Rigby's father was a business man. She'd spent a good deal of her life steeped in the whirlwind world of deals and arrangements. Her father would often let her sit in on conference calls, so long as she kept a closed mouth and an open mind. As such, she'd picked up the gentle blend of her father's jovial persona and sharply focused business savvy, and she had not trouble using the skills she'd acquired to meet a goal. Even if it meant a slight venture into a morally gray area. Rigby didn't think it was a problem. From what she'd gathered, the opposition practically lived in a gray area.

"You could've picked a more conspicuous meeting place," Guy commented sarcastically as he sat down. "Outside of a café? Really? Isn't this where they'd expect us to be?" He'd seen his share of spy movies, and the coffee house looked like it had been lifted straight from a film. One of those places where the informant and the spy always met up, only to be mercilessly shot at in the subsequent scene.

"Hide in plain sight," Rigby answered with a smile. Guy wasn't sure if it was the casual tone or the smile that calmed him, but he was now sure of something that he's suspected all along. This bizarre American was not who she appeared to be.

"You've done this before," he observed, trying to keep the knowing tone from his voice and ultimately failing. Rigby didn't answer, instead allowing her eyes to speak for her. Unfortunately for Guy, they seemed to be telling him to back off or else. The glare was all but forgotten as she moved on, acting as though he'd never made the comment to begin with.

"You graduate at the end of term," Rigby began. "I'm guessing that you have plans."

"I'll start off at a law firm. Start saving up for a proper house, I suppose," Guy shrugged. "Maybe a family."

"Okay, stop. I'd like to keep my breakfast where it is," Rigby interrupted, holding up a hand to reinforce her imperative. Guy allowed himself a crooked smile.

"Fair enough," he conceded. "Anyway, I doubt that you asked me here to talk about my future."

"In a way, I did," Rigby corrected vaguely. "As you very well know, Robin Locksley has started a movement to gain support for Sherwood Heights." At the mention of the Sovereigns of Sherwood campaign, Guy wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"I've heard as much," he said simply, trying to maintain an air of indifference.

"Please. Let's not be coy," Rigby sighed, waving her hand dismissively. "I know that you know, and I know how you know. It makes sense, really. Why would Vaysey pay for a lawyer when he can just have his nephew give him free legal advice?" Guy couldn't say that he was terribly surprised. After her initial display of professionalism, it would follow that Rigby had done her homework.

"You were spying on me? If you wanted a date, you could've just asked," Guy said casually, smirking in a daring, if not flirtatious, manner.

"Because you totally would've torn your attention from Marian," Rigby said sardonically. "This isn't the point. The point is that you have valuable information, and I represent people who need it."

"Are you a lawyer now?" Guy asked, amused by her choice of jargon.

"No, I've just spent time around them," Rigby shook her head. "So, here's the proposition…"

"Oh, you're propositioning me, are you?" Guy interrupted.

"Down, boy," Rigby laughed lightly. "I'm merely suggesting that you testify against Norman Vaysey." The comment was enough to sober Guy up in a matter of seconds.

"I can't do that," he stated plainly. "He's connected. He's my foot in the door. Piss him off, and getting a job will be out of the question." Rigby didn't say anything. She considering the point that Guy had given her and reached into her purse. She fished a pen from the bag and quickly jotted a name down on a napkin.

"What's that?" Guy asked. Rigby slid the napkin across the table, keeping her hand on top of it.

"It depends. If you're not interested, it doesn't mean anything. If you are, consider it a job offer," she explained, grinning coquettishly. Guy tugged the napkin away from her, scanning the tidy lettering several times before he allowed himself to actually read it.

"You're joking," he scoffed. Rigby merely stared back at him, smoothing the material of her skirt as she waited for his answer.

"There's no way," Guy argued, even though she hadn't actually said anything. Rigby's grin widened, as if saying that what Guy was refuting was not only possible but a fact as well. Anticipating his request for proof, she pulled a manila envelope from the depths of her purse, holding it up with a slight flourish before setting it before him.

Guy perused the various documents he'd been given, glancing up at Rigby every so often.

"If I do this, he'll never speak to me again," he said flatly, flipping through the materials. The way he said it implied that the familial bond that he shared with his uncle was not as strong as Rigby had originally believed.

"If you don't, Marian will never speak to you again," she retorted. "I'm not going to say that this is an easy choice, but…" For a moment, there was silence, during which several thoughts flew through Guy's head.

