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Ziva David gasped as the knife was plunged into her chest. She looked down at the handle and back up to look into the eyes of the man, who had a grin on his face. She collapsed onto her knees, and then fell to the ground. The man ran.

"ZIVA!" She herd Tony scream. It sounded so far away, she felt the blackness closing in around her.

"Tony" She said little above a whisper. She saw him running towards her before everything went black.

Ziva slowly opened her eyes and looked around. She realized that she was at her desk, nothing was on it, or on anything else. Confused, she looked at Tony's desk and saw a brunette woman sitting there will a slight smile on her face. She recognized her from photos that Abby had shown her. It was ex-Special agent Caitlin Todd.

"Am I... Dead?" Ziva asked her with wide eyes.

"Damn right you are" Ziva's head snapped to Gibbs' desk. There sat her half-brother Ari Haswari.

"GIBBS! CALL AN AMBULANCE!" Tony shouted frantically to his boss.

Tony was applying pressure to Ziva's wound, trying not to touch the knife's handle. The blood was spilling over his fingers and he was panicking. He bent down slightly to press a kiss to Ziva's lips and whispered to her:

"Please Ziva don't die…Please don't die"

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