As Bluestreak makes his way to Cybertron with his 441 Alpha memory circuit, Megatron takes advantage of the Autobot's crisis.

The Cybertronian Bug part 4

Megatron was in a foul mood. Sky Warp and Thundercracker had returned to base and said that the plan to lure some Autobots back to Cybertron was a success, however Shockwave made no contact with the Decepticon leader just yet. The Cybertronian Bug was making him fell worse and was almost thankful that Starscream wasn't here to try and steal his position. As he sat in the back of the Decepticon base waiting for Shockwave to contact him, Soundwave entered the room.


Megatron sat up.

'What isss it?' he demanded.

Soundwave played back the message and Megatron heard the programed voice of a Cyber-drone.

'Mighty Megatron. Due to an unfortunate result I cannot communicate with you right now. However the Autobots have caught the Cybertronian Bug and the Autobots; Optimus Prime and Bluestreak have material 441 Alpha that seems to be the cure. The Autobots believe they are the only two with an extra supply but there is another who is a Decepticon.'

Megatron was a bit angered at first that Shockwave, somehow messed up for once but the news was starting to interest him. He waited until Soundwave played the second part of the message.

'The Decepticon, Astrotrain, has a far greater supply of the material 441 Alpha within his memory circuits. Optimus Prime is attempting to cure the Autobots here with his own memory circuit. I will...interfere. That is all.'

The message stopped and Megatron stood up, a nasty plan coming into mind.

'Soundwave! Rip out Astrotrain's memory circuit if you have to, just get me that circuit!'

As Soundwave left Megatron thought of an even better use for his new secret weapon. He chuckled in the dark room in a low and evil way.

Spike still wasn't to keen on what Optimus was planning to do. Optimus Prime had already carried all the Autobots, and even the Decepticons, into the room where Shockwave had an energy bath and was already removing the wires and the connecting energy pumps. Thankfully, Spike had switched the whole thing off so the virus wouldn't effect it just yet. Spike was waiting by the entrance of the space bridge for Bluestreak to enter the control room. It was taking a while but Spike guess they had a good reason. Suddenly a computer in the corner indicated that someone was entering the control room through the space bridge. The doors opened and the sight in front of Spike made him jump back with surprise. It looked like a gigantic spaceman, covered in a plastic suit with clear mask on the front so the face was visible. After a while, Spike began laughing when he saw that it was Bluestreak with an angry face.

'Yeah, yeah, laugh it up! They wouldn't let me come here without it!' muttered Bluestreak, walking into the control room.

Spike tried to stop himself from laughing as he followed Bluestreak to the room Optimus and the others were in. Optimus looked up and saw Bluestreak in his ridiculous getup. After a while, Optimus began laughing, making Bluestreak feel stupid.

'Aw c'mon Optimus! I had no choice! They literally pulled me into this thing!'

Optimus stopped himself laughing and tried to relax.

'Did yooou briing yoooour meeemory ciiircuit?' asked the leader of the Autobots.

Bluestreak held up his own unique memory circuit with a grin.

'All of my memories are stored within my backup mainframe! You done the same?'

'Nooot yet. It would taaake both of ouur circuits tooo cure the Autobooots and I'm afraid III have a tiiime limit. The virus could possssibly dessstroy my baackup mainframe aaalong with my knowledge. Weee must beee quick abooout this!'

Bluestreak nodded, slightly concerned with this new challenge, and placed his circuit within the energy bath as Prime placed Wheeljack into the machine first. He looked at Bluestreak as he prepared to pull out his memory circuit.

'Ready?' he asked.

Bluestreak nodded and Prime literally ripped his memory circuit out and placed it in the energy bath. Bluestreak slammed down the container lid and activated the machine. Wheeljack was then covered in a light blue glow and within a matter a minutes he was sitting up.

'Whoa...I feel a whole lot better!'

Spike was relieved to see that it was working as Optimus quickly placed Ironhide in. Ironhide tried to speak.

'Shooouldn't yoooou goooo fiiirsst, Priiimee?' he asked.

