Author: IanBuddy

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Romance

Disclaimer: I do not now nor ever will own Sailormoon, etc etc… This is done for fun not profit, so on and so forth.

Description: Hey one and all, V-chan here. This is another one of my attempts at a short one-part story. Thankfully it is short, in a long kind of way :) Anyway we have the usual characters Serena and Darien. This is another sappy, but clean, romantic story where Serena is having a horrible time with hiccups, and someone (you know who) has to help her get rid of it. How does he do it…hmm…well you're just gonna have to read and find out. Lots of love and kisses to my friends who keep me writing.

Hiccup Mania


HICCUP "Ugh!" the blonde meatball headed girl grumbled in frustration as she plopped down on the stool. HICCUP She groaned in agony then dropped her head on the counter. HICCUP "Aagh!"

Darien and Andrew looked on curiously as the girl repetitively banged her head on the countertop.

"Careful Meatball Head, you don't want to knock out the little bit of brain cells you have left, do ya?" Darien teased ruthlessly.

HICCUP "Can it Darien!" Serena fussed at her long-time nemesis. HICCUP "I'm not in the mood for your HICCUP smart-aleck remarks today ALRIGHT!"

"What's your problem, did you klutz out in public again or something?" Darien continued to taunt with a huge smirk dancing on his lips.

Serena turned to face the amused dark haired blue-eyed jerk, anger boiling up within her. "DARIEN!" she growled as her face quickly turned bright red in anger. If looks could kill he would definitely had been fried to a crisp. How dare he! Look at him sitting there drinking his coffee and laughing at my plight. I would love to smack that smug arrogant look right off his incredibly gorgeous face. Yeah that would show him. He has no idea what I've been going through and he thinks he can just make fun of me whenever he feels like it! HICCUP

Andrew, who was standing behind the counter, could see that the usual carefree and happy meatball headed girl was about to explode on his jesting friend. "Ok ok, let's calm down Serena," he cut in, hoping to save Darien from being pummeled.

"No I will not calm down!" Serena yelled at Andrew.

Both Andrew and Darien's mouth dropped open in shock. Never, in all the years Serena had ventured into the arcade, had she raised her voice in anger towards Andrew. Actually it was quite the opposite, she and her friends would flirt shamelessly with him every chance they got.

"Serena honey, what's wrong?" Andrew asked slowly and softly. He knew Darien was in deep trouble now. More than likely his friend must have pushed her buttons one too many times.

"What's wrong? What's wrong! HE is what's wrong," she fumed as she pointed a long accusing finger at Darien.

Un-phased by her outburst, Darien just smirked and took another sip of his coffee.

Serena rolled her eyes in exasperation as she tried earnestly to hold back tears of frustration. "You see Drew, he acts like he could care less. I have been having the worst day…no…the worst two weeks of my life, and the only thing he does is make fun of me." HICCUP HICCUP "Aagrr!"

"Oh good grief Meatball Head, do you always have to be so over-dramatic about…oww…" Darien cried out as Andrew slapped a hand towel upside his head. "Dude, what was that for?" he growled at his friend.

Andrew glared back before reverting his attention back to the teary-eyed girl. "Talk to me Serena. I know this bozo isn't the cause of this much sadness," he soothingly consoled.

SNIFFLE HICCUP "I know, I'm sorry Drew. You're right, it's just that I'm so…ah…I 'm so frustrated right now. HICCUP," she calmly explained. "It's just these stupid HICCUP hiccups. I've had these horrible hiccups everyday for the past two weeks and they're driving me crazy."

"Hiccups!" Darien scoffed with a slight chuckle. "That's why you're going berserk on us because you can't get rid of your hiccups? Good grief Meatball Head, drink some water or something."

"Just ignore him Serena," Andrew stated as daggers shot from his eyes towards his amused friend. "Look, how about I make you a strawberry milkshake, on the house. Maybe that will help you feel better, ok sweetheart?" he coaxed softly as he leaned over the counter and gently caressed the tears off her cheeks.

HICCUP Temporarily forgetting her misery, Serena nodded happily at Andrew's yummy suggestion. A strawberry milkshake was an excellent way to boost up her droopy spirits.

"Good, I'll be back in a second."

What a wonderful, gorgeous, hunk of a man. Andrew is so sweet, he definitely cares about me…unlike someone else… she thought dreamy-eyed as she reverted her eyes from Andrew's retreating back to Darien's stone walled face. Wow that's a cold look, what's his problem anyway? I'm the one who should be pissed off not him. What a jerk! He would be so totally hot if he weren't so mean. He could at least show some compassion for me.

