Note: Okay, so this is a crossover that's set during season one in the episode Scarecrow.

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Sam had left Meg at the bus stop the moment he realized that Dean was not picking up his phone, that he might be in trouble. It was in that blinding realization that he couldn't, wouldn't leave Dean alone to fend for himself if he was in trouble, if he needed him.

Problem was, he had gone to the town, gone through the motions of the hunt that Dean had apparently gotten halfway through and he had found nothing.

He had helped out another young man and woman who the residents of the town had left to be killed, he had watched as the young woman's, Emily, aunt and uncle had been sacrificed instead.

Still, though, he had found no trace of Dean. Emily had told him that Dean had talked to her, but then he had just up and left. Which Sam knew wasn't possible. There was no way that Dean would have left a job unfinished, not unless there was something serous wrong.

Then Sam had found the Impala, and the motel room that Dean had been staying in, and he had to stop himself from panicking and thinking the worst.

The Impala was abandoned in the parking lot, fine. It was the motel room that got his attention. He picked the lock and when he went inside, his face paled.

Dean's things were still there, and Sam found a handgun abandoned by the door. There was blood staining the bathroom floor.

Sam had stood there for a little while, just staring at the place, in shock. Guilt ate at him for leaving Dean alone.

Finally after a few minutes, panic overrode shock and he jumped into action. He gathered up Dean's things while pulling out his phone and dialing his dad. He didn't know if his dad would even answer the message, but he had to try.

He picked up Dean's gun and tucked it into his back waistband and headed for the door as his dad's voicemail picked up.

"Dad!" Sam practically yelled into the receiver in his panic and worry. "Dad, Dean's missing. I went to the motel he had been staying at and there's-" Sam cut off and closed his eyes. "There's blood and the Impala is still here. Dad, you know how much he loves that car. He'd never leave it behind." He got behind that, not mentioning the fact that despite everything that had happened between them, he didn't believe that Dean would disappear without at least letting him know he was alright.

"Dad, you need to call me back. You need to get here. He could be in serous trouble." Sam hung up the phone and went out to the Impala. He pulled out the extra key that he still had and stored Dean's things in the trunk.

He stared at his phone for a moment, before scrolling down and hitting Dean's number. He didn't expect an answer, but he could hope.

"Hey, Sammy." Sam nearly fell when Dean's voice filtered through the phone a moment later.

"Dean, thank god. You scared the crap out of me. I came here and there was blood and-"

"Your in Indiana?" Dean asked.

"You wouldn't answer your phone." Sam said, as if it was obvious.

"Oh, right." Sam could hear the strange tone of Dean's voice and his worry came back.

"Dean, what's wrong?"

"You should go find dad." He said, and Sam did not like how defeated Dean sounded.

"Where are you, Dean?" Sam heard him sigh.

"Look, Sam, there's something that I have to take care of, okay? But you should go find dad. Go find dad and get this demon."


"See you, Sammy." Sam's words got stuck in his throat at the finality of Dean's tone. A moment later the dial tone sounded. Sam stood with the phone still up to his ear for several seconds.

He knew it, knew it in the tone of voice Dean had used. Dean wasn't coming back. He had said goodbye.


Sam was sitting in the Impala, staring out when his dad pulled his truck up next to him. John got out of the truck and went over to the Impala, bending to look in at Sam.

Sam turned his gaze to John and he knew that John knew what had happened.


One day earlier...

Dean wasn't stupid. He knew that someone was following him. He had just gotten into this town and he had felt it ever since. Someone was tailing him.

He didn't know who or what, but he wasn't going to be stupid about it. He waited until the feeling left to talk to Emily and her family. It came back again, though, shortly after that.

He didn't let on that he knew, but he did find the weight of the gun at his back comforting. He couldn't exactly go hunting much if whatever was following him was human, not safely.

He ended up not having much of a choice, though, when he found out that that nice young couple that had been passing through had been sent up to the orchard to die.

He did manage to save the couple but that was when he felt it again, stronger than ever, and he knew that the scarecrow wasn't the only thing hiding out in the orchard.

He paused at the edge and looked around warily. He started to turn, and then came face to face with a man about his height with long brown hair.

"Hello, Dean." The man said, catching the shotgun and holding it away with ease when Dean tried to swing it around.

Dean was aware of one thing, and that was that he was definately screwed and then he was aware of another, and that was when gunshots rang out in the night and blood splattered on him from the man in front of him.

Dean caught a glimpse of black leather to the side and the gun that was firing before the man was falling forward and taking him to the ground as well. A sharp pain came from his neck, and he was so surprised that he cried out.

