"Now, I'm suspecting that you're hungry? Is that right?" Dumbledore asked smiling lightly towards Hermione. She nodded, as she hadn't eaten since breakfast that morning. Her aged headmaster flicked his wand and a bowl appeared in front of her. She stared at it hungrily, her heightened sense of smell made the food smell a thousand time more appetizing. She started towards the bowl and became increasingly frustrated as she dug her face in, unable to grab the food. McGonagall nudged her, advising her to use her tongue. She mewed in reply with thanks and soon scarfed down her tea. During the consumption of her meal, Draco strolled into the room.

"Ahh Mr. Malfoy, did you enjoy the feast?" He nodded, and looked around, his eyes landing on the tabby cat.

"Yes sir." He sat down after the Headmaster motioned to one of the leather chairs in front of Dumbledore's desk.

"Now, I'm assuming you'd like to know why I called you here? Is that correct?"

Draco nodded, although his eyes were still on the feline currently smacking on the delicious food in front of her.

"Well, as you are aware, Voldemort is now defeated and many of the Death eaters are vanquished, arrested or in hiding. We have tried our hardest to gather as much information as possible, but it is getting harder and harder. We, the order and I, are aware of your…connections and would appreciate any and all information you could possibly contribute." Draco nodded again as Dumbledore finished his very small speech. His face had hardened as he contemplated telling Dumbledore everything. Although Draco wasn't on the bad side, and was pro-light. He didn't feel comfortable telling his headmaster all, especially if it meant he would have to release information about his mother and father. It would be inevitable that most of the death-eaters plans would be lead to Lucius. After a long silence Draco replied slowly.

"I'm not saying I won't speak, however I don't feel ready or comfortable speaking of it now. I hope that is all right, Sir. But I feel it would compromise people I'm close to." Dumbledore smiled kindly, and looked over at Hermione who had now finished her food and was very surprised at how Draco had seemingly appeared out of thin air. (As she was much too distracted by the scrumptious meal.)

"There are two more matters to attend to. One is that as Head boy, you'll be relocated to the Head Dorms. The head girl however, will not be present for quite a while, until a family issue has been sorted. But the two of you are to work your hardest to unite the student body, and get along with each other. Secondly and on a wholly unrelated note, we've found this cat and noticed that she's taken quite a liking to you, and until we find its proper owner it would be a tremendous help if you could look after it." Dumbledore motioned to Hermione, who was rubbing against Draco's leg. ("Now Ms Granger, before Mr. Malfoy enters, I would like you to be as appealing as a pet as possible, so that he'll actually look after you. If he doesn't take you in, I'm sure we'll find another person to be your caretaker however you 'mission' will then be terminated" Dumbledore said, eyes twinkling, he had said before feeding the hungry cat.)

"So I'm the schools pet sitter now?" He said with an arrogant dismissal, he caught himself remembering whom he was talking to. "Sorry sir."

Hermione, sensing his discontent at the thought, jumped up lightly onto the chair, and looked at him with large brown eyes, pawing his arm lightly, in an attempt to be as cute as possible. In any other situation she would have cringed at the thought of trying to be 'cute' for Draco Malfoy.

"It's alright. Although, Mister Malfoy, this is purely voluntary." Dumbledore said, knowing the boy would soon agree. Sure enough, after stroking Hermione absentmindedly, he reluctantly agreed.

"Fine, I'll look after this stupid cat, but only until it's owner is found. Is that all sir?" Draco stood to leave.

"One last thing, the password to your new dorm is 'companionship', and good luck with the school year."

'Crazy old coot' Draco thought as he hopped off a set of stairs that were about to turn away from a platform. Holding Hermione safely in his arms, he walked quickly towards the painting of a gnome chatting with a mermaid. Slowing as he found the portrait, he waited patiently until the pair had noticed him.

"Mister Malfoy?" the gnome addressed, unsure of the person standing in front of their painting.

"Yes—is this the entrance to the head dorms?" He replied in a very business like tone.

"Password?" the mermaid asked, with a sultry expression to her.

"Companionship." Draco nodded thanks as the portrait swung open, leading to a small tunnel and eventually to a large common room with twin staircases leading towards separate bedrooms. There were large plush couches situated around a stone fireplace, which was lit and burning brightly. Draco took very little notice of the luxurious surroundings as his home was much more grandiose. He let Hermione drop on the settee and sat down next to her. Hermione, however, was well impressed with the room. She wanted to see her own dorm very badly, as head girl she could safely assume her bedroom was as nice as the common room surrounding her.

"Ehhh..." Draco sighed, putting his feet up on the oak table in front of them, he pulled Hermione to his lap and looked at her.

"You remind me of someone…" he said softly, which took Hermione by surprise once again. It was difficult to get used to the changes in his tone, she briefly wondered why it differed at all.

"Yeah well I should, I AM someone you know!" Hermione huffed, although it came out no different than she expected, "mew" He ran his hand along her back, making her shiver. This wasn't right. She shouldn't just let Draco Malfoy touch her! He had agreed to take her in, and now she no longer had a commitment to be appealing. She started to pull away, intent on exploring the place when Draco said something very un-Malfoy like.

"Why does it have to be this way?" she looked back at him, noticing his eyes close with a tiredness that seemed like it took effort just to continue living. His blonde hair was hanging in front of his face and he looked so peaceful and troubled at the same time. She wondered what he meant by his previous statement, so she returned and begged him to continue. Instead he sighed again and picked her up, leading them both to his bedroom.

"It's about time we went to sleep." They entered and Draco took some extra bedding from the wardrobe and placed it beside his bed, twisting it so it looked like a large pillow.

"Here's where you sleep. " he said kindly, he dropped Hermione onto the makeshift bed, and left to the bathroom where she assumed he was readying himself for the night. She was alarmed at a few things, one that he had known exactly where everything was, even though it was his first time in the room, and two, why the normally cold, malicious, evil Draco Malfoy, was being so completely nice.

There was a mystery to him, and she vowed to herself that she would figure him out.

Who really are you Malfoy?