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The water was rushing into the chamber and it was rushing fast. He could hear it roaring around him as it quickly filled the room. It was cold but he didn't notice. He didn't notice his parents or Riley starting to panic. Right now, the only thing he could focus on was her. And how Wilkinson was holding a knife and it was dangerously close to her throat.

He started begging with Wilkinson to leave her alone but he didn't seem to hear him. He swore up and down on everything that mattered to him that he would be the one to stay in the room to drown.

The knife got closer. He started screaming. He tried to wade through the water but he couldn't move. Wilkinson brought the knife to her skin. He reached for her, he screamed her name, he looked into her eyes as Wilkinson pulled the knife across…

Benjamin Franklin Gates woke with a start. He sat up in his bed and looked around frantically. His breathing was heavy. Where was he? What had just happened?

He turned to see Riley snoring soundly in the bed next to his and then he remembered: treasure, Mt. Rushmore, Abigail, hotel room…Abigail! Was she all right? Of course she was. It's almost 1 in the morning. It was just a nightmare.

Just a nightmare.

He ran his hand through his flowing hair and sighed. There was no way he was getting anymore sleep after that. He quietly slid out from his bed (not that Riley could hear him the way he was snoring), put on his boots, grabbed his jacket, and headed out of their hotel room.

The night air was cold, but it cleared his head and slowed down his racing heart. He wandered aimlessly around the hotel ground for a while, trying to clear the horrid image of Abigail from his mind.

As if just thinking of her made her appear, there she was, walking toward him on the same path. Her head was down and she had not seen him yet; she seemed to be lost in her own thoughts as well.

Just as in his dream, he couldn't move. He stood there waiting as she came closer and closer…

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