Story: Through Blind Spirits

Chapter: Facts and Secrets

Summary: Jaang and the gang are on their way to solving this mystery that holds their parents hostage. But when someone Jaang loves is in danger, what will she discover about herself?

Author's Note: I. AM. SO. SORRY. For not updating! Really, I am. But I have excuses that I'm going to list even if you don't care. So I was in Spain for 3 weeks studying abroad. I had absolutely no time to do anything but sigh see and homework and what not. So yeah. Then I was back in the US of A for a week, and then my grandfather was hospitalized. We rushed to the other side of the country only to be too late, he had passed away 2 hours before we arrived. So I was there for a week, planning the funeral and what not. Now I'm back home, and it's been about a week since I've returned.

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Jaang's POV

It seemed like forever that we had been in that pit of death. Even with me leading the way, it just took too long to find a way out that would result in us getting away alive.

As soon as we reached the surface, everyone rejoiced, making angels in the grass and breathing in the fresh air. Me? I prefer dark and secluded places myself, but it was nice to have some fresh air, and not Hakoda's teenage boy smell.

I quickly ended everyone's fun to get to the seriousness of the situation. Our parents were in trouble. The whole world might be in trouble. And it was now up to us to save them.


"We need a plan," Hakoda addressed to the group, but I'm not stupid. I knew that was meant for me to answer.

"No, really? Good job genius." Ursa said, making Hakoda pout and shut up for once.

I adjusted the headband my mother had given me, hoping that it would somehow provide her intelligence in getting out of tight situations. Nope, nothing, but I was going to have to start making things up to make my family and friends feel better, as usual. "First things first. We need to set a route to where ever Roku and Ursa's grandmother is. But, we need to make a pit-stop at our homes first."

"Why?" Lei asked.

"Because," I walked over to my cousin and knocked her on the head, "think about it. We can't possibly fight off whatever in these clothes."

Everyone looked down at their attire. It was all fancy, and all of the girls, and I mean all of the girls, that's right, and me, were wearing frilly dresses.

"Right," Lei said, blushing with embarrassment.

"Plus, food would be nice, since where ever we are going is probably going to be a little bit of a ride." I walked over to Appa and stroked his head, "But we all can't go on Appa right away. He'll tire quickly; plus I'm sure somebody's looking for us. We need to stay out of the air until we reach our houses."

"What?" Hakoda questioned, almost laughing at his my plan, "You're crazy. Walking to our houses from here will take us days! I mean, it already takes us an hour to get here by Appa..."

" if Appa goes at the speed of twenty miles per hour, and we walk at about two miles per hour, it will take us ten hours to get there." Lei calculated. Hakoda just sighed. I prevented myself from gagging. Show off.

"I guess we better start walking," Roku said, "because the more time we waste, the more time the enemy will have with out parents."

Everyone nodded and agreed: the quicker we get to our destination, the better. "Where is your grandmother anyways Ursa?'" Mei asked as they started to head off in the right direction.

"She lives on Ember Island. Which from your house, isn't that long of a journey. It should take us about, 5 hours on Appa? It takes a bit more on a land animal though, but that should be about right."

"Good," Hakoda interjected, "And Dad has thousands of maps at home. I'm sure we can find a detailed one of out route. That will make things much easier."

I smiled, "Good thinking bro!"

He stopped for a second to soak in the compliment, "Did you just compliment me?"

I stopped to punch him in the arm, "Don't get use to it."

"Aw, see how nicely they get along Ku? I wish we would be all lovey-dovey like that!" Ursa said in a googley voice. Roku's eyes widened from fear, so he ran to the opposite side of where Ursa was before she could hug him, or touch him all together.

The twins and I giggled at our friends, but I could feel Hakoda grinning ear to ear as he stared down at me. He rustled my hair, and I let him. I mean, we can't argue all the time. I'll give him this once to pretend like an older and responsible brother. Then tomorrow, I will kick his sorry butt.

But for today, as in our little group's today, things were looking up, and going as planned. But why do I have another gut feeling that something's going to go wrong?


As night fell, all of us decided it was probably a good idea to make camp. Ursa, being the 'responsible' one, ordered us all to do chores. Hakoda and I made the tents, Mei and Lei went to go gather water and any food, and Ursa and Roku gathered firewood and eventually made a fire.

"Hurry up guys, we only have about..." Hakoda held his fist up to the sun and calculated, "less than an hour to do our jobs. Let's move it people...we are burning daylight!"

Hakoda and I quickly made six small earth-tents for everyone. We figured if the siblings had to share a tent, only half of us would be alive in the morning. When we finished, I crawled into mine and groaned.

"What is it?" my brother asked.

I didn't bother to look up at him when I spoke, "I'm just...stressed. Ya know, weight of our parents lives and possibly the world on my shoulders."

Hakoda sighed, "Well you do know that you're not the only one doing something Jaang."

I frowned, "Sorry. It's just that...I've been planning for this for three years. And now that it's happened and I am prepared, I just feel overwhelmed."

"That doesn't make sense. If you're ready and prepared, why are you overwhelmed?"

I made a disgruntled face, "I don't know! I have a plan and I know what I'm going to do...but what if I make a mistake? I just feel like if I fall, everyone else falls with me!"

Hakoda's heart rate dropped, and if I could tell he was thinking about what to say by the long silence after. He knelt down next to me and put a hand on my shoulder. "Little sis. You won't fall, ever. I...we...will be there to catch you."

I finally looked him in the eye, or tried to anyways, and smiled. I could tell that he meant what he said. "Ya know, for an annoying older brother, you sure do know what to say at times like these."

He stood up and straightened his posture. "It's a gift."

"Pfft." I said, and rolled over in my tent. "'Night bro."

"'Night sis."

I didn't sleep long that night.

