Hermione pressed her forehead against the cool glass, her breath making fog on the window. The chugging of the engine was lulling her into a placid trance and she was thinking over the events of the summer.

Voldemort had attacked Harry outside the train station last June. Although the dark lord was hoping for the element of surprise, Harry had been expecting it and clashed with him in a long battle. The order had been waiting on Harry's command, as well as a couple other students such as Luna, Neville and Ginny. The war had been quiet, and contained for the most part. Not many muggles were aware of it, and few wizards were involved. This surprised the entire magical community, as they were all expecting an epic battle. Voldemort's thinking, however, was to eliminate the boy first, then take over the ministry so that there would be no flaws in his plan. The end fight seemed to happen in slow motion, as Hermione remembered it. Voldemort had sent a curse at Ron, and when Harry turned to see Ron fall, the snake like man raised his wand at Harry to deliver the final spell. To everyone's astonishment, Voldemort stopped and turned his wand towards himself. The flash of green was blinding, and then it was over. All over. Voldemort was dead and good had triumphed over evil. Although no one really knew what happened, no one really bothered to find out.

It seemed that Hermione was the only on that was confused by the ending to their drawn out conflict. Her, being the intellectual problem solver, was left empty handed by the lack of an answer. She shook her head, trying to get the thoughts of this out of her mind. The hills continued to roll by the window as the Hogwarts express sped through a timeless country side. The girl sighed and stood, hoping to walk around the train in peace. Her empty compartment offered her no distractions, and she had become bored.

Wrapping a scarf around her, she left the cabin and started to leisurely stroll down the corridor. She thought about her two best friends, who were on an extended vacation with the rest of the Weasley family. They would be joining her at school a week from now. She smiled to herself and pondered if she should have accompanied them on their break. Ron had asked her, but she had declined saying that she couldn't bare to miss class.

Down the hall, a group of first years chattered loudly, she could hear their excited conversation.

"my brother taught me a spell! D'you want to see it?" one first year said excitedly, the rest of his friends agreed hurriedly, jealous and filled with anticipation at seeing actual magic. The young boy started saying the words loudly, and stuttered as they were difficult to pronounce. Hermione chuckled to herself, and recognized that the spell he was trying to say, it was one for making the victim's hair explode into an afro type look. Fred and George had unfortunately tried this on her once, and it ended up taking two weeks for her to completely comb through it. The boy pronounced a few of the words badly and with an awkward accent. He swished his wand and said the final words. A flash of bright light erupted out of the cabin and hit Hermione square in the chest. She coughed and sputtered at the force of the spell. Suddenly her body rippled and pain seemed to wash through her veins. She fell to the ground and lay on the floor.

Then, all the pain was gone, and she sat up. She felt…different. More flexible and as she looked around, she realized her vision was sharper. She also noticed that everything was a lot higher, and she felt very short. Standing up slowly, Hermione was alarmed to see that she was on four legs and her clothes happened to be pooled around her…paws? Panicking she tried to run forward, but fell as she tangled her legs up. Slowly, she practiced walking, and after getting the hang of that, she started to trot back to her compartment, not quite comfortable with running. Once she arrived there, her nervousness escalated when she realized that the door was closed, and as an animal of some-sorts, she was lacking opposable thumbs to open it with.

Just what was she? Hermione looked down as her paws, and at her back, a tail swished into view. She flicked her ear in annoyance. She was a cat. A cat?! What did she do to deserve this! It was second year all over again, except this time she wasn't just half feline. She was completely transformed. With a panicked urgency, she looked around quickly for the nearest open cabin, hopefully with someone she knew. Quickly finding one three doors down, she ran to it.