Darien took another sip of his coffee then turned his attention back to Serena who had a very disgruntled, but cute look on her face. "What? Are you blaming me for your hiccups now?"

Not responding Serena continued to glare at her nemesis. HICCUP

Darien rolled his eyes in frustration, "Look Meatball Head, if it's bothering you that much then do something about it instead of complaining."

"For your information jerk, I've already tried water…and food…and holding my breath. Don't you think that after two weeks I would have been smart enough to try everything?"

"Do you really want me to answer that?" he asked with laughter in his voice. "I mean you make it too easy for me."

"Whatever you jerk. HICCUP Look, just leave me alone alright, I'm not in the mood for your crap today."

"Listen Serena," Andrew chimed in as he returned with her frosty drink, "Maybe you should go to the doctor and get yourself checked out."

"I have, and he said he couldn't find anything 'physically' wrong with me. He did suggest that I might consider changing my diet, and blah blah blah…"

At that statement Darien started to sputter and cough as he choked on his coffee. He was trying his hardest not to laugh so he could concentrate on getting his breath back.

Both Andrew and Serena eyed him evilly as he slowly regained his composure.

"See Darien, you shouldn't laugh at the expense of others, you could choke to death," Andrew berated with a slight amused twitch on his lips.

"I know but…I think Meatball Head's doctor doesn't realize that she's like a human garbage disposal," Darien countered while coughing and laughing hysterically.

"How dare you say that about me!" Serena raged. "Well you're…ah…you're nothing but an egotistical, arrogant, pain in the rear, idiotic, HICCUP laughing buffoon!"

Darien responded by doubling over in laughter.

"You ought to be committed Darien. You are so mean, I can't HICCUP stand you," she growl menacingly with a tough of sadness lacing her voice. I'll show that jerk not to mess with me. I'll wipe that annoying, but irresistible, smile off his adorable face. Argh…stay focused girl. Remember he's laughing at you because he's an evil, uncaring man.

"Serena just ignore him, he's just trying to get your panties in a twist," Andrew commented gently, but immediately regretted his choice of words as he saw Serena's eyes grow wide in shock and cheeks redden in embarrassment. "Uh…what I meant was he's just trying to piss you off," he reiterated hoping to relax her.

"Oh, thank goodness. I thought…well never mind what I thought," she sighed as she closed her eyes and counted to ten so she could calm down.

"What an appropriate phrase Andrew, I'm surprised I didn't think of it," Darien mocked as he continued to chuckle. "But I think you've embarrassed the poor girl to death. Look how red she is."

Abruptly, without a word, Serena slid off her stool and maneuvered her way towards Darien so she was standing only inches away. Darien sobered up instantly as her small rounded face with darken blue fiery eyes rested about a hairsbreadth away from him.

HICCUP "You know what Darien," she started while placing her hands on her hips as she gazed into his navy blue eyes. Wow, his eyes are gorgeous…FOCUS! "I really can't stand you. You are the only person that I have ever known whose face I would love to scratch off."

"Really, I never would have guessed," he countered sarcastically but with a little less fire than usual because inside he was a ball of nerves, and sweating like a school aged boy in love.

She noticed the slight change of his tone and the tad quiver in his voice. She also observed a slight fidgetiness of his hands and body. What is going on here? Wait is he nervous? No! There is no way…why would he be nervous? I doubt it; he's probably just uncomfortable because I'm standing so close to him. Oh boy, I am very close to his tall…and well-toned frame. And did I mention how blue his eyes were…

For a long moment the two just gazed into each other's eyes, neither making a sound nor taking a breath.

I've never noticed how incredibly gorgeous he was. I mean from afar he's hot of course, I'm not blind, but at close range he's downright…breathtaking…if you can call a guy that. But I'm shocked I really hadn't noticed the ten thousand times I've run into him. HICCUP Because of that hated sound, the spell between them was instantly broken.

Darien quickly recovered and reverted his eyes from the blonde beauty. "So do you have something interesting to say Meatball Head, or do you just enjoy being this close to me?"

That comment snapped Serena back into reality and her cheeks began to redden in embarrassment, again. "Oooh, you really are a hot-headed prick who doesn't know when to keep his big mouth shut," she roared with anger.

"I try my best," he teased with an inciting smirk.

"Well then let me help you cool down a bit." Then without more ado, and a smile gracing her lips, she grabbed her frosty beverage and slowly poured the pink gooey substance over his head.

