Title: Rainy Days and Tanteis

Author: Kitsune-chan

Genre: my favorite, random ranichi fluff 3

Rating: K

Summary: A storm is approaching, an English assignment undone and a locked front door at the Mori Detective Agency. REVIEWS and CONSTRUCTIVE CRTISISMS ARE WELCOMED :D

Disclaimer: I do not own Meitantei Conan, as I owe it all to the great Gosho Aoyama-sama. But that doesn't mean I can borrow them for a little while. xD

A/N: The story is set back when Shinichi was still a high school student, unaware of the dangerous drug that would change his life forever. Remember, shinjitsu wa itsumo hitotsu:D

CHAPTER ONE: English Class Boredom Effect

Cumulonimbus clouds have enveloped the sky: a sure sign of rain. As the minutes passed, the sky grew darker and the wind, colder. It was during these kinds of days wherein the atmosphere could easily send a tired soul drifting into slumberland. And this was exactly what was happening in Teitan High School, specifically in class 2-A.

"Of all the subjects we could have today, it had to be English…," Ran said in her mind as she yawned for the tenth time that hour. At least, she thought it had been ten times.

Mouri Ran, 16, would seem like your typical high school girl, leading an average life. But in fact, she is not your ordinary student. She is a black belter in karate, having won numerous competitions all over Japan. She is also the only daughter of Kogoro, a detective who didn't quite have the tools for the trade and Eri, a lawyer. Sadly, Kogoro was a womanizer, which eventually caused the couple's divorce. One of Ran's wishes was quite simple: to get her parents back together again. She had tried to do this herself a number of times, but her constant stubbornness had kept her from doing it successfully. But right now, all Ran could wish for was for the bell to ring.


The raindrops have started to fall. Slowly, at first, then quite heavily, making a sort of banging sound at the windows.

"And now rain? Wow, this would really help me focus..," she spoke in her mind sarcastically. Nakamura-sensei had been discussing about famous foreign writers and their works for well around an hour by that time, and Ran wasn't enjoying a minute of it. She stared out by the window and watched a bluebird feed her off springs at a nearby tree while waiting for the sound of freedom to echo in the halls.

Her gaze then suddenly shifted to empty chair beside her. Her mind was filled with thoughts about the male occupant of the chair. Shinichi had yet again done another cut-me-out-of-class-so-that-I-can-solve-this-case disappearing trick.

"Shinichi-kun, you don't know how lucky you are to be out of school right now." However, her thoughts were interrupted by a high-pitched banging sound that was surely not caused by the rain.


At last, the bell had rang! The class of 2-A was suddenly jolted into consciousness, glad to hear that their "suffering" is already over. They quickly packed their bags, while some were grabbing or putting random things like books and such in their lockers. But Nakamura-sensei was not ready to dismiss them just yet.

"Class, can I have your attention for a moment please? Thank you."

Everyone went back to their seats as soon as they heard his command. Nakamura was not the kind of teacher you would want to mess with after all. He continued, "Since it's a weekend and all, I thought I'd give your assignment right now, so that you will have enough time to do it."

Groans were heard from all corners of the room.

"You will do a research about a foreign author of your preference. Find out information about them such as their hometowns, works, quotes…well, you get the idea. Oh, and it's due on Monday. Any questions?"

"None sir."

"Very good then, goodbye class and have a nice weekend,." he said with a grin as he left the room. He was really fond of giving his students extra home work especially those over-the-weekend ones, making him one of Teitan High's most disliked teachers.

With Nakamura gone, Ran can finally go home. She stood up and was to open her door to freedom when a hand suddenly grabbed her arms. She turned around to see who did it.

"Sonoko! Na ne?"

"Ran, Ran, Ran. Tsktsk. Don't tell me you forgot?"

"Forgot about what?" Ran started to recall what Sonoko was talking about.

"Boy-hunting…mall…after school..." She began saying random words to remind Ran of the conversation that had earlier.

"Shoot, I forgot about that! Sorry, but I can't go with you today, not with all the home works that need to be done."

"That can wait, and the library is closed anyways, so you won't be able to research much." Sonoko said with a smile.

"Demo, demo…I'm just not feeling like malling today. Besides, I heard on the news yesterday that a storm was headed towards our way."

Sonoko was about to answer her back, but her realreason for choosing not to go with her ran through her mind. A devilish grin appeared on her face as she said, "Oh, I see. I guess I'll be going then. Gomen nasai, for intruding in your schedule."


Ran just stared at her as she was walking towards the door. She said one last thing before she left though. "Have fun with your date with Shinichi-kun!" she said together with a matching grin and wink as she closed the door.

"Date? With that detective geek?" Ran cheeks were hot and in a shade of crimson red. But then she realized that her friend had already left, and that she was the only one left in the room. She decided to forget about it and set for home.

"Looks like I'll be walking home alone tonight." Ran said while looking at Shinichi's vacant chair one last time before she closed the door.

To be continued. nn Yeah, I know. My stories tend to be short and hanging. x.x

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