-1Nuri crept silently out of the trapdoor. It was dark now, and she was the last one to come out of the secret room. She looked around, searching for the other women, who had left five minutes before she had. Shrugging as her search ended without a conclusion of their whereabouts, she carefully replaced the rug and chest back over the secret hideaway. She took one last look around before heading down the hallway.

Everyone seemed to have disappeared. Just when she believed herself to be truly alone, she received a shock as she turned the corner. A man stood there, his lean stature standing out in the pale light that streamed through the window. Nuri stumbled backwards, but he reached out a large hand and caught her thin wrist in his grasp.

Nuri struggled under his crushing grasp. Flashes of memories were coming back. Kontar seemed to stare back at her through this man's face. His features came into light and her blue eyes searched his face, searching for any resemblance to the man that had attacked her but a night ago. The stranger was a Mei-jai, one she knew from her many escapes.

"Princess Nuri! You are safe now," he reassured her as she stared at him, confused.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" Nuri demanded. As her shock passed, she planted her hands on her hips in anger. She was quite used to her freedom now, and the girl really did not want to return to the stuffy palace and live the life of a princess, but at the same time she was secretly relieved to see the Mei-jai.

He frowned. "We came to rescue you from these thieves." He held his large hands out, not quite understanding what the young woman before him meant.

Nuri looked past him, searching for any sign of Bennu and old Mother Hawk. There was none, but she heard a muffled yell and a scuffle issuing from downstairs. The chit shoved past the burly guard and leapt downstairs. She arrived to find Mother Hawk sitting quietly, glaring up at the young man guarding her. Bennu, in the meantime, was kicking and struggling with her Mei-jai. She scratched at his arms and face with her sharp nails, leaving red marks where impact had occurred.

Imhotep stood silently in the corner, coming forward as soon as he saw his bride-to-be.

"What on earth is going on here? Unhand Bennu at once!" Nuri ordered, her stance demanding and regal.

The guard dropped the wildcat girl to the floor, leaving her to hiss and glare up at him, her purple skirt tangled. Some well-chosen words came hissed from her lips as Bennu stood up, elegant and looking like a second version of Nuri.

"If you fools had bothered to check which thieves you were after, you might clue in that this is the wrong house." Nuri raised an eyebrow at the Mei-jai, tanned arms crossed threateningly.

A ghost of a smile passed over Imhotep's features. Nuri was becoming the responsible woman he knew hid under the rebellious exterior.

"Now you will let Mother Hawk here go, escort Bennu, Imhotep and myself back home, and then send a sum to Mother Hawk for keeping me safe." Nuri's eyes held no room for argument and the sheepish guards went out to prepare the animals.

"Surely you are not leaving now?" Mother Hawk said wryly, "It is dark out, despite the moonlight."

"We must, otherwise we will not return in time. I must be back to plan our wedding, which I sincerely hope you will come to," Nuri replied, her facial features softening now that the guards were out of sight.

"Alas no, I don't think I will journey for your wedding party, but I will give you a gift. Wait here a moment, Little Nile." With that, the old woman got up and left the room.

Bennu glanced at Nuri and shrugged. She had no clue what the old lady was up to. "Listen, if we are leaving now, I'll go grab my bag." And with that, Bennu too left in a swirl of purple fabric.

Nuri sighed and leaned back against Imhotep, "So, are you glad to be going home?" She questioned softly.

His strong arms wrapped around her. "Where ever you are is home," he answered in his rumbling voice.

Before Nuri had time to reply, Mother Hawk came bustling into the room, holding a cloth-wrapped package. She pressed it into the young woman's hands, but when Nuri began to open it, she shook her finger and said, "Not now – later. Now, get out before I have more of those hunks you call guards in here." She winked and disappeared into the depths of her home.

Bennu returned, traveling cloak secured around her shoulders, and she held only one out for Nuri, as Imhotep wore his robes and therefore was protected against the weather.

They returned home quietly in the night a few days later, and Nuri sent the guards away, informing them not to tell her father that she had returned. After kissing Imhotep goodnight, Nuri left with Bennu in tow. Bennu herself was in awe of the huge building and Nuri had to keep checking behind her to make sure her friend was following.

The night passed, turning to morning, and Seti woke with worry in his heart. He had been so afraid for his daughter, and it was not just because she could see into the future at odd intervals, but because she was his little girl still. He left for his private breakfast, walking in to see Imhotep and his daughter sitting side by side, chatting quietly.

"Nuri?" Seti did not think his voice could shake any more severely, but it did, and he sped forward to greet his daughter in a warm hug.

"Father, I will marry Imhotep. He was the right choice after all," she whispered in his ear before stepping back.

"You must tell me the whole thing!" her father demanded gesturing to a servant to bring more food.

"First, however, I will ask you to pardon any crimes that our rescuer has committed and to offer her a place in our court." Nuri was serious and she motioned to Bennu to step forth. The usually talkative woman was quiet and she approached with caution. The king had the power to chop her head off for the wrong words, and she liked life how it was at the moment.

"Hmm, her? Ah. Yes, yes, whatever you say. Now, tell me what happened!" He sat down and Bennu took a seat on the other side of Imhotep.

"Well, I was captured in the disguise of a servant to the palace. I was rather surprised he recognized me, really. . ."

The End

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