Breaking Dawn

Written by: lizardluvsmason

A/N this is my version of Breaking Dawn. I hope you like it, although it is probably going to be horrible. The story is starting right before Bella is bitten. Please enjoy.

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Chapter 1: Changes

I couldn't't't believe it. Today was the day; they were going to change me. Although to most people it sounds very stupid, and crazy I wanted this. I wanted to be with Edward forever, and although he didn't like it, that meant me becoming a vampire. Then of course Jacob had to ruin it.

The day that I was going to get what I wanted most in the entire world (besides Edward). Jacob…my Jacob had imprinted.

Edward and Alice were watching my expression, which I was trying to mask with no luck. "Oh," was all I could say. I managed to swallow before asking," Who?"

"I don't know exactly, but she is 15, and is new on the reservation," Alice answered.

Edward was staring at me. His eyes were troubled wondering what I was thinking probably.

"Do you still want to go through with it?" he asked gently playing with my hair.

I thought before I answered," Yes," I whispered cuddling close to him.

The others walked in the room (except Rosalie) and then I knew it was time. Alice pecked me on the cheek, and followed them out, they were giving me, and Edward a moment of privacy.

"I love you Bella," he whispered then kissed me lightly on my lips.

"I love you to," I whispered back, tears in my eyes.

Edward leaned down, and bit.

2 hours later

"It burns," I screamed again. Edward held my hand in his cold one. His hand felt so good on my skin that as if I were burning from the inside out.

I was trying not to scream, as another jolt of pain ripped through my body instead I whimpered. "It's okay," Edward's beautiful voice murmured in my ear.

The pain was so intense, it just kept getting worse. I was shrieking now "Fire, put it out," I shrieked. Edward looked at me longing in his eyes. Longing to help me, although he couldn't't.

Carlisle walked into the room. I couldn't't make out every word he said, but it was something about biting more, to make it quicker. I winced as Edward bit me several more times, I was still screaming until I fell asleep.

2 days later

I screamed. It was burning like crazy. I couldn't't move, or see either. I couldn't't hear over my own screaming. Edward was lying against me keeping me from hurting myself. "Only one more day," he whispered when my screams had momentarily stopped. I screamed more. I wouldn't be able to last another day, I would go insane.

The next day

The pain was easing now, it didn't burn very much at all anymore, but it was still there. "Is it almost over?" I mumbled.

"By dawn…it will be over," he said, I noticed he winced when he said over. He meant my life would be over. I would be a vampire. I smiled closing my eyes. It didn't hurt much anymore. Edward was lying beside me, holding my hand; he began to sing my song. After some time my eyes began to droop. "Sleep Bella," he said in a soothing voice, as I drifted to sleep I knew this would be the last time I ever slept.


My eyes fluttered open, they fire was gone replaced by, cold. I knew now. I was a vampire.

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