Author: IanBuddy

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Romance

Disclaimer: I do not now nor ever will own Sailormoon, etc etc… This is done for fun not profit, so on and so forth.

Description: Hey one and all, V-Chan here with Chapter 4. FINALLY…the last chapter. I'm so glad you've enjoyed this story enough to finish it. Thank you :) Remember that this is just a short epilogue. Lots of love to my friends and readers who keep me writing. Hope you like.

Hiccup Mania


"And then Andrew, Jason, and the others found us. Then we all went back to the airport," Serena finished relating her bizarre story to her girlfriends.

All four girls stared open-mouthed at their meatball headed friend.

"Wow," Amy exclaimed softly, as she was the first to break the silence.

"I don't think 'wow' is the word I would use," Raye put in bitterly, a scowl forming across her forehead.

"I think it's soooo romantic," Mina sighed blissfully while batting her eyelashes.

"I agree with Mina," Lita added with a dreamy sigh as well.

"Really?" Serena squealed merrily.

"Well I don't," Raye interjected. "I mean, I probably would think it was romantic if what you said actually happened."

"I don't understand," Serena questioned, confusion written all over her face.

"Oh com'on Meatball Brains, do you really expect us to believe that crazy story you just told?"

"But that's what happened."

"I doubt that."

Raye's cynicism was starting to make Serena's temper flare. "Look Pyro, I have no reason to make up a story like that, so why don't you just keep your stupid doubts to yourself."

"Whatever Sere, we all know that you have a huge crush on Darien, so instead of admitting the truth you bore us with some ridiculous dream."

"A dream? Alright Miss Know-it-All, then how do you explain my hiccups going away, huh?"

"Who knows, you were probably running as usual and bumped into something. Now that I can believe since you are a total klutz," Raye argued back then stuck her tongue out.

"What! You are so mean Raye," Serena yelled back and stuck her tongue out at the raven-haired priestess. Of course this resulted in a battle of angry tongue sticking outing and verbal insults.

"Really you two, must you always engage in this type of juvenile behavior every time we are in public?" Amy scolded gently at her two friends.

"I hate to say it Sere, but Raye might have a point," Lita interrupted.

Serena instantly ceased her verbal blows to turn shocked unbelieving eyes on her brunette friend. "Lita…"she whimpered.

Lita squirmed uncomfortably in her seat from Serena's piercing heartbroken stare. "I'm sorry Sere, I'm not trying to hurt your feelings. I just thought that maybe Raye might be right. I mean I loved your story about getting rid of your hiccups, but it did sound a bit too…"

"Romantic," Mina helped.

"Yes romantic…I mean a little too romantic to be real. It's like a story I would read from one of Mina's romance book collections."

"She's right, very very mushy stuff," Mina added her commentary again.

"Thank you Lita, finally someone else who can see through her web of lies," Raye stated proudly.

"What, are you serious? You actually don't believe me Lita?" Serena asked incredulously.

"No no, it's not that I don't believe you…"

"We don't believe you!" Raye blurted haughtily.

"Who asked you anyway," Serena snapped bitterly at Raye.

"Look Sere," Lita interceded to prevent another round of tongue lashing and name calling. "I don't know what I was thinking, of course I believe you. I never meant to doubt your sincerity."

"Wimp," Raye spat then sat back in her chair and crossed her arms with a humph.

Lita rolled her eyes at Raye's nasty attitude, then reverted her attention back to her meatball-headed friend. "Anyway, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. I think what happened to you was really romantic, and I hope maybe one day something like that would happen to me…well not exactly like that…but something close…with a really hot guy, and…"

"What did that Jason guy look like?" Mina interrupted because she was getting tired of Lita's blabbering.

"Good grief Mina, you have such a one-tracked mind. Who cares about Jason," Raye fussed rolling her eyes at her other irritating blonde friend.

"Com'on, I'm curious. If he's as hot as Serena said he was then I want her to hook a girl up…you know what I'm sayin'," Mina giggled then reached over the table and slapped five with Serena.