A second later, Dean rolled to the side a little and bucked upward, throwing the man off him, using one of his arms as well. He caught sight of the man's face as he did and it nearly froze him.

He jumped to his feet, and didn't look back as he sprinted for the Impala. He heard more gunshots going off behind him as he went.

He made it all the way back to the motel and through the door before the reality of the situation hit him full force. He stumbled toward the bathroom and fell at the door, smearing blood on the tile when he braced his hands there.

He sat there for several moments, letting everything play out again in his mind. He knew what that guy had been. He had seen his face.

Scrambling up, Dean faced the mirror and pulled his shirt and coat back away from his neck to see, and confirm his worst fear.

He stared at himself in the mirror, what this meant hitting him. Terror and pain and panic raised through him before they all left and he found himself feeling numb.

His eyes snapped up when he heard someone coming inside the room. He pulled out his gun, more out of habit and instinct than anything else and walked slowly into the other room.

He got to the door when it flew open and a split second later he was being held up by his shirt. His gun clattered to the floor, and he looked down to meet the unnatural blue eyes of a woman clad in all black leather.

"Why are they after you?!" She yelled. Dean didn't have time to answer, even if he wanted to because just a second later, her head snapped to the side and she dropped him. She glanced out the window and bared her teeth before grabbing him and dragging him outside again.

Dean didn't really protest as she dumped him into her car and jumped into the drivers seat. The numbness he had been feeling was spreading, and he couldn't force himself to care if she was going to kill him or not. What would it matter anyways?

She started the car, swearing when she looked out the rearview mirror. Dean looked back to see why. The man from before was there. She floored it and the car took off. Dean looked back to see the man actually giving chase.

A second later, there was a loud thump on the hood of the car and then a sword was propelled through the hood, and then pulled out. It was put through several more times before it hit it's mark in the woman's shoulder. She cried out, and then abruptly smashed on the brakes.

Dean had to brace himself against the dash as the man flew from the roof, and in front of the car. She wasted no time in hitting the gas again and flying towards the man. Dean heard him hit the hood again and he flew behind them.

Dean turned in his seat, and looked over at her. He knew what she was, but she had still saved his life for some reason. He gave a glance at her shoulder.

"You should pull over." He said, gesturing to her shoulder.

"I'll be fine." She said.

"Look, lady, I'm not totally sure, but I would think that even vampires suffer from blood loss." A moment's surprise showed on her face from that statement, before she turned back to the road, and shifted gears.

"I said I'll be fine. Just sit tight and shut up." Just a minute later, and she proved herself wrong by wavering and then passing out at the wheel. Dean cursed and grabbed for the steering wheel.

It was to late, though and they hit the side of the road, bouncing on a small hill with just two of the wheels. The car turned sharply and then rolled.

Dean found himself upside down in the car. He reached up and touched his head. Blood. Well, that was just great. He probably had a concussion.

He levered himself out of the car, grabbing a hold of the woman to bring her out too. Laying her out on the ground, he stared at her for a moment before ripping off a piece of his shirt and tying it tight around her shoulder. She may have been a vampire, but she did save his life.

He blinked when his vision grew hazy and a moment later darkened. He was vaguely aware of falling next to the woman before he passed out.


The next time he woke, he immediately tried to sit up, but she was there, putting a hand on his chest to stop him.

"Take it easy." She said. "Your head's taken a good knock." Dean nodded, already feeling dizzy and lightheaded again.

"I'm Salina." He heard her say before he drifted into unconsciousness again.


The next time he woke up it was because someone was pulling his shirt back. His eyes snapped open to meet a blonde woman's.

Her's widened and he knew why and then she jumped up and clung to the ceiling like a freaking spider. He stumbled back and stared up at her.

"Nope. Definitely not a dream." He mumbled when she bared her fangs and actually hissed.

He looked around before he found a window and ran to it. He hesitated for just a second before climbing out and jumping.

When he landed gracefully on his feet, he was less surprised than he would have been a day ago.


Dean walked around the city, not really looking at anything. He didn't know where he was and it didn't matter either.

All that mattered was the bit on his neck and what it meant. Problem was he didn't know if he could do it himself. But what other choice did he have?

The numbness was back and he was actually glad for it this time. He didn't want to feel at that moment. All of those emotions that he knew were there below the surface that would come out if he thought to much about the fact that he would never see Sam or his dad again.

When his phone rang, he pulled it out. Sam's name showed up on the caller i.d. and he hesitated for a moment before opening it. Sam at least deserved some sort of explanation