The Sister

Disclaimer: Ok, I don't in any way own Naruto. I'm just starting out as a fan, but I have realized [just like all the other villains I have developed a liking to Itachi Uchiha. I also like Kabuto, because of how manipulative he is. Also I decided to write this fic because of the fact that I have glasses, and I do the same thing Kabuto does which is lift it up with the nose arc. This story is just a story that has a "what if" situation. It is NOT meant to be a Mary Sue. So if you think it is, than don't read any more of it, and DO NOT FLAME ME. I put a lot of thought into my fics now. [Hence the fact that I haven't written the rest of many of my stories. That would be the end of my ranting, so please enjoy this fic. Also, I'm guessing the ages, so don't flame me for that either. Also, I don't know who Itachi's team was, so I'm creating one.

Rating: This story is rated M because of language, sexual content, and violence. And despite who the two main characters from the series are[Kabuto Yakushi and Itachi Uchiha they are NOT having a relationship. However, Orocimaru and Kabuto may or may not have a relationship.

Chapter one: Childhood.

Kabuto finally graduated the academy at ten years old. His twin sister Kyoko had not yet graduated. She was sick on the day that they had to make her go another year. He and his sister were found when they were four years old. Their mother left them alone after their father died. She was very unstable, and could not take care of two twin children at the same time. Then a medical ninja took them both in and raised them as his own, and giving them, his name.

"Kabu-nii!!!" Kyoko said excitingly. "You did it!!!! You passed!"

"I know, but don't worry, you'll pass next year, trust me!" he said ruffling his sister's hair.

Sure enough, the next year Kyoko graduated. However, she was not too good at studying, so she enlisted the help of her friend Shisui Uchiha. She started to have a liking to him, and he to her.

"I told you you'd do it!" Kabuto said with his famous grin hugging his sister.

A few weeks later were orientation.

"Ok, team 4; Itachi Uchiha, Shisui Uchiha, and Kyoko Yakushi."

"Wow! We're in the same group Shisui-san!!" Kyoko said hugging her friend. "And you're with us too Itachi-kun! It's still amazing how you graduated in one year! Not to mention you're like seven years old!"

"Yea I know." Itachi said with no emotion.

Kyoko lifted up her glasses looking at him strangely and then went to lunch with Shisui and Itachi. Shisui and Itachi were cousins, and they seemed to get along very well.

After lunch they met with their sensei, and they did the test that they needed to pass in order to stay Gennin. Kyoko mastered chakra control, and stealth. She was also pretty good at taijitzu. This was all because Shisui helped her practice everything.

She was even more surprised at Itachi Uchiha. He was seven years old! He fought the sensei as if he was already Chunin. The next day they had their first D ranked mission.

Less than a year passed, and they were finally given their first C ranked mission Kyoko and Shisui were now twelve, and Itachi was eight. Kyoko and Itachi had become like siblings. For their first C rank, they had to go to the sand village to accompany a guest there. Kyoko seemed to be very happy about the mission, because of her happy-go-lucky personality.

"Come on Kabu-nii!" Kyoko was yelling up to him when they were getting ready. I HATE it when she calls me that. "I want you to see me off!!!!" Kabuto shook off the annoyance, and put on a happy face.

They met her sensei, Shisui, and Itachi at the gate with their client.

"Isn't it amazing we get to go to the sand village?!" Kyoko said excitingly.

"Hmmm…" Itachi said clearly annoyed. Sure he felt like she was an older sister to him, but the way she acted sometimes got on his nerves. He put his hands in his pockets, and started walking with them all. Itachi was happy that he was finally given a C mission. The sooner the better he thought.

They were about two days into their mission, when they were attacked.

"We don't want the old man; we're after you ninja from the leaf village!" They said the three Gennin surrounded the man they were to protect. Their sensei went into action and fought them head on in order to protect the Gennin. However, suddenly their sensei was thrown down and knocked unconscious. Itachi couldn't take it anymore.

