In the end he didn't have to talk her into anything, not that he would. Four months into their relationship, everything cleared up, they had taken the step. In the end it was her pushing for it and him always holding back. He said he didn't want to be her biggest regret. Knowing everything she knew about him, she realised that it was important that she really was in a place where they'd both be okay. He had experienced enough crap in his life to last a lifetime and she didn't want him feel like that ever. She had reluctantly agreed.

It turned out that she did give her virginity to Tim in the back of his truck. She didn't like to say 'lose' as it implied it was something she was not willing to bestow. Yep it was the truck. They'd been in their place, parked near that vacant lot. They were laying out on the rug in the bed of his truck looking at the stars. He was laid out with his arms tucked beneath his head, his hair spread out and his arms bulging. Her body was curled into him, her head resting on his chest, her eyes also to the night sky. She was subconsciously drifting her fingers along his ribs as they wordlessly gazed at the endless possibilities in front of them. It was one of their favourite things to do, she was now comfortably enough to lay in silence. It had taken her awhile, Tim having to shush her or silence her with a kiss at first but now they could do this for long periods of time. Comfortable silence. It was harder than one imagined.

So it hadn't been planned. They were laying out in the back of his truck, her head and hands upon his torso. One moment she was wondering which star was which, the next moment she had raised his tee shirt and was kissing his stomach. She dragged her bottom lip along his belly to his six pack. He stomach shrank back from the attention, his shock palpable. She sat up leaning over him, kissing her way up his torso, dragging the t-shirt as she rose. They met in an urgent twist of tongues and heavy breathing, so heavy it was a wonder they were breathing at all. He pulled his tee shirt over his head and she did the same with her tank. They were both on their knees, facing one another, breathing heavily. His eyes asked The Question, she smiled and nodded moving in so she could feel the touch of his skin against hers. Their hands were all over, too fast to keep track of, their bodies alive with sensations.

Julie slowed the pace down, kissing his mouth slowly with lots of lip and trace of tongue. She kissed her way down his throat, toward her beloved six-pack again. As she reached his belly and the trail of hair she found herself bringing her hands to his torso, spreading her fingers out touching everything in her reach. He groaned and she felt a spark of desire ignite. She unfastened his jeans pulling them down his thighs and off his legs. She straddled him. His hands went to her hips, massaging the skin there and moving higher to trace the lines of her abdomen. His hands froze and they rested beneath her breasts. He waited and then touched them over the top of her bra. The feelings that ricocheted through her made her head swing back and a moan sounded. His touch was warm, firm and undeniably thrilling. She had a momentary thought that she was glad she had worn nice underwear this evening. He unfastened the clasp between her breasts and she chucked it off. It could have landed in a tree for all she knew, she giggled at the thought.

Julie's giggling continued as he ran his hands over her freed breasts. Caressing her nipples gently then moving in to kiss them. She thought she was dying. Pretty soon all of their clothing had disappeared and they were laying side by side on the rug that had caused that fight all those months ago. Their legs were entwined, his between hers. Their kisses had slowed, becoming languid and like something similar to a promise. He entered her and she gasped both with the pain and pleasure of this monumental event happening. He placed a kiss over her gasp and slowly they started moving in sync. Her legs surrounded him, her hands grasped his buttocks as he thrust into her. His lips were kissing her throat reverentially as her head was thrown back in absolute bliss. He hadn't taken his eyes off of her the entire time, watching to see any indication that he hurt her, that she was changing her mind. She realised he was more scared than she. Their heavy breathing filled the air and she laughed at the thought that they had waited four months. Oh My God. Four Months.

They laid there in the back of his truck. Entwined. Glistening with sweat and staring into each others eyes. His eyes were slightly distrustful, she raised her hand to his hair, brushing a strand behind his ear.

"Are you okay?" she asked quietly. She was worried that she hadn't lived up to his past encounters. "Was I?" He blinked, shocked.

"You were ... phenomenal," he breathed, she laughingly wondering if he knew what it meant. "I just didn't want to hurt you, I wanted this to be something you'd remember ... for the right reason." She hugged him close, her mouth to his ear

"Have I ever told you that you're too good for me?" she whispered.

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