Iron Moon! – By DS Wynne

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Note: This is a multi-genre story (fusion/crossover).

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Part 9: "Mars" (II)

Meanwhile, back in Azabuu Juuban, Usagi, Ami and Luna the Moon Guardian Cat were monitoring the situation in secret, from two positions on Cherry Hill Temple, even as more busses full of young students disappear in a rather strange manner…

"Are you not going to do something about this?" Luna asked.

"What do you think I'm doing, Luna?" Usagi said, as she lowers her electronic binoculars, courtesy of "Stark Industries".

"Well, what ARE you doing then?"

"Ami is convinced that the tracker we put on one of the buses earlier will enable us to find a doorway that could lead us to where we need to go," Usagi said, as she resume her surveillance. "All we need now is the 'key'."


"By 'key', I mean the vibration-frequency," Usagi said. "Basically, the same rules that governs how my armor appears, should apply to what we need to do-"


"Go ahead, Ami," Usagi said, as she touches her earpiece.

"I think I got our frequency, Usagi," Ami replied over the secured channel. "Also, I think we have our chance to act."

"What, you see another bus incident?" Usagi said, as she careens her neck…through the tiny hole of the garbage can she and Luna were hiding in.

Sure enough, a local bus drives up to stop near the Hikawa Shrine. Bus passengers step off, even as local students climb aboard the vehicle. One of the disembarking passengers opens a can of exotic fruit juice, takes a sip, frowns at the taste, and then discards the can and the contents into the nearest trash can he could see.



"Ewww!" Usagi said, as she was dripping wet. She then tastes the residue on her lips.

"Yum, tasty…"

"Okay, now," Luna said, as she broke out in a partial sweat. "What do we know so far?"

"That this company makes a nice drink," Usagi said, as she takes a look at the can that fell on her head.

"Never mind that!" Luna said, as she swats the can from Usagi's hand.

"Hey!" Usagi replied. "I was reading that!"

"You can find out later," Luna said. "Just answer the question."

"Okay. We know that the Negaverse is involved…"

"Good. What else?"

"All the passengers that disappear are young girls like little ol' me…"

"If you don't watch your eating habits, you will not be so little after all."

"Ha, ha."

"What else?"

"If I recall, Ami noticed earlier that every girl that ad gotten kidnapped had a charm from the Hikawa Shrine," Usagi said thoughtfully.

"And so…?"

"You don't think that 'temple girl' has anything to do with the missing girls, Luna?"

"We must look at all possibilities, Usagi," Luna replied.

"Right," Usagi said with determination. "But first, there is something we should do first."

"And what is that?"

"We got to find the shop where they sell this tasteful beverage," Usagi replied, as she picks up the discarded can.

"Usagi, this is serious!"

"But I am, Luna! This tastes SO good."

Luna could only shake her head in reply, in silence.

A short time later, Usagi and Luna walk down the steps of the Hikawa Shrine, where they are met by Ami.

"Usagi, what did you find out?" Ami asked.

"Well, as I predicted, that temple girl is NOT connected to the Negaverse," Usagi said.

"Usagi, I was the one who told you to investigate the situation further," Luna replied. She then turned towards Ami.

"But we do think that her assistant 'Jed' may be connected."

"Does the temple girl know this?" Ami asked.

"I don't think so," Usagi said. "That girl said that the charms that they have been selling were neither her idea nor her grandfather's. However, she did say that when this Jed person first started working at the Hikawa Shrine, he suggested selling those novelty charms as a way of making money."

"When did this Jed fellow start working at the temple?" Ami asked.

"About a week ago, I believe- oh."

"Precisely," Luna said. "It may coincidental, but I believe that the temple girl's assistant is responsible for the missing students and that phantom bus."


"Well, speaking of which, I believe I have found the 'key' to 'door' we have been looking for," Ami said, as she presents her Mercury Computer. "Our best means of opening that 'door' would be the use of your 'Moon Beam Cannon', set at a particular energy frequency."

"Are you sure about that?" Usagi said, as she scratched her head. "If I use that, my Arc Generator's power levels will decrease significantly before recharging."

"I could develop an alternative, if I had more time…"

"Fine, fine, I get it," Usagi said with a sigh. "It is times like these I wish I was a bit smarter."

"You are an intelligent girl, Usagi," Luna said. "I wish you were not so…flighty at times."

"You're just saying that to not hurt my feelings."

"No, no, no," Luna said, as she broke out into a sweat. "Perish the thought."

"What are we going to do then?" Ami asked.

"We do what we do best," Usagi said, as she raised her hand. "We save lives…"


"Serenity, did you get that?" Usagi said, as she pressed upon her earpiece.

"Standing by to receive data specifications," Serenity replied, as the sentient "artificial intelligence" computer prepared to modify Usagi's armor.

"Alright, let's do this," Usagi said, as she turned towards Ami.

"Right," Ami said, as she swallowed hard even as she pulls out her magical henshin rod. Thanks to being a Sailor Scout, her 'curse' of turning into a gray-skinned 'monster girl' had been altered somewhat. At the very least, she no longer had to worry about changing every time she gets excited, unless circumstances for that change were extreme.

"Okay, girls, do it!" Luna said, as she looked around the area, making sure that no one was around to witness their transformation.

"Okay!" Usagi began to say. "Iron Moon Prism: Make-up!"

"Gamma Mercury Power: Make-up!" Ami said.

