I thought of this when I caught a virus and was watching Transformers G1 cartoons in bed. Even Autobots get sick! This story is mainly about the friendship of the Autobots when one of them gets really ill and how they all stick together through thick and thin! Enjoy!!

The Cybertronian Bug

It was a normal start to the day and Spike and Sparkplug were helping the Autobots prepare for whatever may happen. Most of the Autobots were in good moods and some were just a little tired from staying up all night on guard duty. Jazz was still getting checked over by Spike and Ironhide was trying to prevent Gears from pounding Bluestreak, who called him "Little Baby Cog-Face"! Other than that it was a normal start to a normal day and nearly all the Autobots were present in the meeting room. The only Autobot not present was Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots.

'I wonder where ol' Optimus is?' inquired Jazz as Spike finished checking his circuits.

'He was on guard duty last night! He's probably re-activating a little later than usual.' informed Ratchet.

'He was on guard duty the night before but he activated earlier than any of us!' argued Sideswipe.

Spike was listening on the conversation. It wasn't like Optimus Prime to be late. In fact Optimus Prime was always 5-10 minutes early for a tune up or meeting. He did stay active for 2 weeks in a row without taking a quick break, which Ratchet had pointed out wasn't very good for a machine. Optimus Prime was mainly worried about the increased activity of the Decepticons, he had a feeling that something was going to happen but until something did happen he remained alert. Spike kept looking towards the door expecting to see Optimus walk in while Bumblebee began checking the new data from Teletraan-1.

'Looks like Decepticons have been sighted near a power station in the mountains. They haven't made a move but we better get up there!' he informed the other Autobots.

The Autobots looked at each other.

'Shouldn't we wait for Optimus?' asked Bluestreak.

'Yeah where is he? It's not like him to be late!' said Ironhide suddenly.

Then the door opened and Optimus Prime walked in, very slowly. Everyone looked up to see their leader and most of them noticed that he was acting a little out of the ordinary. Ironhide walked up to him.

'Prime we got Decepticon activity up in the mountains, I suggest we get up there and kick them out!'

Optimus didn't reply instantly. He straightened up and looked at his troops.

'Affirmative. We move out as soon as possible!'

The Autobots all cheered with the enthusiasm but Ratchet looked a bit concerned. He was the Medical Officer of the Autobots and he could tell if something was wrong.

'Prime are you OK? You look a little funny!' he asked.

Optimus Prime nodded and began making small movements with his hands.

'I am fine Ratchet. I did find it a little puzzling my hand units weren't working this morning but they came back online moments later.'

Ratchet had a look at him.

'You do look a little strange. Maybe you should stay here until we figure out what's wrong with you'

Ironhide walked up and slapped Ratchet on the back.

'He's fine Ratchet, he's just been working a little too hard this past month!'

Optimus agreed with Ironhide and Ratchet just sighed. Optimus Prime turned to face his eager troops.

'Autobots! Transform and roll out!' he ordered.

The Autobots transformed and Spike hopped inside the Volkswagen Beetle that was Bumblebee. As they all drove off, Spike looked out the front window as Optimus Prime drove off in front. He was even driving funny like a drunken man was at the wheel or something.

'What's wrong with him?' he asked Bumblebee.

'Maybe he just burnt a circuit or something?' suggested the yellow Autobot.

Spike wasn't too sure. He had repaired Optimus Prime's circuits in the past and none off them made the Autobot leader lose the function of any of his body units. Maybe he was just a little tired…if a robot could get tired that is. Trying to ignore the worrying thoughts in the back of his head he tried to concentrate on where they were going. Within a matter of minutes they had arrived at the mountain Power plant where the Decepticons were stealing energy, as usual. The Decepticons had already noticed them but Megatron was rushing his troops, whatever he needed the energy for he needed big time.

'Hurry Decepticons! We need more energy for my master plan!' he barked.

'Megatron, if we don't get out of here, the Autobots will turn us into scrap!' argued Starscream as the Decepticons loaded Energon cubes into his jet form.

Megatron ignored him and made his troops work faster. Thundercracker looked down at the approaching Autobots and noticed something a little odd. The leader of the Autobots was going slower than usual. In fact he was near the back of the Autobots; he was usually in the front. Ignoring it he informed his leader.

'Megatron the Autobots are here!' he cried.

