By Hearts&Roses

Hola dudes! This is my newest story. Hope you likes!

Edward POV

It was the first day of my junior year at Stanford. I had spent the last two years of my life taking stupid courses that I already knew, a repeat of high school if you will. To be able to finally focus on my major, biology was something I simply couldn't wait for. I had heard that Professor Grant was a great professor to have, and I knew that this year was definitely going to be worth the last two years of college hell. When entering the class I saw that on the projector a list of the students' names. It was basically a seating chart. I was to sit at table 10 and my lab partner was to be Isabella M. Swan.

While looking for table 10 I couldn't help but be excited and yet slightly disappointed at the same time. Girls who major in biology are always a little more than a little unfortunate looking. That and they're all reclusive and introverted. I wasn't looking forward to having some frizzy haired, over sized sweater wearing, glasses to big for her face wearing, bio girl as a lab partner, but hey she was more than likely to be really nice.

I finally found table 10 in the middle of the room. It was in kind of a random spot that made it a little hard to find. When I approached the table, however, I was beginning to wonder if I was really at the right table. I saw a pair of bare, slender, perfect feminine legs clad in a pair of open toe criss-cross sling backs – oh my goodness I knew what kind of shoes those were. I've been hanging with my sister way too long – standing straight up from the chair.

I was immediately anxious to see she who owned these legs, and extremely curious as to why she was sitting in her chair upside down. Just as I was about to ask, I saw a small hand with purple nail polish extend towards me.

"Hi, I'm Isabella but you can call me Bella. Are you Edward?" The girl asked. Her voice was slightly muffled seeing as her head was under the table and she was upside down, but even so, she had a very attractive voice.

"Yes, I'm Edward. Why are you sitting upside down?" I answered shaking her hand.

"Because I didn't feel like sitting right side up. Duh." She answered. I chuckled a little at her obvious answer and at her childish tone. Somehow, though, it only added to the interest I had for her.

"Do you mind sitting up right so that I can at least see the face of my lab partner?" I asked. At that moment the legs disappeared and the rest of her became visible. I was stunned to see a beautiful girl with long, wavy, dark brown hair, big brown eyes, and full pouty lips. It was all I could do not to kiss those lips right then and there.

I took my seat next to Bella, "It's nice to meet you Bella," I said, trying to sound confident, not completely sure if I pulled it off.

"Nice to meet you too Edward. I look forward to having you as a lab partner." Bella said in a very friendly tone.

"Yeah, me too." I said. As soon as Bella and I were done introducing ourselves to one another Bella flipped back upside down and had her legs high in the air once again.

"Bella, what is it about being upside down that appeals to you so?" I asked, sure that my curiosity was noticeable.

"Well, being upside down calms me. This is the first day of junior year and I'm determined to make it a good one. But it can't be good if I'm nervously sweating bullets all over the labs, so I am calming myself by taking in a different perspective."

"And being upside down is the different perspective?"

"Yep," Bella said, popping the P.

"And that works for you?" I said, skepticism oozing from my tone.

"Totally, maybe you should try it sometime." Bella said, seemingly annoyed by my tone.

"Maybe." I said. I wasn't completely sure how to take Bella in. I knew that she was unbelievably beautiful and I was sure that she was smart, seeing as she is a Biology major, but something about her was so different. I could tell that this was going to be a very interesting year.