Good morning, afternoon, evening or fourthmeal everyone. It sure has been a long time.

It's been legitimately around 3 good years since I've posted an integral update, and I'm not too sure how I feel about that. Time can slip by faster then you think, and a lot can change in the blink of an eye. I've had my fair share of changes in this amount of time that has passed, and I'm sure this community has as well. For the better or for the worst, we will come to see.

Now I know I'm doing a downright turrible thing by posting a stoopid update on a story just to get a message across to potential readers, and you may lynch me later for it, I assure you. I also know I've said that I was thinking of making a return(and not acted on it, shame on me) in the past. Something this time around has really moved and motivated me to get back in to the scene. It could just be because of current real-life issues that are pushing me to vent frustration in an artistic way, or maybe I have simply just re-contracted the writing bug and I have to let loose all this deeply spiritual literature that tips the scales of mediocrity, yo! I suppose we'll find out, but in the end I guess it doesn't really matter.

Phoo! Here I go again writing circles around myself. And I do apologize again for this 'update' to be more of a journal entry portrayed to you, dear readers, in a bit of an obnoxious form, but alas other methods of announcing my return are kind of escaping me at the moment. So near with me if you could :)

If I do make a return, expect a decent amount of overhaul to most of my existing pieces(save this one, for which I have truly bastardized its use). It won't be anything hard to follow, it's just me fixing plot holes and reeling over 5 year old junk I thought was cool when I was younger.

So for now I bid thee farewell, I must return to my cave of solitude to plan a comeback. Which I guess I've already done. Or not. DAMMIT

I'm hopeful to see familiar faces, and new ones are always welcome.