Chapter 6

Edward POV

We spent the rest of dinner talking and laughing about everything and absolutely nothing. It amazed me how comfortable I was with Bella after so little amount of time. Bella had to ask for a to-go box for her food – the wrap was too big for her – while I ate the whole thing because, to my astonishment and Bella's amusement, it was delicious. I paid the bill, thankful that Darren was nowhere to be seen, and we left the restaurant.

"Well I must say Ms. Swan that that your presence has been very pleasant, and I would like to thank you for inviting me along with you." I said.

"Why Mr. Mason, I'd like to thank you for accompanying me tonight and for all your fine compliments," Bella said in a mock southern accent. It was actually kind of cute when she did it. When we reached her car I opened the driver's seat door for her, and allowed her to slip in front of me so that she could get in the car. Before she slipped into the seat, though, she hesitated. She quickly turned around to face me. Her sudden movement startled me and I moved my hands to either side of her on the doorframe.

"I would accompany you anywhere," I told her as I leaned in closer to her so that there was hardly any space between our bodies.

"I think I would like that very much," Bella said as she closed the distance between her body and mine so that the only space between us the immeasurable distance between our lips.

"Good, because there's no way you're getting away from me," I murmured and crashed my lips against hers. The feeling of her full, pouty lips against mine was indescribable. I could feel the electricity flowing from her to me, pulsing through my body. When she sighed in my mouth and I pushed my tongue in her mouth and our tongues met, I felt like I could taste the very essence of her and it was so sweet. It felt like a sin to be able to taste her in such a way, if it weren't for the car supporting me I would have fallen to my knees. When we finally parted, I could still taste her lingering in my mouth. I licked my lips in an attempt to savor her a little longer.

"You taste like heaven," I said, my eyes still closed.

"God knows I'm built for sin," she replied, so quietly I don't think she meant for me to hear it. (A/N if anybody can tell me where that lyric is from 'You taste like heaven, but God knows you're built for sin' I will give you a cookie, or at least give you a special shout out)

I decided that I would let that comment go for now. I didn't want to ruin this perfect moment, and I also didn't want to pry into a comment that I wasn't even supposed to hear. So instead, I hugged her a little tighter to me and nuzzled my head in her neck.

After a few moments of breathing each other in, Bella gently pushed me back from her and told me that it was about time to get home. I agreed with her and we rode in silence for a while until, all of a sudden the rain started to fall, hard.

"Oh geez, I'm sorry but I can't let you drive home in this," Bella said to me.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. If she could drive home in this horrible weather than I don't understand why I couldn't.

"Look, my house is 10 minutes away from where we are now. How far away is your place?" She asked me.

"About 20," I mumbled.

"See, my place would be far more prudent. And, seeing as you probably live so close to the university and have to be around all that horrible noise, my place would be much more peaceful." I thought about this for a moment before I answered her. I knew that she was right and since I walk to school every morning, I wouldn't have to worry about my car. It really was raining really hard out. I finally let Bella know that I caved in to her demands. She smiled a huge and very smug smile.

"Why are you so smiley?" I asked her, even though I knew exactly why.

"I just think it's funny that I can so easily bend you to my will, considering we've only known each other for one day."

"Ah, but a lot has happened in this one day that normally wouldn't happen so fast. Don't you think?"

"Yes, that is very true." Bella said and I could see that she pursed her lips, like she was thinking very hard about something.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked.

"I like you Edward."

"Yes, I like you too Bella," I said, wondering why she would be thinking so hard about something like that.

"No, I mean I really like you. It's a strange feeling for me. I don't usually fall for anyone so easily and when I do, it's never so hard." I mulled over what Bella had just said to me. Tyler was right about the way Bella felt about me. It's unusual, but I couldn't help but wonder if it was a bad thing. I know I liked Bella, and I liked her a lot. I could easily picture myself falling in love with her, if she would let me. And that's what got me to worry, what if she wouldn't let me. I could only hope that she wouldn't get scared and leave me here without her. I'd only known her for 12 hours but I could already feel, deep within my soul that it would be incredibly hard to separated from her.

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