Darien sat calmly without emotion as Serena shook out the last little droplets of strawberry goodness onto his head.

Andrew burst into a fit of laughter as Serena smiled triumphantly at her cunningness. Darien, on the other hand, continued to sit unmoving as Serena twirled around giddily while patting herself on the back for a job well done. But in all her gaiety she failed to notice the mischievous sparkle flashing in his stormy blue eyes.

"There you go Darien…I think pink is definitely your color. Hiccup" she stated sweetly then sat back down on her stool feeling very satisfied.

"Well that was a very cold side of you Meatball Head," Darien stated calmly as he slid off his seat and stealthily took his place next to the giggling girl.

"Sigh I know," she acknowledged arrogantly still chuckling over her craftiness. Finally I have the upper hand. He always gets the last laugh but now…ha, look who's laughing now. That will teach that egotistical, obnoxious jerk not to mess with me. Unfortunately, because she was reveling in her supremacy, she failed to notice that Darien slipped from his seat and maneuvered himself directly behind her.

"But you know what the best part of your little prank was?" he whispered deeply into her ear.

Serena's laughter quickly subsided as she felt his warm breath tickling her ear. Fear immediately engulfed her as she realized the precarious situation she was in. HICCUP "Darien, please don't do what I think you're gonna do hiccup," she pleaded in vain while closing her eyes and praying the floor would open up and swallow her.


In an instant every person in the arcade was jolted from their seats as a high-pitched wail exploded in the room like a bomb going off. People looked on in amusement as a handsome pink strawberry man tackled a bun-headed squealing girl, smearing the pink gooey substance all over her. Serena struggled unsuccessfully against her assailant since most of her energy was channeled into her boisterous laughter and screams. The assault was short lived as the exhausted couple sprawled out on the arcade floor giggling like school kids with strawberry milkshake covering their faces, clothes, and hair.

"Great, I'm going to be here all day cleaning up this mess," Andrew murmured under his breath. But he couldn't complain too much, he loved the fact that Serena and Darien were actually having fun together…for once. "Hey you two love-birds, are you finished with your little make-out session yet…good grief show some dignity people, this is a family restaurant you know," he teased joyfully.

Darien chuckled at his friend's remark while Serena blushed a bright shade of red which made her look like a pink candy-coated apple.

"Yeah I think we're finished here," Darien responded as he lifted himself off the floor. He then turned and lowered his hand to Serena offering her assistance.

Wow, what is this? Darien is actually acting like a gentleman…shocking, someone please pinch me. Maybe he's not as much of a jerk as I thought. So with a smile she allowed him to help her up. "Thanks," she stated with a bit of shyness. As she stood up she found herself within close proximity to his person again, and gazing into a pair of deep piercing blue eyes. She soon realized that he was not being quick to release her hand…not that she minded though. I wonder why he's not pushing me away from him or calling me a cruel name. I wonder if his heart is pounding as fast as mine. None of this makes since. You know who cares, he is the most gorgeous man I have ever been this close to…even with the pink guck running down his face. Maybe, just maybe he might actually like me…in a romantic kinda way.

"So," Darien purred softly as he gazed down into her wide sparkling eyes, "do you think that cured your hiccups?"

Snapping out of her trance, Hiccups? What is he…oh yeah my hiccups. I can't believe it, my hiccups are gone…I'm cured! HICCUP Never mind…oh well. She thought disgruntled.

"So does this mean I should break open the bottle of champagne? You two are the hottest and pinkest couple in here," Andrew interjected loudly shattering the tranquility of the mood.

Darien rolled his eyes at his jesting friend, "Grow up Andrew, you know that would never happen."

With those words Serena's heart felt as though it had been ripped from her chest and stomped on. Who am I kidding, like Darien could ever see himself with someone as plain as me. Whatever…who cares anyway.

"We all know that the closest thing you would ever have to champagne is Sprite," Darien teased his friend and gave Serena a sly wink.

Strike that last thought…maybe he does like me…hmm.

Andrew chuckled and tossed them both a wet towel, "here, clean yourselves off. You both are a mess, and you're dripping milkshake on my floor."

"Thanks Drew," Serena replied sweetly as she attempted to wipe off as much of the sticky shake as possible. HICCUP "And you are wrong Drew, Darien is definitely not into me like that. I mean look at us, we argue all the time, and he is always such a jerk to me. Actually this was the first time we have ever gotten along and laughed with each other." As she made her statement she briefly glanced out the corner of her eye to catch Darien's reaction. She noticed him with his arms crossed over his chest staring at her with a slight smirk tugging at his lips, so she quickly looked away. HICCUP

"You know I think you're right Serena," Andrew commented. "I don't think I've seen you two ever get along or have fun together. But Darien, the next time I tell you to be nice to a girl that doesn't mean tackle her to the ground and rub your body all over her."