The brash American had obviously picked up on Guy's not-so-carefully hidden feelings for Marian. While Guy was sure that Rigby wasn't hinting at the possibility of a romantic relationship, she did bring up a good point. Being with Marian as a friend was better than not being with her at all, even if she wasn't planning on breaking up with Robin. Not that Guy was about to throw in the towel on that particular front. Still, the partnership that Rigby was suggesting was mutually beneficial.

"I'll do it," Guy nodded firmly.

"Good," Rigby accepted. "Now, we'll obviously want to keep this quiet. We can say that this was just a study group for a class." Guy's sniggering stopped her short.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

"You really think that my uncle is going to believe that I was having a study session with someone that doesn't have any classes with me?" he asked incredulously. For the first time since the meeting had started, the confident smile fell from Rigby's features.

"Your point is well seen," she muttered, embarrassed by this major oversight on her part. "Well, what do we say? We've started a book club? A knitting circle, maybe?" Guy rolled his eyes at Rigby's reflexive sarcasm. He mulled it over for a few moments. It certainly wouldn't do for Norman Vaysey's nephew to be seen professionally with someone so closely associated with the Sovereigns of Sherwood.

"Have you ever seen Spaced?" he suddenly asked. Rigby nodded slowly, and Guy could tell that she was already working out where he was heading. "Think about it. No one would suspect it. It'd give us an excuse to meet frequently and in public. It's a reusable alibi, and that's exactly what we need."

"You had me at 'Spaced,'" Rigby conceded, standing up and holding out a hand. Rather than taking it, Guy pulled her into a hug and planted a rather convincing kiss on her lips. Initially, she seemed too shocked to react. Even when the shock wore off, though, she didn't seem to keen to complain.

"Couples don't shake hands," Guy whispered in her ear. Rigby chuckled, sliding on her sunglasses and stepping away.

"I'll see you later," she chirped, giving him a cutesy wave as she walked away. It was a disturbingly accurate portrayal of a girl in a lovey dovey romantic comedy. Guy ran his hand through his hair, reminding himself that she was a film major that probably watched romantic comedies for homework and wondering what he'd just gotten himself into.


"Allan, have you tried number three yet?" Will asked, nibbling at his pen cap as he pored over his chemistry homework. Allan, however, had his headphones on and was bobbing his head rhythmically as he skimmed over sheet music. If Will was hearing correctly, and as loud as Allan had his music, he probably was, it Carmina Burana. Will meant to ask Allan how it was that he could whimsically bob his head to "O! Fortuna" when a scream erupted from downstairs. Will scrambled off of his bed, peeking out into the hall. Whatever it was, it was coming from downstairs.

"Allan," Will hissed. "Let's go check it out." When Allan didn't reply, Will rolled his eyes, resolved to fill him in later, and walked to the balcony overlooking the sitting room. To his surprise, which wasn't so great, considering the breakfast fiasco, Marian had a firm grip on Morgan's hair and looked determined to scalp the shorter girl. Morgan looked determined to crawl away, and Carter, who had either bravely or stupidly stepped between them, looked determined to stop them killing each other.

"Let me go!" Morgan screamed, swatting at Marian's hands as she tried to escape.

"I'll keep my hands to myself when you learn how!" Marian screamed back, jerking Morgan backwards. Incensed, Morgan turned to face Marian, slapping her clear across the face. Because of the close proximity, she also caught Carter in the cheek.

"I can't believe you are still on about that! I told you: nothing happened!" Morgan barked. Marian slapped her in retaliation, also catching Carter in the attempt.

"You still love him, don't you?" she demanded angrily.

"For the love of God, stop screaming!" Carter interrupted. He took a step forward to further wedge himself between them, extricating Marian's hands from Morgan's hair as he pushed them apart. "And I could do without the slapping, thanks!"

"What's going on?" Will jumped at the whispered question. He hadn't noticed that Djaq had come out of her room and was standing beside him.

"I'm not sure, but I think Marian and Morgan want to kill each other," he answered softly. "We should go help Carter." Djaq led the way down the stairs and into the fray, holding Marian back by the shoulders. Will took hold of Morgan, but she showed more of an interest in running away than fighting Marian. Will had to admit that he probably wouldn't have wanted to fight Marian either.

"Now, can you calmly tell us what's going on?" Carter asked slowly.

"Marian saw Robin hugging me in the food court," Morgan blurted out, "and she thinks that I was trying to make a move or something!"

