Iron Moon – By DS Wynne

Disclaimer: "Sailor Moon", "Iron Man" and other properties belong to their respective creators/companies.

Note: This is a multi-genre story.

Special note: This is a Sailor Moon/Iron Man alternate universe (i.e. NOT related to either "The Ranma Trek" and "Sailor Moon ST").

Author's note: If there is an audience for this story, I'll expand it.

Part 1
In the grand scheme of things Ken Tsukino would not have taken the job to become the head of the accountant department with "Stark Industries" in the United States. He was happy being a family man from the Azabuu Juuban District of Tokyo, Japan. However, he did want a better life for his wife and kids. Plus, the compensation package would have set him for life.

Still, had Ken would have known that he would have ended up in a virtual war zone with his family, he might have reconsidered his options…

"So, how're you holding up, Ken?" asked a voice.

Ken turns around.

"I guess that I am fine, Mister Stark," Ken replies. "It's just that I'm worried about Ikuko and the kids…"

"Oh, don't worry about them, Kenny," Tony Stark says, as he leans back with his drink. He and his entourage were traveling around Afghanistan as a part of Stark Industries' efforts to change its image abroad. Hence, there are the humanitarian efforts on Tony's part.

"Besides…think of this as an experience of a lifetime for your kids."

Ken looks outside the window of their car. The party was heading back to Kabul from one of the relief projects that they had been officiating over. This recent time, it was to open a "children's hospital", where her daughter Usagi had tried to sing a song as a part of the festivities.

"I suppose so, Mister Stark," Ken replied.

In another vehicle, Usagi was writing in her diary.

"What are you doing?" Shingo asked.

Shingo was Usagi's younger brother. And even though he could be such a pest sometimes, Usagi did like Shingo.

"None of YOUR business, brat," Usagi says, as she immediately closed her book and stuck out her tongue.

"Hey, I was JUST asking, Meat-ball head!"

US Army Captain Rodney Rhodes merely chuckled. The African-American was giving the task of chaperoning the Tsukino family due to his familiarity of the Japanese language.

"Now, now, you two," admonished Ikuko. "You must not bother Captain Rhodes."

"Ah, it's okay, Ma'am," Rhodes replies. "Hearing your kids bicker like that reminds me of my own childhood."

"Well, I just hope that you didn't have a bubble-headed sister like Usagi-"


One the lead cars suddenly blow up, thanks to a roadside bombing.

"Ah!" Usagi screamed.

"Hang on!" Rhodes yells, as he swerves to take evasive.

"Mom-?" Shingo yells.

"Hang on, baby," Ikuko says, as she covers her children. Silently, she prayed for a miracle…

A day later, Usagi woke up, feeling pain in her chest.

"It's okay, baby," Ikuko says, as she comforted her daughter.

"Mommy, why do I feel…hurt?" Usagi says, as the 14 year-old girl tried to sit up.

Ikuko wanted to say something, but turned to Tony for solace.

"You…were hurt," Tony says sadly. "Our…friends and I had to do something to keep you well."

Usagi was confused, but looked down to see some sort of light-thing sticking out of her chest.

"Mommy…what happened to me?"


"No, what happened to ME?"

Ikuko sighed. She then looked at Tony expectantly.

"Your…heart was injured when are convoy was attacked," Tony says. "So we had to do something to…keep you alive."

"And…what about Daddy and Shingo?"

"We don't know."

"They might have gotten away with Captain Rhodes," Ikuko says.

Tears fell from Usagi's eyes, as she thinks about her future-


A man flanked by armed "mujahadeen" enters the room.

"I take it that the girl is well?" says the man.

"I don't know why you need Mrs. Tsukino and her daughter to be here," Stark says.

"Simple, my Western friend," the man says. "You have knowledge of the latest missile technology. I have the material and the people YOU need to build the miniature nuclear device."

"I get it," Tony says. "Basically, this is a hostage crisis. I work, THESE people live."

"They did say you were very perceptive, Mister Stark. And consider us allowing you to create that 'pace-maker' for your young friend as a token of our benevolence."

The man turns around to leave.

"You have forty-eight hours to build my device."

Tony could read between the lines, as to what could happen to Ikuko and Usagi, if he didn't build "the mini-nuke". However, at the same time, many lives could be lost if he cooperated…

"Mister Stark?" Ikuko asked with worry.

Tony turns around and smiles.

"Mrs. Tsukino, do you trust me?"

"To be honest, from what my husband has told me about your reputation…I don't. But…I am willing to give you a chance."

"That's all that I need."

Tony then turns to Usagi.

"Usagi, do you trust me?"

Usagi looked into Tony's eyes.

"I…I do, Mister Stark," Usagi says. "I…I just don't want anyone to get hurt."

"Neither do I, kiddo," Tony says. He touch at the glowing light-thing attached to Usagi's chest. He had used some nuclear components to power the pacemaker, but perhaps he could use that as a power-source for his latest creation…as well as use it to stop these people from hurting others.

And perhaps make amends for his past sins…as a Weapons Manufacturer.

"Let's just hope for a miracle in all this…"

Two days later…

When the mujahadeen heard gunfire in Tony Stark's makeshift lab, they expected to be confronted by a man. Instead, they were going to be confronted by-


The men stood ready to fire.


They were nervous.


The steel doors fell, as a small, bulky suit of armor walked out.

"Fire!" the lead man yelled.

Inside the armor, Usagi was nervous about being used as a shield, as Tony Stark controlled her movements by remote. Her mother insisted that no one is harmed in the process of the escape. So, thus far, no one has.

"Ah!" Usagi says, as she took the hit.

"It's okay," Tony says, as he controlled the remote. He had used the materials of the missile technology to fashion a suit of armor for Usagi, taking advantage of the girl's nuclear pacemaker in the process. "We're almost out of here-"

Suddenly, some pulls out a rocket propelled grenade launcher.

"Die!" the man says, as he fired off the RPG.


"Usagi!" Ikuko cried.


Suddenly, things around Usagi seemed to slow to a crawl, just as the projectile was about to make contact.

Everything seemed to glow around Usagi, as she heard a feminine, yet weirdly familiar voice…


And then, everything goes white…

"What's happening?" Ikuko says, as Usagi was suddenly bathed in light.

"I…I do not know," Tony says. One moment Usagi was about to be hit with an RPG, the next…

When the light died down, the armor that Usagi had been wearing had been refashioned somehow. It was definitely slimmer, and had some sort of markings on it…including a crescent moon drawn on the silvery chest.

"What…is THAT?" the man with the RPG launcher said.

Instinctively, Usagi raised her metal hand.

"Moon…BEAM?" Usagi called out. Somehow, she just knew what to say.

A beam of concentrated moonlight blasted forth, striking the man in the process.

"Whoa," Tony says.

"What happened to Usagi?" Ikuko asked frantically.

"I don't, but I believe we have our miracle."

And thus, "Iron Moon" was born.


Addendum note: If I do continue, should Usagi still be the leader of the Sailor Scouts (as "Iron Moon"), or should Iron Moon become a member of the Avengers (with Naru being "Sailor Moon"), or should there be a combination of both? Let me know. Later!