Megatron looked up and snarled. He marched over and looked down at the approaching Autobots. This was all he needed, Optimus Prime coming to destroy his plans for total universe domination. He also noticed the strange way the leader of the Autobots was acting but ignored it, he was only concerned of getting rid of the Autobots and getting the Energon cubes to safety. He turned to his two Triple Changers waiting for an order.

'Astrotrain, Bliztwing! Take care of the Autobots while we get these Energon cubes back to HQ!' he ordered.

The two Decepticons grinned at the order they had been waiting for. They charged down the mountain and opened fire on the Autobots. The Autobots quickly transformed eventually followed by Optimus Prime. Ratchet looked over at him.

'Prime are you sure you're OK?' he asked.

'Don't worry about it now Ratchet!' he answered.

Ironhide ran up the mountain firing his blaster.

'OK guys! Let's kick these Decepti-creeps back to Cybertron!' he shouted before firing on Bliztwing.

The Autobots began firing upon the two powerful Decepticons. Spike stood near Bumblebee who was trying to get closer to the power plant. Thankfully the two triple changers were busy dealing with the rest of the Autobots. Spike almost found it funny when Jazz suddenly jumped onto of Bliztwing.

'Guess who Decepti-can!' Jazz snickered as he pounded Bliztwing's head.

'Get off me you Autobot scum!' he cried as he started shaking and spinning in vain attempts to through the Autobot off him.

Bumblebee and Spike had managed to get within the power plant to see that most of the Decepticons had gone. The only ones left were Megatron and Starscream, who were preparing to take off.

'This Master plan of yours Megatron better work!' snarled Starscream, still in his jet mode filled with Energon cubes.

'It will work Starscream! Now be quiet and get those Energon cubes back to base before the Autobots get here!' growled the Decepticon leader.

Spike and Bumblebee looked at each other. Optimus Prime was right; the Decepticons were up to something big but what? Bumblebee started edging closer but Spike tried holding him back

'Bumblebee, you can't take on Megatron by yourself!' he said in a low tone, not wanting the Decepticon leader to hear him.

Bumblebee just moved in a little closer. He didn't want Megatron to see him either but he had to find out what they were up to. Soon he was behind a computer control panel that was right near Megatron who had finished loading Starscream. However Megatron's audio receptors were working at high levels today when Bumblebee made a small noise. Megatron spun round and snarled when he saw Bumblebee trying to hide.

'Starscream get out of here with those Energon cubes now!' he ordered.

Starscream really hated it when there was chance for an easy fight and then Megatron would send him away but he had a load of Energon cubes that could explode if hit by the blast of a blaster. He took off leaving Megatron alone with Bumblebee. Bumblebee was a little afraid, he was no match for Megatron but he wasn't going to back down. Megatron raised his Fusion Cannon at the small Autobot.

'So Autobot, any last words?' he snarled grinning at the fact he knew that the small Autobot was no match for him.

Bumblebee decided to play a little joke on the Decepticon leader. He jumped back and pointed at Megatron while looking over the Decepticon leader's shoulder.

'OK Optimus! Get him!' he cried.

Megatron spun round expecting to see his eternal foe behind him. He saw nothing but the hole in the wall he blasted a little earlier. Within a matter a seconds he realized he had been tricked and turned back to punish the puny Autobot only to see him drive off with a flesh creature within him. He began firing wildly.

'NO ONE TRICKS ME AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!!!!' he shouted as Bumblebee dodged the blasts.

Bumblebee got outside but Megatron was following faster than normal. Spike looked back and was almost scared when he saw Megatron's menacing face looming behind them. Looking back in front he was almost relive to see Optimus standing there aiming his blaster at Megatron. Megatron saw Optimus and forgot about the other Autobot.

'So Prime, are you ready to be turned into scrap?' he snickered.

Optimus Prime stood tall and proud, not showing his foe any fear.

'Megatron I will stop you even if I have to saaaaaaacrrriiiiffiiiiceeee…myseeelf…'

Bumblebee and Spike stared in confusion as Optimus Prime's vocal processors began acting funny. His voice started speeding up then slowing down. Optimus stopped talking and gripped his vocal processors in confusion. Megatron on the other hand found it amusing and laughed.

'What's the matter Prime? I think you're ready for the junk pile!' he sniggered.

'You're going to the juuunk pile Megaaatron!' shouted Optimus Prime, his voice still a little funny.

