BPOV (Bella's Point Of View)

Okay… here we go, another day. I wonder where Edward went to? I sat up in my bad on yet another Wednesday morning, and then all of the memory came back from that fateful night a month ago. The hole once again opened in my chest, and I couldn't seem to breathe… once again. I got up, and remembered that Jacob had asked me to come down to La Push today… he had to ask me something. I got up, and did everything I usually did in the mornings. I could not get rid of the pain in my chest, no matter how much I tried. It would be good for me to go see Jacob today… my personal sun… lighting up my world. I went off to school thinking about what Jacob had to tell me… probably something to so with Victoria or something. I shouldn't be too excited about it. It would probably be something bad too, considering the fact that he had been acting odd lately. Not to mention, the fact that anything to do with Victoria is usually bad. When I got into Gym, an opened my locker, a piece of paper fell out. I picked it up, and looked at it for a moment before I read it. It read:

Dear Bella

It seems you have been having a good life since my beloved James died… but be warned you will pay for what your beloved Edward did to him. I will kill you, more likely sooner than later!



I sat in shock, looking at the piece of paper for only a moment before complete fear, and panic ran through me, and though I could hear voices calling out my name, I couldn't turn around to see who's voice it was, and respond.

JPOV (Jake's Point Of View)

I was so excited. Today was the day that I was going to tell Bella that I love her, and that the moment that I became a werewolf, I knew that I had imprinted on her. This was all I was thinking about all day. I was in a daze all day because that was all I could think about. I though about how I could say it, and what her reaction would be. I didn't expect her to be excited about it, or except me for it. I didn't expect her to go out with me, or try to build a relationship… she was in love with the bloodsucker… what was his name? Edward? After all… but he left her, and she is alone now… or at least I think she is, unless one of those humans asked to date her… which wouldn't surprise me… she is so beautiful. I entered my last class, and sat at my desk. I looked down, and opened my binder, which had been in my locker before my last class. A thin piece of paper fell out, and I picked it up, and looked at it. I sat there frozen for a couple of seconds, before I read over it.

Jacob Black,

We have not officially met yet, but let me tell you that we will soon enough meet… and not under good circumstances… for you that is. (AN: Insert evil laugh here) Anyways… be warned your beloved, sweet Bella does not have very much longer to live! Thanks for your time… have a great day I'll see you when we pay a visit to Bella… can't wait! Have a great day!


I put the note back into my binder to make sure no one could see it. This, along with Bella was all I thought about for my last class before I could see her again.