Both Darien and Andrew chuckled heartily over that statement while Serena continued to blush profusely from embarrassment.

HICCUP HICCUP HICCUP "Argh! Why won't these stupid hiccups go away," she cried out in frustration.

"Well there has to be some way to get rid of them," Andrew stated, concern instantly replacing his merriment.


"Umm…let's see, you've tried eating and drinking, and laughing…hmm. I'm sorry Serena, I'm not quite sure what else to do. Well here's a thought, how about…"

"Scaring them away," Darien cut in.

"Scare them away? I honestly doubt that would work either HICCUP," Serena responded sadly. HICCUP "Ooh, I'd give anything…ANYTHING…if someone could get rid of these horrible hiccups. I would be a maid, do that person's homework, cook, anything!"

Darien and Andrew looked at each other with dread, they both knew too well from the stories they had heard that those suggestions were not any of Serena's…"strong points"…putting it kindly.

"I don't think you need to resort to something that drastic Serena," Andrew cajoled gently.

"But I would do it Drew, I'm desperate." HICCUP

"How desperate?" Darien piped in.

Serena eyed him quizzically. Why is he asking that? I wonder, what is going through that head of his…or do I really want to know? "What do you have in mind Darien?"

"Something interesting…but how desperate are you? Would you be open to anything?"

"Anything that's not perverted Darien. I'm not that kind of girl," she bit back.

"Of course, I would never suggest anything like that. What kind of guy do you think I am?" he retorted.

Serena continued to stare at him trying to read his thoughts and wondering if she should trust him or turn tail and run. I know he has some crazy idea hiding up his sleeve. But what could it hurt? If he can rid me of this nuisance, then great! I trust him…I think. "Ok Darien, I'm open for anything you want to offer." HICCUP

"And afterwards you'll give me anything I ask for right?" he confirmed with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

Oh boy, I know I'm really going to regret this. "Anything!" she stated with as much bravado as she could muster while meeting his gaze head on. "But don't be a pervert or anything, I mean it."

"Of course," he confirmed with a sly wink causing little butterflies to dance around in her stomach.

"Ok, so what is it?"

"Sorry, can't tell you yet," he teased. "So how 'bout you meet me back here at the arcade in two hours."

"Two hours?"

"I need some time to make arrangements, then I need to hop in the shower to get this guck off of me."

Serena giggled, "Yeah, a nice shower sounds wonderful right about now. Ok two hours then."

"Oh also," Darien continued as his eyes gingerly roamed up and down Serena's petite frame causing shivers to run through her body and her cheeks to stain red from embarrassment. "You might want to wear something a bit…warmer."

"Warmer? But it's summer…" she started to complain as she glanced at her pink stained short sleeved top and jean mini-skirt.

"Just do it Meatball Head. A pair of jeans and long sleeved shirt will work well."

"What are you planning Darien?" Andrew inquired curiously.

"That's for me to know and Meatball Head to find out…in two hours."

Serena crossed her arms and glared menacingly at him as he continued to use that hated name. "I don't know if I want to be alone with you now jerk." HICCUP

"Look if you'd like, Andrew could come along too."

"Cool, I would love to come," Andrew exclaimed with a bit of over the top excitement. "Uh…what I meant was, I think it would be right if I came along just to watch over Serena of course… hee hee. But I'll need to get things in order here first. That shouldn't be much of a problem though, I'm sure Sherri will cover for me."

"Then it's settled," Darien concluded. "Don't worry Meatball Head, I assure you I'm going to scare those hiccups right outta you."

"Why do I feel like I'm going to regret this?" Serena whined under her breath. HICCUP


End of Chapter 1

Hey Minna…I hope everyone enjoyed this first chapter. This story originally was suppose to be a one-shot…but who am I kidding…hee hee. Anyway, on a serious note, this is one of my major fluff stories, and it's just going to get fluffier. I already have the whole story written but I just haven't transferred it all to the computer yet. Be patient please, to all those who liked it. Please R&R, but be kind…I'm very sensitive, and I'm only doing this for fun and to bring enjoyment to people. Thanks again to all my peeps that encouraged me to write…Luv you guys. The next chapter should come out real soon. God Bless!!


January 2008