I Don't Wanna Wait

CB. One-shot. Set after "Hi, Society". Chuck's POV. "It's time to choose."


A/N: So I'm back with another one-shot! (: I guess it's kind of a prequel to "Kill Those Butterflies From Ten to One". This one was inspired by this song "I Don't Wanna Wait" by the Veronicas that I was listening to and I realized it was soooo Chuck/Blair, so enjoy!

Disclaimer: I wished I owned Gossip Girl. And I'm definitely not talented enough to be the Veronicas. 3

I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait for you
- The Veronicas

Chuck remembered the way she looked in her debutante dress. The way her silk dress hugged her dainty curves in all the right places. And definitely the way she walked away from him.

You make me sick. This thing between us? It's over...for good. Her voice echoed over and over, rewinded and replayed and the tape could NOT be erased. He didn't get it. He did it all for her. To be with her. Okay, maybe his plan wasn't perfect and was pretty flawed in that Chuck-like way, but still. When did he ever show this much effort for a girl? Never. And never again.

Chuck Bass was never anyone's side dish. Never someone's gas station stop to a destination. To stoop that low for a Blair Waldorf had to be an honour - for her. And if Blair didn't see that, well then it's her loss. Right?

Then why wouldn't she let go of Nathaniel? He was a constant disappointment never mind being able to get her blood boiling. Was being perfect and having the perfect that important? Even so, let's face it. Nate is as close to being perfect as Chuck is. He only wanted her back because now he knows what it's like to be without her. And it was him who couldn't say he loved her. So it was Chuck who picked up the pieces. Finders keepers, losers weepers. Except why did Chuck feel like the loser?

Cause I need you
Can't you see that I need you? (I need you)
Oh oh oh, I need you
Can't you see that I need you? (I need you)

The sight of Blair kissing Nate created a hurtful pang in Chuck's not-so-heartless heart. The nod and smirk his best friend gave him was like the twisting of the knife. The echo of the door closing shut equaled to the image he couldn't see to be permanently burned into his memory. Chuck was never one to run away from his problems. Either money would solve them or he'd tough it out. Face it and battle. But when it came to a certain Blair Waldorf, he was done. Done playing.

I don't wanna play
I don't wanna play
I don't wanna play
I don't wanna play
Play this game with you (this game with you, this game with you)

Packing essentials into a small Louis Vuitton luggage, he headed to his limo. Where to, sir? Chuck had a moment's hesitation. Then glancing down at the newspaper clipping, seeing a pair of fake happy smiles looking up at him erased all his doubts. The airport, he answered.

By jetting off, Chuck was leaving Blair a statement. It's him or Nate. He would no longer be a dirty little secret. He would no longer play second fiddle. But most of all, he refused to continue being some embarrassing guilty pleasure. Like it or not, B has to make a choice.

Baby it's you I want,
So stop wasting my time
And baby it's you I need,
So please make up your mind
It's time to choose

And it looks like she did.


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