Dear Diary:

Dear Diary:

May 23

I guess I sort of knew it wouldn't work out with Mic Brumby and Sarah. I tried to tell her from the beginning that Harm was the guy for her, but she just wouldn't listen. And now look where we are. Bud is in a state of shock. Harriet's trying to calm him down, but you can tell by the smile on her face that she's incredibly happy. I'm practically jumping up and down. Not that I don't feel bad for Mic.

Mic really wasn't terrible. I kind of liked him in fact. But I have to say that I'm glad for Harm more than I was for Mic and Sarah. I guess I should probably update you on exactly what has happened these last few weeks because I haven't been writing.

I guess it started after Sarah's engagement party. When we talked on the phone the next day, I asked her how it went. She hesitated when she answered that it was fine. So of course I knew something was going on. After a lot of hedging and begging on my part, she informed me that Harm had told her he loved her in other words, and that they had kissed. I was really excited; thinking that Sarah would break up with Mic before too long. I liked the guy when I first met him because he gave me a flower. But when Sarah told me she was marrying him, I was a little upset.

But I figured, if Sarah is happy, then maybe I should try to like the guy. And then speed forward to the rehearsal dinner. I was kind of upset and acting like a brat (something I tend to do a lot.) Later, when the Admiral was giving everyone champagne, I asked for some too. He said in eight years.

That was not even funny. But then Mic said I dropped my napkin. I thought he was nuts. Then he gave me a drink of his. I guess I have to say that he was sort of nice then.

When Bud finally arrived and made his toast, I didn't think Bud was really talking about Mic, but more about Harm, because Harm is so much closer to Bud than Mic. That's when I felt a little bad for the guy.

And then Mic and I had a little talk. Only because Sarah told me to try and like him. I did talk to him, and it turns out we have a few things in common. But I still like Harm better.

Then we got the phone call and the Admiral told us Harm and Skates were missing at sea. I could tell everyone was really upset. I'm not sure who was worse, Sarah or Renee, Harm's girlfriend. If you ask me, the lady comes off sort of flaky and mean, but hey, who knows?

After they found Skates, Sarah got even more upset and started yelling at the captain. The Admiral told him it was okay and then Sarah left the room. I was sort of watching everybody's reactions from the corner. Mic followed Sarah while Renee sobbed and Harriet and Bud talked to each other.

About fifteen minutes later, Mic and Sarah came out, Sarah still crying and Mic looking even more upset than he had. (He doesn't really like Harm, so he wasn't that upset.) I was hoping Harm would be okay too. Sarah came over and hugged me tight and then she whispered into my ear that the wedding was off. Then she stood with Mic and they announced it to everyone else.

Everybody looked really shocked, even more than they had about the message about Harm. Renee looked really upset, I'm guessing because the wedding was off. Then the phone rang again. The captain was telling us that the weather was dying down enough to go look for Harm again. He sent out people to look for him I guess, and that's all I know about his rescue.

Then the captain came back on air about a half an hour later, telling us that Harm had been found. Alive and well. Everybody started cheering and yelling. Sarah hugged me again. She was crying. When she brushed her hand over my eyes, I knew I must have started crying too. She looked so happy. That's when I realized that Harm had to be the one she still wanted.

This evening, Sarah took me to visit Harm in the hospital. He looked really cold and pale, but he also looked extremely happy. I'm guessing it had something to do with the visit Sarah paid him last night that she stayed at the hospital all night.

I can't believe that she didn't think I would know how long she was gone. Of course I was up all night to see what was going on. Both of them looked really happy, with big smiles on their faces. I'm taking it to mean that they confessed and Harm's back in the big picture.

I'm pretty sure that there will be another wedding announcement in the future, as well as some little kids for me to play with and baby-sit. I can't wait for that part. But for right now, I'm happy that Sarah and Harm are happy.

It's getting pretty late. I leave in another day, so I have to get some sleep. I'll write tomorrow after Sarah and Harm make the announcement that they're together. I know they will.

Goodnight Diary. Love,