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Bright Future

Rating: T

Pairing Jozak/Conrad

I don't own KKM or any its characters.

Conrad flitted his fingers across Jozak's chest, earning a shudder from the other man.

"Neh, Commander, whatcha do that for?"

"I felt like it."

"Well, maybe I feel up for another round."

Conrad smiled. "We went at it all last night."

"I'm good for another round."

"You may be able to relax today, but I have to protect Yuri."

"The kiddo can take care of himself. Besides he has Wolfram." Jozak flipped on top of Conrad, trailing kisses down the smaller man. As he hit every single one of Conrad's sensitive spot, the other moaned and arched into him, brushing a re-awakening erection against his lover. Jozak smirked to himself.

"That's right, Commander," he thought. "I knew you'd see it my way."

"Jozak," Conrad moaned, tangling his hands in red hair Jozak crawled down his body, under the covers, taking his erection into a skilled mouth.

"Weller!" Wolfram's voice preceded him through the door.

Jozak froze like a fox cornered by hunting dogs. "Damn it," he murmured against Conrad's member, causing the other to moan in pleasure. He mentally slapped himself.

"Weller, what the hell?"

Conrad closed his eyes, trying to compose himself without showing the panic that welling up inside him. He smiled serenely at his younger brother. "Yes, Wolfram, may I help you?"

"I was…what the hell are you doing?"

"Nothing, I'm just a little sore, so when you startled muscles, I jerked, hurting the sore muscles."

"Right. Then what's that between your legs?"

"A pillow." He lightly kicked Jozak in the side in an attempt to prove his point. Jozak oomphed in pain. "Oh well, it was a lame lie anyway."

"This is the first time I've heard a talking pillow, Weller."

Jozak crawled out from under the covers and propped up on his elbow. "Morning, Wolfram."

Wolfram's eyes widened and he paled. "I…um…um…" He shook his head and left the room traumatized.

"Sorry 'bout that, Commander," Jozak said, noting the red on Conrad's cheeks. "I thought I locked the door."

"How am I going to explain this to Wolfram?"

"What, Commander, you aren't allowed to enjoy yourself?"

"It's not that. What do you tell a little brother who has just walked in on you when you're having sex with someone who is supposed to be a subordinate, brother-in-arms, and best friend?"

"Tell him that we're engaged."

"Jozak, lying's not the solution. We're not…" Jozak slapped Conrad's left cheek.

"Sorry, Commander, it slipped. I guess if you don't want to be dishonorable, you'll have to accept." He shrugged and smiled slyly.

Conrad mouth twitched and then he started laughing. "Yes, you sly fox. Yes." Jozak claimed Conrad's lips and as Conrad closed his eyes to melt into the fiery kiss of his fiancé, he thought of the bright future to come.