Thanks for viewing what is my first and perhaps only ever serious Genshiken Fan Fiction. The pairing is, of course, Saki and Madarame. Rating on this will go up in the future, with as many as 10 chapters ahead. Please enjoy, comment, praise, rate. Please don't flame or I won't share anymore. Haha! On with the story….

Chapter 1
Not Ready to Fly Away

Graduation. When he'd first arrived in college, and even after finding a safe haven within the Genshiken, Harunobu Madarame never thought he'd be sad to graduate.

He'd found wonderful friends who accepted him for who he was, enjoyed the same hobbies as him... people who actually "got" him. No longer feeling like a complete outcast, settled into his sphere of comfy routine between classes and Genshiken.

All of these wonderful perks aside, Madarame had abandoned any disillusionment about what really held his loyalty. It wasn't the college, the "otaku" subculture or the Genshiken as a whole.

Saki Kasukabe.

These feelings weren't a very recent development, either. Luckily for Madarame, Saki stuck close to Genshiken up until their graduation.

Unluckily for Madarame, she was still completely infatuated with her boyfriend, Kousaka, and showed no signs of losing interest in him anytime soon.

Kousaka had none of the same interests as Saki. He provided minimal support, and Saki enjoyed clinging to the arm of a "pretty boy". And certainly, they found eachother acceptable in bed...

These thoughts always flowed the same way...

Saki was beautiful. Kousaka was much better looking than Madarame, and even if Madarame changed his outfit, his glasses, even his hair, he still wouldn't be able to defeat Kousaka's good looks.

All of these thoughts were distracting. Madarame found it difficult to read manga, watch anime, and play video games... even hentai games. Nothing was satisfying him. Contentment seemed beyond his reach as Saki Kasukabe invaded his thoughts more and more frequently.

So he chose a job close to the college... and as a result he was pegged for a bird not ready to fledge by all of Genshiken. One of "those guys that stay near the college long past their college years".

He didn't care. He had to prolong his stay... he had to see her frequently, speak to her, breathe the same air as Saki Kasukabe.

Because he'd fallen desperately in love with her.