hachi would come home with the same roses, and he'd say it was him.

He had promised to love the rose he'd taken away until the last petal falls. And so he will.