Note: Okay, so this is my last chapter on this one. Sorry for the wait that I know I've given for each chapter. I haven't really had a lot of time to write lately. I even had to abandon one of my other stories which is something I never do.

Selene got up. They were here. She glanced briefly back at Sam, who was accepting a mask and gun from one of the men who was going with them. Her eyes went back to the body bag that carried Dean and she swore to herself silently that she would do everything in her power to keep Sam alive in there. She owed at least that to Dean.

"Selene." She looked back to one of the men offering her a mask. Ignoring him, she grabbed a shotgun off the rack and leapt from the helicopter to the water in a dive.


Sam followed Selene and the other men silently into the cave. They had made their way down the narrow tunnel when Selene stopped short.

"We're to late." She said. Sam looked over her shoulder. There was Williams cage. The chains were undone and the small space that he had been locked in was open. Sam actually grimaced at the tiny place. It would have been a hell of a lot more humane to just kill William.

Sam followed behind Selene as they made their way out of the place. He knew that Selene was keeping him behind her purposely. They had almost made their way back to the entrance when William made his first appearance.

Then the men where running gunshots rang out in the small place until Sam was left a few feet behind Selene on their way out of the place.

Sam stopped short when he heard something, though. Before he could even react, Marcus was on top of him, dragging him down. He was so surprised that he didn't even cry out when he felt a sharp pain on his shoulder. Gunshots rang out a split second later and Selene was there, driving Marcus away from him.

Sam fell into the water and dragged himself up. More gunshots and then Selene grabbed him and was pulling back towards the exit. She turned at the last minute and held up the key to William's cell. Her hand went under the water and a second later the wall was descending down, trapping Marcus.

Sam followed her out and she stopped short as she came towards another opening, pushing Sam against the wall beside her. When she peaked her head around the corner, she nearly got it blown off, though.

"Hold it!" She yelled. "Shit!" The men came around the corner. "Where is he?" She asked, frustration coloring her voice. One of them pointed on the opposite side of the small bridge.

Sam noted again the way that Selene kept him behind her on the way across the bridge. He marveled a little at her strength when she caught one of the men by the arm and pulled him easily back up when part of the bridge gave way under his feet.

"You alright?" The leader asked with an amused grin. That faded to screams, though, when William came from behind him and bit into his neck. The man's gun went off and sprayed bullets into the last of the men that Selene had saved.

Selene cursed and she and Sam both brought up their guns. Selene paused breifly to grab a hold of Sam and before he knew it she was shoving him through the hole in the bridge. The bridge wasn't very high off the ground, maybe a few feet, so it wasn't like it hurt much when he hit the ground below.

Only a minute later, Selene landed lightly beside him and they were both shooting holes in William once again. When Selene brought out the small bombs and sent them flying, she missed William and they buried them in the ceiling. She had a split second when they exploded and then she grabbed a hold of Sam and jumped. They both landed just out of the way.

They were both out again and searching for William when they noticed the movement coming from the men that William had attacked. Sam watched with a little bit of horror remembering what Selene had said about these lycans.

Before they knew it, though, they were becoming surrounded and Selene shoved Sam roughly out of the way. He wasn't sure what he could do. He couldn't fight these things like Selene could but she was outnumbered, he had to do something.

Before he could come up with anything, though, a dark blur landed just away from him and grabbed a hold of one of the lycans that was threatening Selene. He watched in a sort of daze as his brother pulled the lycans head by the fur and then punched his arm through the things chest.

Sam and Selene both stopped short at the sight of Dean, fully changed into the hybrid he was, standing there alive and well. Selene rushed over to him and touched hand to his face. And then William slammed into Dean from the side and all hell broke loose.


It was over. Dean changed back and looked over at Sam. He went over to his brother and Sam smiled and put a hand on his shoulder, turning his gaze to Selene above them on the bridge.

"Go ahead."


Dean stopped short at the sight of her, standing there in the sun light, she was even more beautiful than usual. He smiled and walked over to her as she turned around. Reaching a hand up, he touched her cheek and brushed away one of her tears with his thumb before bringing his lips down to hers.


Sam smiled at the sight of his brother and Selene before grimacing and putting a hand to his shoulder. Pulling his shirt back, he sighed when he caught sight of the wound. This was so very bad.

Looking up at them, though, he pulled his shirt back over the wound and decided against telling them just yet. They deserved this moment.

Note: So I might someday write a sequel detailing what has got to be lots of complications from having demon blood in you and vampire. Don't know when I'll be able to if I do, though.