Hi and Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!

"Aster, we're Japanese, you idiot."

So what? Anyway, happy Year of the Rat!

Some things to clear up:

Regular speaking (like this) is Aster.

" " is Judai. I decided to make him part of the story, well, because he's a comic relief.

Thanks so much for all you readers who asked questions! Pro League Industries really appreciates it.

Now on with the story!

Chapter Two: Random Questions- That is the Point, Ya Know!

Hi guys, and welcome to the second chapter of 'For the Love of Aster Phoenix'! I've been spending my whole week listening to old Yu-Gi-Oh GX theme songs, and it was really boring... especially 'Kaisei Josho Hallelujah', I mean, I wasn't even in that season!

"But I was."

Of course, you're the damn main character! I was in depression for two weeks because of that fact!

Our first (real) question:

Aster you son of a -beep- I hate you! Oh and Judai I like chocolate too!

-Saya 522

Well, Saya522, I wonder why you hate me. I didn't do anything wrong; I might of made Ryou turn into Hell Kaiser, and I might of made Judai not see his cards for about five episodes, but I see nothing wrong there.

"I should make something like a chocolate lovers guild, shouldn't I?"

Ooh! This is so cool! Hi Aster! I'm Michelle, and I'm not what you'd call a fangirl, but I do think you're a really cool character. (I do admit that I am a Jesse fangirl. He's really cute, don't you agree?)

So.. I need to ask you something. What do you think of Heroshipping? XD

-D.D. Angel

Thanks! Just one thing- what do you see in Jesse? So yeah, he really kicks ass... and no, he's not cute... even though I want his outfit when he went all evil and crap...

"Heroshipping? Hell no! I mean, why would I be in love with some crazy guy who dyed his hair gray just to match his outfit? Why?!"

Shut up, Judai- I swear, one day, I will throw you off the cliff of Duel Academy...

"And one day, I'll take my super Haou powers and-"


Okay, next question!

1) Are you gay?
2) Are you gay with Juudai?
3) Are you gay with JOHAN?
4) ...what about Ryou?
5) Is Mizuchi hot in your mind?
6) ...what about Junko? (You know you want to comment about Junko.)
7) Did Mike ever molest you?
8) What about DD?
9) Where is your third D-hero Diabolicguy?
10) How much would I need to pay you to run up to Hell Kaiser and kick him in the nuts when he's not looking?

-Huajun Chen

Two words. Holy crap.

First of all, I'm not gay, and even if I was, I would never be gay with Judai. (He's already with Johan!) And that also answers question number three, cause Johan's already taken.

What about Ryou? Does anyone like him?

And about Mizuchi... well... she's isn't half bad... but Saiou would kill me if he found out!

J-Junko... what the hell... (go on and ask me about Chazz, would ya?)

Mike... that bastard... and no, he never molested me. DD, well, that's another story.

I don't have a third D-Hero Diabolic Guy; I only have two...

And about that Hell Kaiser question... that would be $25.56, please.

ok, being the Aster fan I am, I have to ask this - "Do you have a secret relationship with Zane Truesdale?
"I had to ask that after reading the gazillionth AsterZane shipping fanfic.
Lol, pretty funny so far.


A secret relationship with Zane Truesdale?! You know, I told myself not to travel with him after we all went into that Dark World place... damn it, I don't like him!

"Ooh, Aster's blushing!"

Judai! Shut the hell up, would ya?

hmm...I feel like asking the random questions
Aster do you like bubble gum and why is the sky blue?

I have no inspiration right now. continue soon!

-Alexandria Phoenix

"Random questions! Yay!"

I like bubble gum- actually, I prefer those IceBreakers cube-shaped gum.

And the sky is blue because... we're all colorblind. It's really gray, like my hair.

And I like your username. Especially the Phoenix part.

What are your thoughts on the pairings between you and Judai?

-Lil' Pup

I hate the pairings about me and Judai. I mean, Judai is interesting, but not in a way that I would like him- he's interesting in a way that I want to kill him every five minutes. If you understood that.

Hey, this is new! I'm not a HUGGE fan of Phoenix's. But, he's a good kid. Plus, I love to bombard people with questions! Did you get this from LittleKuriboh?

I've a couple, actually. Might ask more later

1) Can you communicate with your monsters, too? Like Jesse and Jaden can? In the whole second season, there were tiny, vague hints that you could (like in episode 57).

2) How's Sartorius? Still wants to blow stuff up with satellites?


A.N- I really wasn't thinking about LittleKuriboh when I made this. Actually, when I read WhiteLadyDragon's question, I just remembered that Kuriboh made something like this with Bakura. Back to the story!

Yeah, I kinda can communicate with my monsters- but not like Judai who practically makes out with them... I see ya do it, Judai...

And yes, Sartorius likes to blow stuff up with satellites still. The other day, the fire department had to go to his house because he blew up his latest model of the X-7H638G satellite... and boy, was Mizuchi pissed...

"You know, people you can ask me questions too!"

Shut up, Judai.

Well, that's over with. I'll begin to write the next chapter, starting with Peep1's questions, so, for all you people who's questions weren't answered, it will be answered soon! Sorry it took me so long to update!

Oh, and tehTwinkleAlchemist, I call Aster 'Assi-kun' too! (Her questions will be answered next time.)

Next Chapter: Flaming Chickens, FMA and Burger King

"See ya next time!"