"You both are airheads," Raye whispered under her breath.

But unfortunately Mina heard her remark and narrowed her gaze on her friend. "You know Sere, I think I have a better idea. Maybe you should hook him up with Raye."

"What?" both Serena and Raye shrieked.

"Trust me this would be perfect. Now sit back and watch me do what I do best…and that's matchmaking."

All four friends rolled their eyes. They knew when Mina got her mind onto setting people up there was no stopping her.

"He's obviously a gorgeous guy. He's educated and has a job, plus he loves to fly…he's perfect for you!" Mina concluded merrily while patting herself on the back.

"Mina, dear," Raye stated as calmly as she could while trying to hold back the urge to reach over and whack her ditzy friend upside her head. "Of course there are a few flaws with your matchmaking scheme. One of the biggest is…I HATE TO FLY! Good grief Mina, you act like you don't even know me you dope."

Mina sighed in frustration, "Fine, excuse me for trying to help. But I still think you definitely need a man."

"And why is that?"

"Well maybe if you had a guy in your life you wouldn't be such a grouch all the time," Mina retorted.

"Ha ha, you're hilarious Mina. Why would I need a guy when I have you and Serena to annoy me to death?"

"Hey," Serena fussed.

"But whatever, we have gotten so far off track with this matchmaking stuff. Let's get back to the issue at hand shall we. I think Serena either fabricated the whole story or severely embellished the truth."

"Hey I resent that statement Raye. I'm not sure what fabrics or emblems have to do with my story, but since it's coming from you I know you're being nasty," Serena argued forcibly.

"Uh Serena, Raye wasn't taking about fabrics she was…"

"You can explain it to her later Amy," Raye cut off her timid friend. "As I was saying the only way to prove this crazy story of hers is to go to the source. I'll ask Darien when he comes in."

"Ask me what?" Darien inquired as he approached the girls' table.

All eyes instantly flew to the sexy newcomer.

"Darien, just the man I wanted to see," Raye remarked with a smug looking adorning her face.

"It's good to see you too Raye," he replied uncertainly. "Hello girls…Meatball Head."

"Hey Darien," the girls sang dreamily, except Serena who continued to stare at him with an unreadable look in her eyes.

He noticed her quiet demeanor and chuckled softly to himself.

"Darien," Raye cooed softly. "We are so glad you're here. Could you assist us with resolving a little…misunderstanding we are having?"

"Sure, how can I be of service?"

"Well Serena told us about her hiccupping incident yesterday and…"

"Yeah," he prompted.

"Honestly we don't believe her."

"You don't believe me Raye, everyone else does," Serena interjected forcefully.

Raye just waved her friend off and brought her attention back to the dark-haired stud looming over her.

"So what exactly did you not believe," he questioned with a slight smirk dancing on his lips as he tried to contain his mirth.

"Everything! Really Darien, the whole story sounded too good to be true."

Serena huffed at Raye's rude remarks, and leaned back in her chair with arms crossed glaring at her friend.

Ignoring the pouty blonde Raye continued. "Serena said that she had tried everything imaginable to get rid of her hiccups…that I could believe. Then after you attacked her by rubbing your body all over hers…yeah she wishes…you proposed a solution to get rid of them by taking her skydiving. Then out of the blue you tried to kill her by pushing her out of the plane without a parachute. But in reality, she did have a chute and she landed safely, quote 'with no thanks to him' end quote. Blah blah blah…and then here comes the shocker. Because you fell in love with her…eyes rolling…for who knows what reason, you made out with her in the middle of the field…yeah right."

As Raye concluded her version of the story, Darien couldn't stop himself from chuckling.

"What's so funny," a red-face Serena demanded.

"You are Meatball Head," he responded lightly while trying to settle down his laughter.

"Why am I so funny?"

"Because I can't believe you told them that crazy tale."

