Title: Exceeds Expectations

Author: Siren's Call

Disclaimer: This goes without saying.

A/N: I am without a doubt incredibly nervous about posting this little piece. (I say "piece" because Exceeds Expectations is a bit over the one hundred-word limit of a true drabble.) "Why am I nervous?" you may ask. This is the first time I have ever written an explicit love scene and because of this, I sincerely hope that all of you wonderful readers will review with helpful critiques. And concerning an anonymous review I received, this person had mistaken my story as "rape." I say this in the utmost seriousness that this is not a rape scene that you are about to read. Thank you for your understanding and I hope you enjoy.

Key: '…' thoughts; "…" speech

Time Line: Post-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince disregarded.


Self-contempt burned—pounded through his veins in shameless mockery but he would not allow it to deter him from his need. He shoved her plaid skirt up to her waist and sneered in unbridled lust when he saw that she was not wearing any panties. His entire being was consumed by euphoric incandescence as he beheld the vision before him: this witch in his arms… Keening, glowing, wanting.

'So young…' his mind's voice whispered, as if marveling at his fortune of possessing such a girl.

His thoughts further inflamed him and he freed himself from the confines of his own trousers, immediately entering her then. She gasped at the sudden intrusion, her own tumultuous flow of humiliated tears merging with her sweat. She was forced further up the frigid, unforgiving stone wall as he mercilessly thrust upwards.

Fearful that they would be discovered in their hidden alcove, she bit into his shoulder, vainly attempting to stifle her wanton cries. He immediately jerked her head back, his long fingers cruelly tearing at her thick locks. He chuckled wickedly, relishing the sight of his young lover quiver in unnerved salaciousness.

"No, Miss Granger," Snape breathed, carnally-induced arrogance ornamenting his plush voice, now a lasciviously-crafted enchantment. "I expect you to scream for me, and I expect you to do it well."