Usagi is immediately bathed in a shower of light, as her clothes were first replaced with a skin-tight mesh-like body suit, even as bits and pieces of armor appear out of nowhere, and are locked into place around her. At the same time, Ami undergoes her own transformation, as her body grows into full adulthood, and then some, as her eyes turn green, as her muscles and bones are expanded, as her hair lengthens, as her skin pigmentation turns gray, and as her senshi uniform forms around her body.

In quick order, Usagi has become "Iron Moon", while Ami has become "Gamma Mercury".

"You know, I am still impressed by your respective transformations, girls," Luna said.

"Thanks, Luna," Iron Moon said. She then turned towards Gamma Mercury.

"I'm ready to accept the new data, Gamma Mercury."

"Humph," Gamma Mercury growled, as she activates the transfer on her Mercury Computer. "We should have done the transfer BEFORE we changed, 'Tin-Girl'."

"Um, it's 'Iron Moon'."

"I say, what it is," Gamma Mercury replied, as she glared at Iron Moon. "You have a problem with that?"

"Um, no, I don't think so," Iron Moon said nervously. It was always a weird experience in dealing with Ami's changed personality, every time Ami changes to Gamma Mercury. While Ami was a sweet, thoughtful girl, her gamma-radiated persona was ill-tempered and impatient. Iron Moon hope that Ami's and Gamma Mercury's respective personalities will achieve equilibrium someday…hopefully sooner than later.


"Transfer of data specifications is complete," Serenity said. "Initiating changes to 'Moon Beam Cannon' matrix…"

"Remember, we have to make sure that the kidnapped girls are safe and secure," Luna replied.

"Relax, Luna," Iron Moon said. "We got this."

"Can we GO now?" Gamma Mercury said. "I don't have all day, you know."

"Okay," Iron Moon said, as she begins to hover a few feet off the ground. "Ready, steady…NOW!"

Iron Moon discharges her Moon Beam Cannon through her Arc Reactor apparatus. However, rather than have the beam discharge across the neighborhood, the beam begins to penetrate the spot where the missing busses had disappeared. According to Ami's calculations, the energy frequency of the beam would match that of the spatial anomaly, cause space between dimensions to buckle, and then open.

"You did it," Luna said, as she sees a large hole that was opening right in front of her very eyes.

"Warning," Serenity began to say. "Overall energy levels are dropping. System failure is imminent."

"Guys, I won't be able to keep this up," Iron Moon said, as she notices that the hole into the unknown dimension was starting to collapse.

"Get on, Luna," Gamma Mercury said, as she squats down.

"Right," Luna replied, as she hops onto Gamma Mercury's right shoulder. "What about Iron Moon?"

"Watch," Gamma Mercury said, as she smirks with a grin on her face. Using her powerful legs, the gamma-radiated senshi performs a power-leap, one that propels her like a rocket.

"RRRAARGH!" Gamma Mercury roared, as she jumps.

"Gah!" Luna yelled, as she hangs on for dear life.

Gamma Mercury sails towards the hole in space, but not before grabbing Iron Moon from behind.

"Wahhh!" Iron Moon yelled, as she, Luna and Gamma Mercury enters the hole, just before it closes on them.

Meanwhile, at the Hikawa Shrine, Rei, the temple girl, decides to confront her grandfather's assistant Jed. Ever since she was visited by Usagi and Ami, Rei was beginning to suspect that Jed might not be who he claimed to be…


"Okay, Jed," Rei yelled, as she confront Jed, who was minding his own business. "Who are you?"

"What do you mean, Miss Hino?" Jed replied slyly.

"I took one of those charms you've been selling, and determine them to be of evil intent," Rei said, as she throws the box of tainted charms onto the floor on his feet. "I'm not going to ask you again."

"No need," Jed said, as he turns around. And aura of cold menace was apparent on his face.

"Yes, those charms ARE of 'evil' intent," Jed said, as he raised his hand, even as dark energy began to emanate from it. "Too bad you cannot do anything about it."

With that, Jed discharges a bolt of energy at Rei.


Instinctively, Rei leaps out of the way.

"You stupid girl and her equally stupid grandfather," Jed said, as he continued to discharge bolts of energy at Rei. "How many victims of my master plan are there, because you didn't catch on back in the beginning?"


"Ah!" Rei yelled, even as her pet crows Phobos and Deimos took the hit for her.



"Oh, no!" Rei said, as she was backed up in a corner, even as Jed rounds on her.

"Consider this my letter of resignation," Jed said, as he discharged his energy again.

"No!" Rei yelled, as she suddenly shrinks.

"Eh?" Jed said, as the fairy form of Rei immediately flutters past Jedi. "This is new. But…I sense great energy from her now, both ancient and powerful…"


"I will allow my assistant to deal with you, by having her take your energy, sprite!"

With that, Jed opens a hole in space and time, causing Rei-yosei to be sucked into it.

"No!" Rei-yosei yelled, as she was consumed by the hole, before it collapses to a shut.


"Now, nothing will stop me!" Jed said triumphantly.

Just then, a red rose lands at Jed's feet.


"Huh?" Jed said, as he turns to see the culprit. Standing before him was a man dressed in a…tuxedo?

"What?" Jed yelled. "How-?"

"You and I will need to have a talk," Tuxedo Mask said, as he twirls his can around, before stabbing it onto the floor.



Author's Note: What role should Tuxedo Mask play in this story? Does he even have any powers? And should he have a SHIELD connection, like in the film? Let me know what you think.