"You were hugging him back!" Marian pointed out caustically. "You dated him before! What was I supposed to think?"

"Stop!" Carter yelled, cutting off the imminent shouting match. "Marian, Morgan had just dumped Stupid Smarmy Git. Robin was there for her. As a friend. That's all. Morgan, you have to realize that just because you're used to just being around us, other people aren't so familiar with the group dynamic. Robin is Marian's boyfriend, and there are rules."

"That's not the point, though," Morgan grumbled. "The point is that she thinks I'm a tart, and she's never going to think otherwise."

"That's not true!" Marian snapped, though she had calmed down considerably. "I'm just not comfortable with another girl hanging all over Robin."

"I wasn't hanging," Morgan muttered under her breath.

"Morgan, I saw you! You were hanging! I'm sorry that Stupid Smarmy Git didn't work out, but that's no reason for you to fall back on Robin!" Marian minced her condolences with her anger, the latter of the two having a more definite voice. Morgan crossed her arms over her chest and frowned.

"You're one to talk. You didn't even want to get back with Robin until you heard that he was dating someone else. You treated him like an accessory first and a boyfriend second," she pointed out, her tone indicating that she'd been wanting to say that for quite some time. "Yeah, I was there for him, and yeah, we dated. But we both decided that the second bit was a misstep. He's with you, and he loves you! What do you want from me?"

"That's just it, though!" Marian blurted out. "I know that he loves me, but how do I know that you don't love him? I want to know that you don't still love him!"

"I can promise you that I don't," Morgan swore.

"But how do I know that you're telling me the truth?" Marian asked, demanding more concrete proof.

"Do you want it in writing? Is that what you want?" Morgan asked sarcastically. "Just take my word for it!"

"Morgan, just tell her," Carter muttered, pinching his brow. He could already feel the headache. Morgan shook her head, but Marian pressed the issue.

"Tell me what?" she inquired.

"It's not really your business," Morgan said icily. Marian let out a stifled scream of frustration, running her fingers through her hair.

"Why are you so stubborn? Why can't you just tell me! If it'll end this, just say it!" Marian tried to remain calm, but she'd reached the end of her rope. "What's keeping you from going back with Robin?"

"I LOVE ALLAN!" Morgan blurted, finally reaching a breaking point. Her frustrated cry spurred several reactions. Marian stared, wide-eyed, trying to work out why Morgan hadn't just said so before and feeling slightly foolish for not seeing it herself. Carter looked up at Will, nodding upstairs as if to ask where Allan was. Djaq pulled Marian and Morgan a bit closer together, engaging a group hug to further patch things up. Will rolled his eyes and sighed because he knew that Allan hadn't heard Morgan's confession because of those stupid headphones.

The moment was interrupted when the front door opened. Robin and Much didn't seem to notice the scene they'd stumbled upon until they took in the group hug, which Carter and Will had somehow been draw into.

"Everything alright?" Robin asked cautiously.

"Marian and Morgan had a fight," Carter explained.

"It's okay, though," Marian piped up, finally regaining her voice. "I think we're okay now." She looked over to Morgan, who nodded in confirmation.

"That's good news," Much smiled, glad that, for once, he hadn't been forced to mediate an argument.

"And there's more," Robin grinned. "We got the necessary permits! We can host whatever kind of fundraiser that we need to!"

"We should have a benefit concert," Djaq suggested. "We could have a cover charge, sell food and merchandise."

"That's brilliant!" Much said, clapping Djaq on the shoulder. "We can start making plans after dinner. Speaking of which, I'm going to make a lasagna because I know that you lot haven't even tried to cook dinner." With that, he marched off to the kitchen, rolling up his sleeves.

"Well, it seems that this has been a most productive evening," Robin noted with a smile. This statement raised a red flag in Carter's head. As a film major, he'd seen many movies about underdogs, and he knew that such comments weren't due until the very end of the film. As such, he almost expected it as the blonde girl appeared in the doorway behind Robin.

"Hello, can we help you?" he asked, though he was sure that he didn't want to hear the answer. The girl smiled sweetly.

"Yes," she replied. Even from one syllable, the gang detected her thick, French accent. "I was looking for Allan A Dale."

"And you are?" Morgan asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, of course. My name is Sophie Benoit," replied the blonde. "I am Allan's new… Oh, qu'est-ce que ce mot? I am Allan's new girlfriend."

"Oh, you've got to be joking," Carter blurted out, sparing Morgan a sympathetic look.


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