He then pounced on Megatron and sent a powerful blow to his head. Megatron reacted and kicked Prime back, quickly grabbing his arms and swinging him round. He let go sending the Autobot leader flying into a cable tower, which collapsed on top of him. As Optimus tried to pull himself out the wreckage Megatron fired his fusion cannon, just missing him by mere inches. Before Megatron could fire again Optimus was free and he slammed both his fists into Megatron's face. Megatron stumbled back and snarled as Optimus aimed his blaster at him. Looking to the sky he saw that Astrotrain and Bliztwing had retreated. He took to the air and glared back at the leader of the Autobots.

'You may have beaten me Prime but I still have the Energon cubes! Soon you'll be begging for mercy!' he cried before disappearing.

The rest of the Autobots ran up to their leader and noticed that he was a little out of it. When he fought Megatron in the past he was still pumping with energy later but now he looked really tired. Ratchet walked up to him, still annoyed that Prime didn't listen to him earlier.

'Prime I think we better get you back to base. You look like you could use an energy bath!' he suggested.

Optimus didn't argue. He ordered some to stay behind and clear up the mess while he and the rest returned to base. The moment they returned, Ratchet literally pushed him in and told the other Autobots that he was to be left alone. Bumblebee sat down near Spike who was pondering for the moment. Bumblebee noticed.

'What's up Spike?' he asked.

'Nothing, it's just that Optimus really looks out of it today! Plus the Decepticons are up to something big.' he replied.

Bumblebee had to admit that something was definitely up with their leader. Ratchet was one of the best Medical officers Cybertron ever had so he would probably find the problem and fix it. When he checked out Optimus later he was a bit surprised that none of his circuits were damaged. He later consulted that Prime must have had a glitch but he was alright when Teletraan-1 ran a clean scan on him. Ratchet told Optimus that he needed a rest but Prime was more concerned with what Megatron was planning. Soon all the Autobots, who were now worried about his condition, begged him to rest. Optimus had no choice but to listen to his men as he walked off to his quarters to power down leaving the Autobots to figure out on their own what the Decepticons were up to. Bumblebee had deployed Teletraan-1's spy to fly around the world to spot any Decepticon activity while others went out on patrol. Spike was still trying to figure out what was wrong with Prime and Ratchet was checking the samples he got from Optimus with Wheeljack. Soon the day was close to an end and so far no one knew what went wrong with Prime or what the Decepticons were up to. Ironhide punched the wall in frustration.

'Damm those Decepticons, what in blazes are they up to anyhow?' he growled in anger.

'Ironhide we don't need you to be putting holes in the Ark. We just have to wait!' said Prowl, who was a little tried and annoyed himself that he couldn't find anything on what the Decepticons were up to.

Spike had to return home but promised he'd be back tomorrow to see if anything had changed. As Spike and his father drove off within Bumblebee, Spike had a nasty feeling that something really bad was going to happen tomorrow.

It was around 8:00 in the morning when Sparkplug and Spike returned to Autobot HQ. It didn't surprise them the Autobots were still up and most of them had a quick power-down. However Optimus Prime was, again, nowhere to be seen. Spike jogged up to Bumblebee who was checking the info from Teletraan-1's spy.

'Nothing. Teletrann-1 couldn't find anything on what the Decepticons are doing!' sighed Bumblebee.

The Autobots groaned knowing that wasn't good.

'Ratchet are you sure Prime is OK? This is the second time he's late!' demanded Hound, who was starting to get worried.

'Me and Ratchet checked him over a million times! There isn't anything wrong with him!' said Wheeljack.

However Wheeljack had a feeling that something was wrong, they just couldn't see it. After what felt like an eternity the door from Prime's quarters opened. Spike spun round.

'Hey Prime how are you…'

The sight before him and the rest of the Autobots made them gasp. Optimus Prime was slouching over, not standing the tall proud way he always stood. His optics were dimly lit and lubricants were leaking out of all his joints. Everytime he moved there were the sounds of groaning and moaning metal and Optimus himself was moaning like he was in pain. Everyone just stared in shock; he looked like he fell off a skyscraper.

'Prime? What's wrong?' cried Sparkplug.

Optimus made a moaning noise before replying.

'I'm afraid…I….have aaaa little…problem…Spaaaaarkplug.'

Spike turned to face Ratchet to ask for help but was surprised to see all the Autobots had jumped into the back of the room, standing right up against the wall almost afraid of going near their leader. Spike looked at them with confusion.

'Hey guys, Prime need's help!' he cried.

'Oh no he doesn't!' said Ratchet.