The thing about being blind rely on all of your senses except sight. So when you close your eyes to sleep, it doesn't really make much of a difference. I mean, it takes me a long enough time to sleep when I'm on the bed, but when I'm on the floor in the middle of a forest, it's harder. I can feel little creatures pitter-pattereing along the leaf-covered ground. I can also feel when people are coming and going. Even if they are just normal tourists, I have to study their movement. If it's quick and careful, and if their pulse is above normal, we have a situation. But if they are just leisurely walking, it's not a big deal.

But tonight, I felt about four soldiers walking towards our general direction. Immediately I put the fire out, thinking that maybe the smoke was giving them a trail. But they continued coming.

Hakoda must have also felt this, for even though he's a heavy sleeper, when an enemy is less than 100 feet away, he can feel it. "Jaang..." he said sleepily, rubbing his eyes.

"There are four of them: two young adults, and the other two about our parents ages."

"So a young recruit," he whispered. I didn't need to see in order to tell that Hakoda had an evil smirk on his face.

"Right. Wake everyone else up quietly. I'm going--" I didn't even get to finish my sentence before we were ambushed.

A man jumped out of a tree and threw a large net around my brother. He was caught by surprise, and fell to the ground. Of course, nothing can hold us Bei Fongs. He quickly earthbended himself into the ground, then above ground to attack our assassin from behind.

"ASSASSIN!" I shouted as loud as I could. Finally the rest of my comrades woke up, and as soon as they realized the situation, they jumped to their feet and readied a fighting stance.

"They must know who they are up against. They are in the trees!" Hakoda shouted, while trying to block various sword attacks.

Besides Hakoda, Roku was the closest to me. He shouted, "Jaang! Get behind me!"

Stupid adrenaline-filled boy. I didn't need his help. But, if our enemy was this smart to hide in the trees, I held in my ego for just this once, and took cover behind my friend.

"Above you!" Ursa shouted to her brother. But before he could locate the man among the dark, I could hear the man jump right on top of him.

"Roku!" I shouted nervously. But now that my enemy was on the ground, this match would be over shortly. I earthbended the man away from my friend, and shoved him into the ground. "I hope you make yourself comfortable, because I'm not removing you from that spot!" I said at the man, and kicked dirt into his face. He coughed. I smiled.

"Roku, are you okay?" I asked, walking back towards his body. He didn't move. "Roku?" I asked again, but his body didn't stir. His heart rate was slower than usual. I panicked. "Roku!" I shouted, shaking his body furiously. Tears stung in my cloudy eyes as I shouted his name again and again.

And all of the sudden, I couldn't control my emotions. I couldn't feel anything anymore. I was completely numb.

It was like something took over me. Like I wasn't Jaang anymore, but some monster. All the monster wanted to do was kill the people who hurt Roku. All Jaang wanted to do was make sure he was safe and that no one else would hurt him.

And when those two thoughts met, I lost conscienceness.

When I regained conscience, it was in Roku's arms. He was holding me so tight that it was hard to breath. I guess that when he saw my eyes open, he freaked out a little less and loosened his hold. I tried to get up but I could see he wasn't going to put me down. "Roku...I'm fine...what happened? Are you okay?" I pressed my ear against his chest to hear a nice, regular heartbeat. Then I could feel his chest expand as he let out a laugh.

"Did you just ask if I was okay? Look at you! You..." he paused, as if he was lost in thought.

"I what?"

Then Ursa spoke up, "You glowed."


"Well just your eyes. You freaked us out Jaang. Seriously."

Someone grunted in the distance. I know that grunt so well. "She was in the Avatar State. It's not that complicated." Lei said.

"The...the Avatar State? What does that mean? I'm so confused..." I buried my head in the crook of Roku's neck. Roku was alive, and we were all alive, so what's the matter? And how come I can't remember what just happened?

"Do I have to read you the dictionary version of this? When you are in danger, or when someone" she said this word like it was a deadly disease, "is in danger, you go into a state that sends out all of your power, along with helping spirits. It's very hard to control, my dad did it, but it took him lots of training..."

"So why didn't I learn about this before?" I grew suddenly mad. It was bad enough knowing that I was the Avatar, but all of this weird mumbo jumbo spirit stuff is just adding on to the weight of the world on my shoulders.

"I don't know Jaang. If I knew, I would have told you," Mei said sharply. I could tell this was an attack on the Walking Dictionary.

But Lei's too sharp not to catch that, "I thought she knew."

"Well it's not like I can talk to the Avatar about this stuff!" I shouted. Then I realized I was lying through my teeth as the necklace around my neck became heavier. I wiggled myself out of Roku's hold and stood in place. Roku still kept his hands on me even when I started to walk away.

"Where are you going? You aren't really in a condition to walk anywhere, besides, after what just happ-"

I put my hand over his mouth and interrupted, "Roku, I have to do this. I'll be right back. Please, no one follow me."

I could feel Hakoda and Roku get tense when they realized I would be out in the dark and dangerous forest by myself, but I ignored them. I will be back soon, and hopefully with a better understanding of what it means to be the Avatar. Or better yet, maybe a better understanding of who I am.

When I thought that I was far enough away from camp, I found a flat piece of land and sat cross legged. I took off my necklace and held it firmly in my hand. Then I whispered, "Please, past Avatars, pass on your knowledge to me. I'm so confused. I want to know who I really am." And with that, the ground disappeared beneath me, and I knew that I was no longer on Earth.


Ending Author's Note: Oh ho ho! I've been dying to write how Jaang feels in the Avatar State for EVER. So yeah. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Please review/'s what keeps my inspiration motor running! :D Also, I am continuing this story in only Jaang's POV. Except when I go back to the gang's parents, then I might switch it up between Toph and Hana. :)