"What!" Serena screeched as she quickly sprang from her seat.

"I knew it," Raye announced triumphantly. "You can't pull the wool over my eyes girlie, I know you too well."

"Shut up Raye! Darien, what are you talking about? That was exactly how it all happened."

Darien tsked at the emotional blonde, "I don't think so sweetheart. I love how you distort the truth to get a rise out of your friends."

Serena slowly sauntered over to the haughty sexy man with hands on her hips gearing up for a verbal match. "And what exactly did I distort 'Oh Knowledgeable One'?"

Darien smiled wickedly, "First of all, YOU approached me about solving your little problem. Second, I never attacked you, I just needed some help getting that pink milkshake off of me. And third, I didn't try to kill you…just scare you a little."

"Ok maybe you have a point with the first two issues, but you are so wrong on the third. I think that you tried to kill me. I actually thought I was gonna die," Serena countered stubbornly.

The girls continued to look on in wonder, but Raye was the only one who was thoroughly amused at their little banter.

"Good grief, when are you going to acknowledge the fact that I was ONLY trying to scare you?"

"Yeah to death!"

Darien rolled his eyes at the exasperating girl, "There you go exaggerating the facts again. I go out of my way to help you with your dilemma and you are still pissed off at me. I tried my best, and was successful, but you just won't let that little issue go. Honestly, I thought I already proved to you how sorry I was. You know maybe if you got yourself a decent boyfriend you wouldn't be so hot-headed…Meatball Head," he mouthed her hated name in a soft and seductive manner.

Serena responded by narrowing her eyes and stepping just a hairsbreadth away from his tall stature. Because her back was facing her friends they were unable to see the impish smirk playing on her lips. "You're right, I am a bit of a hot-head. But Darien…what have I told you about calling me Meatball Head, huh?"

"Well if I remember correctly…you wanted me to call you that as often as possible because you love how it sounds coming off my lips," he replied with a sexy grin etched on his face.

All was quiet. The girls couldn't believe that Darien was arrogant enough to make a statement like that to Serena, when everyone knew full well how much she loathed that name. All the girls cringed in anticipation of Serena's inevitable explosion.

A second later, Serena grabbed the front of Darien's shirt and pulled him up against her, "That's right buster, and don't you ever forget it."

Then to everyone's utter surprise and shock, the two well-known adversaries were locked in a passionate kiss. The whole arcade seemed to gasp at this unexpected sight. Some girls actually fainted seeing the most sought after gorgeous guy in town lip-locked with HER.

"Hey girls," Andrew approached the stunned group. "What's up? Why do you girls look so…ah man, not again," he grumbled shaking his head at the kissing couple. "For the last time…GET A ROOM!"

The two instantly turned to the source of the loud comment, Serena's face red with embarrassment.

"Jealous Andrew," Darien responded with a raise of an eyebrow.

"Of course I am," Andrew joked merrily. "Some of us single people here are feeling a bit loveless. Right girls?"

All four girls nodded and agreed meekly.

"Well sorry for making you uncomfortable, but I won't let anything stop me from showing my love to the most beautiful girl in the world." And with that he pulled Serena close and lowered his head for another sweet intoxicating kiss, which was interrupted by a…



End of Hiccup Mania

That's it everyone, I am finished. Thank you sooooo very very much for sticking it out with me. I'm so glad you all liked this story, and to think I almost didn't want to write it. I hope everyone liked this last chapter, I felt like it needed a weird kind of epilogue. I know at one point I went on and on about Jason and Raye, but of course that means that there is a sequel in progress. Actually I'm writing a story on every scout and their General counterpart. So look forward to more stories real soon. Also I am very sorry it took me so long to post this chapter, life kinda happened. And don't worry about Rainy Day, I'm finishing that one up as well. Thank you again for reading, and comments and critiques are desired and greatly appreciated (as long as they're nice…hee hee). God Bless!!

V-Chan (aka IanBuddy)

February 2008