'He need's to go back to the energy bath!' said Wheeljack.

Spike couldn't believe what he was hearing. It was like the Autobots didn't care. Jazz saw his angered face and thought he better explain.

'It's nothing too serious Spike! Optimus just…has a nasty virus!' he explained.

That got Spike a little confused.

'A Virus? You mean he's sick?'

Ratchet chuckled nervously.

'Autobots get sick too Spike and what Prime has is the Cybertronian Bug! Means he's gonna feel like a broken down machine for a few days! He won't die from it so don't worry!'

'So why are you guys scared about it?' asked Spike.

'Cause it's contagious and I had it before! It's a really nasty thing to get!' whimpered Bumblebee, hiding behind Bluestreak.

It made a little sense now. Optimus had caught a bug and it was a nasty one that was contagious plus the other Autobots were afraid to get it. He remembered the time he caught a bug. His head was burning, he vomited on a number of occasions and he couldn't get out of bed for two days in a row. None of his friends went near him in fear of catching it. That was what Prime was probably feeling right now. Optimus walked a little closer to the Autobots, but not too close so he wouldn't spread the virus.

'Autobots…until the virus is….goooone I must leave Autobot HQ. Weee can't have…all the Autobots…siiicck at this moment!'

'Prime, you can just stay in your quarters until the virus has been cleared!' implored Ratchet.

'The Virus efffffects anything electrical and I'm surrrrrounded byyy electronic equipment. If I'm gone you will have less chance of catching it! Unnntil theeeen Ironhidddde is in charge!'

The Autobots looked at each other.

'But where on planet Earth are you gonna stay till you recovered?' asked Bluestreak.

Good point. Where would a 30ft robot with a contagious virus go? Everyone thought about this for a moment until Sparkplug made a suggestion.

'This may sound stupid but when we humans get sick we go out for long, fresh air walks. My pops used to take me out on camping trips the moment I caught a fever telling the fresh air would do me good. Maybe me and Spike can take Optimus out in the woods for a recovery camping trip?'

The Autobots looked at each other.

'What if the Decepticons find out?' asked Ironhide.

'Then someone has to go with Prime!' said Jazz.

Prime could take of himself but he couldn't take on more than two Decepticons on his own in his condition. It would be sensible if someone went with him. The Autobots looked at each other nervously.

'Well Ratchet is a medical officer, he should go!' suggested Jazz

'Yeah but what if you get hurt? Wheeljack can't fix you all, I suggest Bluestreak!' quickly replied Ratchet.

'Y-yeah but I'm one of your best soldiers and plus Brawn looks like he needs a break!' replied Bluestreak.

The Autobots began arguing amongst themselves. Optimus couldn't help but chuckle while Sparkplug sighed, shaking his head. Spike just looked surprised. Was this Virus really that bad? Finally Bumblebee stepped forward, slightly nervous.

'Okay I'll do it! But you guys owe me big!' he said.

Spike walked up to Bumblebee and quickly whispered,

'Is it really that bad?' he asked.

'Are you kidding? It's one of the worst things an Autobot can get! Makes you wish you could deactivate right there and then!'

It almost sounded like a robotic version of the Black Plague. Spike could only look at Optimus, who had to sit down. Ironhide took charge.

'Okay here's the plan! Optimus is gonna take a vacation till he recovers with Bumblebee, Spike and Sparkplug and we're gonna figure out what those Decepti-creeps are up to!'

All the Autobots agreed and soon Sparkplug found himself planning an emergency camping trip. Spike, being an organic being, walked up to the sicken Autobot leader to offer some support. He thought Optimus would be upset that his own friends wouldn't go near him or even help him.

'Hey Optimus…are you OK about the others…acting like…that?' he asked.

Optimus chuckled weakly.

'No, noot at all. I wouldn't waaaant my troops to caatch this anyway. Also it's nooot the first time I caught thiiiis and I wouldn't leeet anyone neeeear me. It was a rule on Cybertron that if anyone caught theeey were tooo alienate theeemsleeeves frooom others. It's not very pleasant so I do not blame them.'

Still it wasn't like the other Autobots to stay away from their own leader. There were times like when Perceptor had that rust diesease but that didn't stop Optimus from saving him, not caring if he caught it or not. Spike sat down a little upset at what had happened that day and waited until his father was ready with the camping trip.

Poor Prime. He's not the only one who catches the virus though! Find out who gets it next time!