"Kyoko, go protect the old man and Sensei, Shisui fight these guys with me, we might need Sharingan."

"HEY!!! I'm not just a weak little girl you know!!!" Kyoko said angrily at Itachi.

"Uh…." Sensei said as he staggered up. "I can't fight… I'll protect the old man, you three fight them." He moaned covering the old man.

"Got it." Kyoko said rushing into action.

Itachi grinned. "I don't know who you all are, but you're gonna get it." He said as he, Shisui, and Kyoko attacked. Over that passed year, Kyoko had developed genjitsu and was pretty good at it. She made her opponent think he was in a whole other world, while she attacked him under his hypnosis.

Meanwhile, Itachi fought his opponent, but was getting beat down.

"What can a helpless Gennin like you do to me? I'm the best shuriken thrower in our village." The man said to him mocking him.

Itachi didn't want to let his father down. He looked to see what Shisui was doing, to see if they could switch because he needed to dodge Shuriken. Another ninja who was throwing needles was attacking him, and occupying his Sharingan. He was pissed. He suddenly looked up to this person, but felt different somehow. The man looking at him seemed shocked, but still threw the shuriken. Itachi suddenly realized that he was able to see the stars moving slowly now before he was hit. He dodged each one, and finally killed the ninja with his kunai.

Kyoko looked up finally after killing her opponent after a long battle. She looked up at Itachi very surprised. She knew very well of the sharingan that only the Uchiha clan had because of Shisui, but was surprised to see it on Itachi's eyes. He was only eight years old, and it was usually not developed until later on in life.

"What?" Itachi asked her when he realized she was staring at him.

"I…Itachi…" Kyoko said still in amazement.

Suddenly their sensei groaned, and fell unconscious from defending their client with chakra. Shisui didn't notice this new change in his cousin, because he ran to their sensei.

"We have to get back to the village. You're going to have to be charged with a B mission now if it's alright with you mister." Kyoko said finally after a silence.

"That's fine." The old man said. They walked back the village, but Itachi was still curious.

"Why did you stare at me like that?" Itachi asked.

"The Sharingan." Kyoko said. "You developed the Sharingan…I'm surprised, you're so young." She smirked

"What did you say?" Shisui said looking surprised.

"You heard me."

"Wow, younger than I was." Shisui mumbled with their sensei on his shoulder. He smiled at his cousin, and they moved on.

About two years later, Kabuto, Shisui and Kyoko were twelve years old, and Itachi was ten. It was now time for the Chunin exams. Their sensei picked all three of them for the exam. They all passed the first and second exams without a hitch. Finally they were able to do the third. Kabuto was to fight Itachi, and Kyoko was to fight another girl.

When Kabuto and Itachi's fight started Kyoko was a little frightened. Ever since Kabuto found out Itachi developed his sharingan, he has been nasty toward him. He knew he was starting to have a crush on his little sister, and was a bit overprotective. He's also been out of the house more often even when they weren't on missions. You see, Kabuto felt that he was weak. The only thing he was good for was medical stuff. Itachi on the other hand developed the famous Sharingan at age eight.

Kabuto and Itachi's fight was brutal. Itachi taunted Kabuto by not even using his Sharingan. However, when Kabuto took out shuriken and threw stars and kunai like mad, he was forced to use it. After a long battle, the battle was ended when Itachi was about to use his fire-ball jitzu.

At the end of the exams, they appointed Itachi and Kyoko Chunin, but not Kabuto. They said that he was too reckless, and let his personal emotions get the best of him. Itachi's family greeted him, including his adorable four year old brother Sasuke, who climbed onto his back for a piggyback ride.

Kyoko was amused as his family also congratulated her.

Kabuto was sore after the battle with Itachi. He was determined to get stronger and more powerful.

End Chapter

A/N: Ok, don't worry, Kyoko is NOT always happy-go-lucky. She was TEN YEARS OLD. If you realized when she got older she was no longer that way.