Optimus ignored him and ordered Bluestreak to continue. Soon they only had Bumblebee and Prime left to do and Bluestreak was working fast, trying to ignore the laughter that the other four Autobot's were administering.

'You look like giant space man!' laughed Mirage, trying to stop himself from falling over.

'Aw jeez would you shut up already!' moaned the unfortunate Autobot.

Optimus Prime chuckled a little, it did take the Autobots minds off crisis for a moment. As soon as Bumblebee was done Bluestreak then offered Prime to get in. However Prime told him to wait and the ran over to pick up Starscream. The Autobots stopped laughing and gaped in shock.

'Prime, what do you think you're doing?' demanded Hound.

'If we do nooot heelp them, we're nooo better thaaan the Deceptiiicon's themselves! Besiddes, they're both poowered-doown!' argued Prime.

Bluestreak wasn't particularly happy about helping the Decepticons but not even he would leave a machine to die, friend or foe. He wasn't as a Decepticon, who would gladly leave their own behind to die. He continued working until both Starscream and Shockwave were fixed and they were laid down in the corner. Prime then hopped in and Bluestreak quickly activated the machine.

'How are your memory's holding up?' asked Bluestreak.

'Fine, but I need my memory circuit back soon! The virus has already damaged my backup mainframe and I need to reboot it!'

Wheeljack heard it and began to worry a little. If Prime did reboot his backup mainframe then everything in there would be deleted! Soon Optimus was cured and he jumped out. As Bluestreak removed his circuit Prime reached for his.

'Quick Prime, put it back in!' implored Wheeljack.

As Prime prepared to place the chip within himself, he was suddenly knocked over by a blast. It sent him falling to the floor dropping the circuit. Before any of the Autobots could grab it, Shockwave suddenly appeared and snatched it up. Hound jumped on him and tried to pull it out of his hand while the others tried to restrain the one optic Decepticon. Shockwave threw it to Starscream, who had also woken up. He grabbed it and dashed to the Space Bridge. Optimus Prime suddenly ordered his troops to follow and sprinted after the Decepticon. Wheeljack managed to hit Shockwave with such force, he fell over. The Autobots left him, with Bumblebee grabbing Spike, and following Optimus. Starscream was slamming in the codes to open the bridge and panicked when he saw Optimus heading for him.

'Give that back Starscream!' growled Optimus pouncing on the Decepticon, just as the doors to the bridge opened.

The two landed within followed by the rest of the Autobots. Shockwave arrived just in time to see the Autobots and Starscream disappear back to the organic world.

Ratchet had arrived at the space bridge to see the Autobots had returned with Starscream. after falling out and landing on top of each other. Ratchet ran over to assist them and as he got closer he saw Starscream stand up and snarled at him. he then quickly transformed and flew off. When Ratchet finally reached his friends they were all piled on top of each other. Thankfully Spike wasn't within the pile but next to it.

'Owwww. Talk about Deja Vu!' moaned Hound.

'I never wanna ride in that damm bridge again!' growled Ironhide.

'Get the heck off me Bluestreak!' cried Mirage.

'I could if Ironhide wasn't sitting on top of me!' argued Bluestreak.

'Well how about you get him off me!' argued Wheeljack

'Jeez and I thought Optimus was the heavy one!' groaned Bumblebee.

'I happen to be under you all, Bumblebee.' replied Optimus Prime, who was indeed at the bottom of the pile of Autobots.

As Ratchet pulled the Autobots to their feet, Wheeljack started looking round in a panic.

'The circuit! Did Starscream grab it!' he cried.

'No he didn't but I'm afraid I did something rather...stupid.' muttered Optimus Prime.

The Autobots looked at Prime's hand where his memory circuit was, however it had snapped in two. Somehow Optimus had grabbed it while it was still in Starscream's hand and pulled it so hard, it snapped. Spike gasped.

'Now what!' he cried.

'Don't worry Spike, Wheeljack has a talent for fusing circuits back together! He can make it as good as new!' reassured Hound.

'Right! All I gotta do is return to Autobot HQ and...'

