'Well? What do you two have to say?' the sheriff's eyes pierced more than his words. Marian remained calm and composed, not giving anything away. Eve took a different approach, she wore a cocky smile, head tiled to the side. The sheriff suddenly pushed his chair back from its place in the great hall, the noise of the action reverberating throughout the room and down the hall. Eve flinched, Marian stood undisturbed.

'Every time money travels or a plan is in action, Robin Hood always seems to know before my own guards…Marian?' he stared at her condescendingly despite being only a little taller than the lady. 'And Eve, when I sent the new Earl of Bonchurch to his residence, he escapes but not before we practically hand over the Greek Powder to him'.

'Sherriff, Lady Marian and I wouldn't dare to help Outlaws' smiled Eve, still hoping that the Sherriff's past affection for her would help to get them both out of here. The Sherriff simply picked up a chalice of whine and stepped closer to Marian.

'Marian, surely you want to proclaim your innocence?' he asked, his foul breath washing over Marians porcelain face.

'I have done that on many occasions but you refuse to believe me so shall I save my breath for when I am arrested for treason… or are we free to go?' she silently begged him give up the questions let them leave. The Sherriff smiled.

'Well your boyfriends aren't going to be able to save you if I do decide on that'. Marian lifted her eyebrows in mock interest. 'I have heard' he continued, 'from the people of Locksley and Nesttlestone that your men aren't the only ones in the forest. Saladin has returned his personal guard back to Sherwood. It seems that he wishes the savoir of the King dead'. Marian didn't even flinch, strange, he thought, but Hood had probably all ready told her about strangers in the forest.

'Are you sure that their not after you?' smiled Marian, 'I seem to remember they all most got the best of you last time, perhaps they have returned to finish the job?' now Marian knew that she was pushing her luck. There was no way that the Sheriff would let that slide. Luckily Guy burst through the doors just then, saving her from Vaisley's rage.

'Sorry I'm late, trouble in Locksley again' he said breathlessly. He smiled at Marian before shooting the Sherriff a questioning look. Surely he doesn't think she is still with Hood?

A strange call came from outside. The four of them turned their heads towards the window. The Sherriff sighed, clearly annoyed. He went to the window followed by Guy. Nothing.

Suddenly the doors of the great hall flung open and in poured half dozen blue clad female warriors. Guys' pulse began to race as the memories of Saladin's assassins passed through his mind.

Yelling out the traditional call, flinging swords, they surrounded the Sherriff and Guy in one group, Eve and Marian in another. It was strange how they clearly portrayed threats and instructions without even speaking the same language.

Ushering them towards the doors, Eve stumbled over the stairs and her long dress. Marian instinctively bent down to help her. A clicking noise came from the closest assassin, telling her not to move. The foreigner grabbed her arm and began to squeeze. Just when Marian thought that her wrist was about to break, the assassin gave her a final sharp pinch then let go. Marian stared back, willing them to something else. When they didn't, she helped Eve to stand then continued climbing the stairs.

A few minutes later, after holding people at knifepoint to prevent any guards stopping them, the Saracen girls had bought around a wooden carriage that looked more like a cage than anything else.

They shoved the Lady Marian, the Sherriff and some castle girl into it before locking the doors. Guy pushed forward, determined to also enter the carriage. He resisted their attempts to stop him and didn't meet their deadly gaze. Fed up with him and ready to continue their mission, one Saracen smacked him in the back of the head with a sword handle. He fell pathetically into a pile at her feet. She stepped over him and onto a horse. They lead the carriage through the gates of Nottingham, people either side, watching helplessly as their most beloved Noble - Marian and their Sherriff were taken from their castle.