Yu-Gi-Oh GX - For the Love of Aster Phoenix

Knowing me, being a huge Aster Phoenix fangirl (and I mean huge, ask Saya522), I just had to make this fanfic- a fanfic where real people can ask Aster questions! I hope all you Aster fangirls enjoy this fic!

1. The Beginning

Hi! My name's Aster Phoenix, and I was asked by Pro League Industries to answer all of your questions. So start bringing them! (Hopefully they aren't silly...)

"Aster... why are you doing this again?" Judai asked.

"Uh... extra money...?"

Would you ever dye your hair pink?


Hmm... that's a hard one. Considering that my hair currently matches with my outfit...

I guess I wouldn't, since, then, I would have to buy a pink suit and probably a pink tie. And they would have a whole section on Wikipedia about my new hair change.

Did you date a girl named Emeralda?

-Saya522 (again, doesn't she get tired?)

Well... I work with Emeralda... and...

"Ooh! Kissy kissy!"

Would you shut up, Judai?!

What's you favorite ice cream?

-Saya522 (for the love of D-Heroes, stop asking me questions)

Hmm... Rocky Road. I guess.

"My fav's chocolate!"


Okay... my first chapter... an intro to the rest of the blah. Start asking questions by reviewing or PM-ing me!