'Wheeljack you can't return just yet!' interrupted Ratchet.

The Autobots looked at him confused.

'While you were gone, Megatron cured himself somehow and used the virus in his new weapon. He tested it on Autobot HQ and now the whole base is infected! I got out in time but we can't get back in without getting infected again!'

The Autobots were in shock after hearing what had happened while they were gone.

'Ratchet, what is Megatron planning to do with the virus?' asked Optimus Prime.

'He's gonna destroy the human's technology on Earth unless they hand over all their energy supplies!'

'How original!' muttered Mirage.

'Autobots, we must stop Megatron.' ordered Optimus, but he was halted by Wheeljack.

'No way Optimus, you're gonna lose your entire memory banks unless I fix this! I'm gonna go back and fix this, infected or not I'm gonna do it!'

'Wheeljack! You won't be able to fix it by yourself once you get infected!' argued Ratchet.

'Well I'd rather be sick than lose a friend!' argued Wheeljack.

Wheeljack thought the very thought of having a friend who didn't remember him was the most terrible thing in the whole universe, especially since he knew Prime for almost 9 million years! Ratchet frowned.

'You can't fix it by yourself...which is why I'm coming with you!'

'Are you sure you two?' asked Optimus, a little worried what might happen to his troops.

The two Autobots nodded.

'We'll fix it and bring it back to you! You try to stop Megatron!'

With that they transformed and drove back to base. Optimus turned to the rest of his troops.

'My sensors indicate that Megatron is within the nearby city. Autobots, transform and roll out!'

The Autobots transformed, spike hopped into Bumblebee, and headed for where the mechanical monster was wreaking havoc.

'Megatron...when can I have my circuit back?' asked Astrotrain, worried that his backup mainframe might fail since he never took the time to upgrade it.

'When I say so you dolt!' snapped Megatron, aiming his new toy at the triple changer.

Megatron had used Astrotrain's unique circuit made up of material 441 Alpha to cure himself. He also decided to use the Cybertronian Bug as a lethal weapon and upgraded his new cannon to unleash the virus upon any machine he desired. He had tested it earlier on the Autobot base and was pleased with the results. However he really wanted to test it on Optimus Prime, believing that he could double the effect and kill him. However threating the human race was his prime concern and as he had hoped the humans panicked when he unleashed it within a city. Everything was going to plan and hopefully Shockwave had taken care of Prime and the rest of the Autobots back on Cybertron. He continued firing the cannon at the city, infecting it's power grid and even the cars. He laughed, victorious.

'Now nothing can stop me!' he cried.

'Think again Megatron!' came a voice that Megatron really didn't want to hear.

He turned to see Optimus Prime and a few of his Autobots arrive and aim their blasters at them.

'Megatron, I'm warning you to stop this madness and I don't give a lot of warnings!' threatened the leader of the Autobots.

Megatron snarled and aimed his new toy at the Autobot leader.

'I always ignore your warnings Prime!' he roared as he fired the cannon.

The Autobots dodged the blast, it hit a bank building which caused the ATM's to spit out money and explode. Optimus saw this and looked back to his troops.

'Autobots! Whatever you do, don't get hit!'

'Like I wanted to!' yelled Mirage as he ran for cover, trying to get closer to Megatron.

Mirage really wanted to make himself invisible but the virus had damaged the circuits he needed to activate the program. All he could rely on was running to the nearest cover he could find to stop himself from getting hit. Hound tried to activate his illusions but to no avail and Bluestreak finally took off the gigantic suit. Almost happy he charged at Megatron.

'I'm gonna clobber you Mega-BUM!' he howled as he ran down the street, skillfully dodging the blasts Megatron sent his way.

Optimus prepared to follow and was suddenly surprised he almost forgot why he was even here in the first place! He looked out of his hiding place as the Autobots tried to get closer without being hit.

'Hurry up Wheeljack!' he muttered to himself.

Yikes, this isn't going too well! Can Wheeljack and Ratchet hurry back along with Wheeljack's latest invention? Find out next time!!